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  1. I found mine I'm deviant art. just do a google image search. they're green and yellow
  2. they didn't sell their food, but only had 3 days left. they did get a good payday. the personnel sold it was a trade, and rolled 1success, 5 advantage and a triumph, so they got most of blue book value. 125k. im trying to whittle down some of they money, and they need to buy 6 months of food. im thinking about 10k for it.
  3. last session, my group claimed salvage to a ship they found in deep space. it's larger than the one they have, so they've going to use it and have sold their old one. they need to get it supplied, but I have no idea how much to charge for food per day. help please
  4. I would allow it. this is their game. it's something that gives her a special attachment to her blade. th
  5. no, I've always bought all the books for my group, but when they get something, it's always shared as mine are
  6. and this is what on saying to Jedi. the products aren't designed to be necessary. getting a supplement should add to.the enjoyment of your group. if it will activity take it away, as he feels it will, then don't get it.there's no law that says you need to buy one. ffg isn't going to change it's marketing strategy, but if you don't like it, keep with the core. it's still a good product and an enjoyable game.
  7. I get what you're saying, and there's nothing wrong with bring prepare. however, on not, not will ever, advocate spending money on something that you have made an informed decision that you don't want.
  8. I run mine the same way. I've gotten rid if anything from the prequels. thatmeans I lost the clone wars, but I don't think that was a great loss. they still happened, but I don't go into details.
  9. God I remember that! I only got the new book smell, but that went away in a week.
  10. congrats, quicksilver. not buying a product doesn't diminish the fun of your game.I'mI not getting the Hutt book.we don't play in nal hutta. no one in my group plays a Hutt Ior will play a Hutt. fforce and destiny, I got the beta and I'll upgrade to the core, then get nothing else because my group doesn't play just. It won'ttake away from my game not to have a book on the table. just my.money for a book if I get a book I don't want I can see what you're saying, but the species and ships we've gotten have been themed. hired guns book: Burley races that like to fight. powerful ships that can take damage and give it. and the other books follow the same ideas. honestly, I like how this has been going. after the horrors of revised d20 and 3.5, this Is nice. I can see what you're saying, but it would be too unwieldy, and require constant updates.
  11. here's a question: traditionally, racis, homophobia, and sexism tend to go hand in hand, as far as governmental policies are concerned. so is it believable that a lesbian woman would rise to the rank of a moff? (I just read it) edit: even in the mmovies, all commanding officers, and imperials period, are men.
  12. well said, Dante. I just hope they handle it well. I haven't read the article, but on about to. that said, if the character is a man, but doesn't hit on another guy at least once, then it was for nothing but buzz, and adds nothing to the character. however, they could also go to the other extreme and make it a characture of a gay man or a lesbian woman (again I haven't read it, so I don't know which yet). I just hope that this is a good character.
  13. there's one in jewel if yavin... I can't remember which one. it's been too long since I played it. I ran a mission where the PCs were exploring a long lost civilization and were racing against archeologists. one of my group went to the university of correlia to get some information, then later, one of them started attending that college.it was funny, because she came from a primitive world, didn't have a sense if humor and war like in culture, and anytime someone would mention the uni, she would put get fist in the air, and say, go warthogs. in my last campaign, the university of corellia was one of my players obligation. he did the.same thing. r&d. one of my players was a professional swoop racer and was on a team. so the R&D of the company the got their swoops from. drall breakfast club. a group of 12 learned drall living on corellia whom got together every Monday to eat and gossip. the primitive warrior was invited to join because one of her teachers was a member and thought she would be a fascinating addition. lastly, in my last two campaigns, the bounty Hunters guild.in one, the group was a part of it. in the other, the group had killed a large dangerous beast and sold it's body to them as a decoration, so the bonus due helped them get more money for it. while I've gotten many miles from this talent, I can understand if other gms haven't. this isn't like a combat or hacking talent that the GM kinda has to work to put on. personally, I found it to be worth it. again, ymmv
  14. but... but... but I thought we we're friends, brad you're on my friends list and everything
  15. we've seen both coin and card. so id imagine that the coin would be worth more, but the card would still gage the insignia so would probably be worth something.
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