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  1. When in doubt, always take the wording literal: in this case: "you may spend 2 Sanity to reroll any number of dice [...]". It doesn't say, like, "for each 2 Sanity spent, reroll any number [...]". So, just once per Combat-Encounter. BUT you may use it more than once in one turn, for example mutliple times in your Encounter Phase, in case you have to fight more than one Monster on your space, and another time, in case you're getting ambushed during Mythos Phase. That would be my interpretation.
  2. Recently I tried to submit our final result via Smartphone, did a mistake there, though, accidentally clicking "Submit" before having finished all necessary parameters. Maybe you could just delete entry #4107? The entry below (#4108) is the correct one, yet our final game time came close to 300 minutes, rather than 280. I don't know if this could be corrected as well ... Anyway, thanks!
  3. You know what I'd REALLY like to see? A "Metamorphosis"-Condition! You know, a lot of Lovecraft-Stories have people in them, who slowly change over time, like in "Shadow over Innsmouth", or poor Wilbur Whately. The front effect could be the same for every Condition, maybe an Influence-Impairment-Tokens (people fear you now, or feal uneasy around you, so naturally making deals is getting harder for you), and something more severe on the backside, where you actually learn what you are changing into (when failing a Willpower-Test during Reckoning). Like, you grow webbed fingers and feel attracted to to the sea - lose 1 Sanity, and move to the nearest Ocean-Space / 1 space towards the nearest Ocean-Space / to a random Ocean-Space. And when doing a Focus-Actions, you may roll a die and discard the Metamorphosis on a 4,5 or 6. Or something like that.
  4. I can confirm this (I own the German Version).
  5. Leaving out thematic fluff, for me would suck the fun out of this game. True, it would shorten game-time tremendously , but without reading flavour-text, the experience would just boil down to dry mechanics, and sometimes lucky, sometimes unlucky rolls. And that would be a shame, since half of the suspense comes from joining the dots in your mind, how various encounters connect to the big picture, and knowing the exact stakes, when rolling for a Test. I've been in a situation, where we needed one measly success with only one measly die rolled, otherwise the game would be irrevocably lost. I couldn't even bear looking at the die tumbling, so closed my eyes after like 1 minute shaking it in my hand, every eye on the table glued to my hand, in my minds eye I already saw those dark clouds forming, anticipating the Arrival of Azathots Heralds, when I finally let go of the die - you gotta cherish these moments, they are priceless and abundant, and if it means only playing the game twice a year with a group, which supports this kind of slow, thematic play, then so be it. Long story short - this is just not a game meant to be played fast and in-between. Instead, make it a rare and epic event. You'll enjoy it more.
  6. Uh, that's a kinda huge oversight. Thanks for posting. And keeping my fingers crossed, that our upcoming german version will deliver an already Errata'd version. //EDIT: The preview apparently features the wrong formatting. Hope this will be corrected in time: Canopic Jar
  7. Thanks for deciphering. Yes, I thought that had to be an City-Expedition. So there's still hope.
  8. 2 Things I really, really, really hope this Expansion will include: - 3 Gate-Tokens for the remaining Expedition-Spaces. - Additional Encounter-Cards for Wilderness-Expedition-Spaces. That one Card, that's being displayed in the Preview, is definetely a City-Expedition; I don't care for those too much, but now that they've started doing them, I'm okay with finishing it. I just would love to see some variety for Default-Expeditions, because 4 cards each isn't that much..
  9. Ah, thank you. :-) I never really understood why people hate this Condition so much. Of course, the moment it pops up, it kinda sucks losing your turn. But it also means: nothing bad can happen to you during Mythos-Phase. And then you even get a chance to teleport anywhere on the board, perhaps some faraway location, where otherwise you would have burned up more than one turn to reach it. It can be quite handy, sometimes.
  10. Also, at least two new conditions (judging from the Preview-Encounters): Despair and Hallucination. Despair will, most likely, be a Bane-Condition, while Hallucination belongs to the Madness-Category.
  11. The game does not, by any means, feel easy for me. And I thank the Gods (Old and New ones alike) for it. Note, that even that one game, where I ended up with 20+ possessions due to an Defeated-Investigator-Encounter, we lost. Still, it kinda felt wrong, getting so much stuff from a single encounter where I didn't even have to test any Attribute. And since I like some thematic chrome in my games, I'll keep making up variants like that. How about this one? When an Investigator is defeated, before discarding Improvement-Tokens, test each Attribute and (maybe) lose some stuff: - LORE failed: discard all Artifacts - INFLUENCE failed: discard all Allies - OBSERVATION failed: discard all Clues - STRENGTH failed: discard all physical (non-Ally) Possessions, like (Unique) Assets and Tickets - WILL failed: discard all Spells But I still like that tweak, that when an Investigator gets defeated due to simultaneous loss of Health and Sanity, consider him devoured instead. It removes the thematically rather awkward situation of the player having to decide on whether his Investigator got insane or crippled.
  12. Sorry for asking something dumb, but since english is not my primary language (and I play the german version of the game), sometimes I don't get certain abbreviations: What is LiTS?
  13. I think in this case it's safe to assume, that you're indeed supposed to choose an Investigator beforehand, and that the wording just happened to be a little vague, which is unfortunate. At least it would make sense thematically. After all, you didn't cast that Spell for nothing, you must have had SOMEONE in mind, while channeling your magical energies.
  14. Yesterday had a two-player-game against Rise of Elder Things (my first one). It was quite epic (3,5 hours long), and we nearly won - had all requirements for 4 Mysteries, but then, during Mythos Phase, both of our Investigator's (Finn and Tommy) died (we started out with Lily and Ursula), which caused Elder Things to awaken. Thus Defeat by Elimination. Anyway, near the end I ended up with about 20 Assets, Unique Assets, Spells and Artifacts in my possessions, due to an Defeated-Investigator-Encounter. It was a little overwhelming and too good to be true, imho. Therefore I thought about methods to make Defeat feel a little bit more significant. Wouldn't it be thematic, that an Investigator would lose some of his possessions while humping to the nearest City, barely alive, possibly hunted by some evil entity? A quite thematic tweak came to mind: - Investigator went Insane = discard all Spells and Clues (Investigator forgot chants and important knowledge). - Investigator got Crippled = discard all physical possessions, like Tickets, Non-Ally-Assets, and Artifacts (Investigator had to leave stuff behind in order to get him/herself to safety). - In any case, always discard half of his/her Allies, either randomly or by choice (some of them ran for their life, were honorably removed from office, or just decided to cowardly abandon their friend in need). And on the occasion, that an Investigator would go both Insane AND Crippled at the same time, just consider him Devoured instead.
  15. Thanks for your answers, really interesting to read through them, especially that session report by ricedwlit. I just wanted to let you know, that finally I decided to go All-In as well, introducing City-Expeditions into my game (I'm still leaving Preludes out, though, since I can't bring myself to like them).
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