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    FireSpy reacted to meffo in New Rules Reference Questions – obstacles and tractors   
    a ship moving off an obstacle without it's template crossing the obstacle is still not overlapping or moving through that obstacle, just like previously. a ship with fine tuned controls can boost or barrel roll off an asteroid as long as the template used is not overlapping that obstacle, just like previously.

    yup, a ship must now be tractored to roll one less dice while defending, increasing the number of tractor tokens needed to two for medium sized ships and three for large sized ships.
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    FireSpy reacted to Maui. in +1 Force Charge?   
    Fifth Bro, like all other gunners & crew with Force effects, add one recurring Force charge to their ship.
    Unlike regular charges, upgrades do not have their own individual Force charges, but rather contribute to the total pool of Force charges available to the ship. If you put Vader crew and Fifth Bro gunner on a Decimator, that Decimator would have two Force charges, and you could spend them to power either Vader or Bro, or to modify dice normally.
    A ship with multiple sources of Force charges still only recovers one Force charge during each turn's end phase.
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    FireSpy reacted to Innese in Buzz Droids after ship destruction   
    They just sit waiting to be run over or destroyed
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    FireSpy reacted to Lyianx in Can Dooku (pilot) remove target lock?   
    Yes. Locks are red tokens and can be removed from his ability.

    RR pg 12

    No, removing the cloak token is not the same as decloaking. In order to decloak, you have to Spend the cloak token, not simply remove it.
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    FireSpy reacted to thespaceinvader in Mace Windu recovering two force charges?   
    His recovery from his ability is entirely independent of his normal recovery of force.
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    FireSpy reacted to Hobologist in Ten Nunb and stressed maneuvers   
    Stressed ships that reveal a red maneuver instead execute a white 2 forward maneuver.
    However, Ten could not get stressed from Advanced Sensors in this situation. Advanced Sensors only allows 1 action to be done before the maneuver, so linking the red barrel roll would not possible.

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    FireSpy reacted to thespaceinvader in Effect of IG-88D Crew Card   
    The ship with the crew, doesn't have the title card, which is what allows the effect to reciprocate.
    D crew only takes, he doesn't give.
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    FireSpy reacted to imprezagoatee in Sith Infiltrator Preview   
    A new preview, yay!
    (Friendly reminder, please remember quoting this first post will quote aaaalllll of the images, kinda annoying to scroll through on mobile )

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    FireSpy reacted to thespaceinvader in Who's the fool?: Rule dispute.   
    OK just to be 100% clear:
    First player is what would have been called initiative in 1e.  Initiative in 2e is the name for what was pilot skill in 1e, so there's a lot of terminology confusion.  I will use 2e terms from here on.
    When you build your list, you can choose to spend as many or as few* points as you want, up to a maximum of 200.
    *the minimum is actually 36, because you have to take at least two ships, and the cheapest two currently are a Z95 and an autopilot drone.
    Before setup, both players confirm how many points they spent.
    The player who has spent fewest points gets to choose whether they wish to be first player or second player.  In the event that both players spent the same, you randomise who gets the choice (most players I know do this by rolling a red die, and calling hits/crits versus eyes/blanks, which is 50:50).
    Thereafter, one player will be first player, and the other will be second.
    In the event of timing clashes, first player resolves their stuff first.  Then the second player resolves theirs
    This can be *any* timing clashes, but most commonly this will be when two pilots have the same initiative value.  In these cases, the first player places their pilots first during setup (after all the pilots with lower initiative values, before the second player's ships with the same value).  They also move their ships with the same value first, and shoot with their ships with the same value first.  The second player will place their ships second in setup, move second, and shoot second.
    Other timing clashes include, for instance, choosing whether to decloak and where to, whether to drop bombs and where, whether to use things like Sense and on which targets, triggers that resolve after attacking or defending etc etc.  In short, anything where things can happen at the same time.
    Being second player is usually better than being first player when there are timing clashes, because x-wing has a whole host of things which are reactive to opponent movement, including arc dodging, target locking and other range-limited actions, and so on and so on, and because relatively few things rely on shooting first.  So most commonly, people underspend on their list in order to get the choice of whether to be first player, so they can choose to go second.

