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  1. Baer

    The app?

    Could you post a link to the app in the playstore? It does not show up for me if I search for Keyforge
  2. I would love to know that too. We had the situation yesterday that this mars creature destroyed my Dis creature which has Destroyed : Gain 2 aember. Wouldn't this still trigger here as the mars creature says "If that damage destroyes that creature, purge it". So this means the creature still is destroyed and then purged, right? Otherwise there should be "purge it instead"
  3. This brings up the question : Does every deck has a name in every language? And if so, is your deck banned if falls under their criteria in one language even though it is not the printed one?
  4. This is actually the only reference you have not labeled as a source but just given the links. Everything is as I said for those things you labeled as "source". Please start reading your own post before stating false claims. Those things are references and not sources. Yes and it does not answer my question. Have you read my question?
  5. Please explain me this with your logic OP : Do you consider the Living Card Games like L5R and AGoT as gambling? You go to a tournament, pay your entry fee and play with cards where the outcome is based on luck as luck defines which card you draw when. All this is so you can win some tournament prices which can be the equivalent of money, e.g. getting the flight to the US for winning nationals corresponds to ~1000 $ to me. Is this also then gambling? If not, how do you see the difference to poker?
  6. Please stop calling your blog entries sources, this hurts my feelings as a scientist.
  7. Your sources are no sources, just some article where people talk about the same stuff. A source would be an undeniable fact, not some wall of text with no proof. Please provide real sources for your point if you want to call it that way.
  8. Upgrading 0-> 2 with two arcane researches is ruled to cost 0 XP (because 2-2=0)
  9. And I was hoping to find an explanation in the rules which was now pointed out. Awp832 This would be definitly be an interesting idea for maxing out your deck as well as the enemy deck. Going tall on both sides. Duciris this is definitly an interesting breakdown which would lead to"go big" for everyone. My playgroup is such that they would join the min maxing
  10. Ha! Thanks! Yes, sorry I made a mistake with the name there. I usually only use the App so there was no mentioning of "not to record", so thanks This was the part I was looking for.
  11. I am very sorry for you, but there is "Spoiler for Path to Carcossa Mission 2" in the title and the question is hidden in a spoiler tag. There is not much else I could have done to warn you of a spoiler.
  12. Why should I go to play Munchkin if I find a problem in the rule set? How is there any kind of logic behind your argumentation? "The spirit of the ruling is to reset the scenario as it was" - This is just wrong. You still keep all the traumata you gained during the run. What has any of this to do with cheating? Nothing of this is against the rules.
  13. Hello everybody, My question has to do with the second Mission of the Forgotten Age Expansion, to be more concrete with the outcome of it, so I will put everything in spoiler tags.
  14. The fact that you are ignoring every other question in my post shows that you are just shouting your complains without listening to anybody else.
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