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  1. The fact that you are ignoring every other question in my post shows that you are just shouting your complains without listening to anybody else.
  2. Only because you are shouting louder doesn't make you the majority. So you reasing is : If it effects some of them and they are shouting loud enough then FFG should follow them? If so : I find it totally unreasonable that any Phoenix event can be cancelled, this is outrageous and should be changed! And if you don't follow my demands I will just shut louder! But seriously : If your unhappy with the game then don't buy the next cycle and show them your opinion with your wallet. As long as you are still buying and playing what reason do they have to change?
  3. Regardless of wether the roles stay locked (which is fine by me, and yes, we do go to koteis and tournaments) or get free for all (which I don't care about) : If I would be a new player looking into this game and saw the toxicity in this topic I would go the other way around and leave this. This locked role is nothing more then a rule which they could change like they wanted to balance out the clans once per year and if they would do so it would be that way because this is their game. It is good that you state your unhappinies with the current role model but this is no need to become toxic and tell players they have no idea because they live in XYZ.
  4. No? You can just buy characters from your hand in the action window before a conflict and initiate conflicts with them
  5. Which is also not true because you have to factor in questions of "Do I want my honor bid to be lower or higher then my opponents? And if so, by how much?" Depending on that this might not be possible to choose among both configurations
  6. I'm not sure that the Skirmish Versions of Hondo and Thrawn will be in the box. How was it with Blaise in the Bespin Box?
  7. Or more. It could be scorpion getting the vote, resetting to zero, next time phoenix and the one after that again scorpion (they would just need 3 times more votes then unicorn)
  8. Have 3 secluded shrines , win one conflict and display of power one from the enemy. Or use wholeness of the world and win all 4.
  9. Extra glory is also useful to get the favour. Also you can use the extra glory on a dishonored enemy.
  10. Why would you decline? And I wouldn't really call that a fiasco. They offer you a close Hotel for a relativly cheap price (it's pentecost weekend after all). If you share your room then 50€ per night per person including breakfast is a cheap price. Just go around and look what other hotels in germanys big cities cost at that weekend
  11. And for those of you who want to have a special party on Saturday night : At Dokomi (the anime convention in parallel) is a J-Rave disco. It was quite funny last time (you don't need tickets for the cons for this but special tickets for the party)
  12. @Dydra There was no earlierer offer for german customers for the Flat. It is just that the Hostel where the Kotei is was totally booked out before Asmodee could book enough rooms there. So everybody gets the nearby hotel email, regardless if you are a foreigner or not. I also got mine yesterday. And regarding the prices in the Hotel where the kotei is : Yes, sometimes you can find there slots for ~30€ but I booked a room there when the date and location was announced (so long ago) and for a double room with my girlfriend I am paying 178€ für two nights, so not that much cheaper then the recommended Hotel by asmodee.
  13. After reading some guy on the FB group : I don't mean this saturday for the registration! These are just the starting times for the Kotei on Saturday, in May !
  14. Sorry, I was assuming everyone was using the local time of the event (If you wonder, it is 8:00 AM). The registration link is not out there yet, it is to be published this month. This Information was given in the official forum. Here is the link to the german forum https://forum.asmodee.de/viewtopic.php?f=910&t=26800&hilit=kotei