    The fact that x-wing has a second player advantage, isn't dumb, any more than the fact that chess (and indeed most games) have a first player advantage is.  It is relatively unusual, however.
    The whole blue moves issue has been dealt with.
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    FireSpy reacted to thespaceinvader in tie SF heavy weapon turret - cluster missiles - hotshot gunner - munitions failsafe   
    No you cancelled the attack dice. Please point out where it says you cancelled anything else.
    It doesn't. Just because it's usually irrelevant to continue the sequence doesn't mean you don't continue it.
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    FireSpy reacted to theBitterFig in How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?   
    None of the seven factions are getting Ion Clouds.
    Those are Gas Clouds.
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    FireSpy reacted to svelok in Who uses crit tokens?   
    I started using them after forgetting crits one time too many
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    FireSpy reacted to T70 Driver in Who uses crit tokens?   
    I use them.
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    FireSpy reacted to imprezagoatee in Republic Upgrades Article   
    Also looking forward to ARC pilots, pretty sure the init 5 guy is Oddball again, with the same pilot ability.
    But I'm also really interested to see what my man Vade- I mean "Anakin" will do. I mean, for a Jedi, robot limbs is a downgrade, right? Less cells means less midichlorians to use, right? So Anakin with 3 normal limbs should be even better than Vader...
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    FireSpy reacted to imprezagoatee in Han solo gunner clarification   
    Han gunner also has this ruling in the sticky thread at the top of this forum:
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    FireSpy reacted to imprezagoatee in Han solo gunner clarification   
    Han Gunner (Rebel) lets you preform a bonus turret attack at initiative 7, regardless of the initiative of the pilot he is equipped to (any extra attack is a bonus attack, even though it's not mentioned on this card). Note this doesn't actually change the initiative of the pilot, it just lets them attack early.
    At the pilot's normal initiative he/she would engage again, with the restriction that they can't fire from the same turret arc (they can attack from a printed arc that happens to be pointing the same direction as the turret arc).
    For reference:

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    FireSpy reacted to imprezagoatee in Howlrunner and wampa   
    Expanding on part 2, abilities like this, and crits that harm the enemy's attack, are the main (only?) reasons for wanting to take first player. Although giving first player to the other person is usually preferred if your ships rely on re-positioning actions (this way you move after them).
    For reference:

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    FireSpy reacted to imprezagoatee in Howlrunner and wampa   
    Part 1: Yes, she can buff her own attacks.
    Part 2: Assuming the enemy has first player order, Wampa would lose his charge, and therefore his extra die.
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    FireSpy reacted to Icelom in Will FFG comment on the generics issue?   
    Can someone just give me the statement. Or distribution list or whatever.
    Really annoying when someone posts a thread stating something without linking to it in anyway.
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    FireSpy reacted to Kharnete in Corran only a 5!!!   
    Wedge is a 6?
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    FireSpy got a reaction from Captain Lackwit in STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!   
    Looks just like it did in Ezra's vision at the end of Legacy http://www.starwars.com/tv-shows/star-wars-rebels/legacy-trivia-gallery
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    FireSpy reacted to theBitterFig in Can AP-5 be used multiple times a turn?   
    I'd argue that AP-5 couldn't do it, but I disagree with a lot of the reasoning above.
    First, per Airen Cracken in the FAQ, I think there's precedent enough to suggest that if the target of a coordinate cannot perform the desired action, the coordinated ship could attempt a different action, you could coordinate a different ship, or perform another action entirely, entirely at AP-5's discretion.
    Second, I think if a particular Coordinate fizzles, you wouldn't run afoul of the "once per turn" restriction on particular actions any more than you'd be subject to it with Target Locks if the ship you want to lock is out of range.
    Next, I think you could make an argument that AP-5 wouldn't trigger unless the recipient of the action is actually able to perform the action.  So if you wanted to coordinate a boost to someone stressed, you'd measure the boost, if it fits, you'd then remove the stress and finish the coordination.  The text of AP-5 says "before it performs a free action" to me implies that the ship in question actually performs the free action.  I'd consider this a lot like Push the Limit, where if you attempt to Push into an action which doesn't work, you don't receive the stress.
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    FireSpy reacted to Marinealver in Huge Ship FAQ Updated   
    It wasn't a week ago.  On the FAQ page the file shows that it was updated today. Why FFG kept it hidden to us is a mystery.
    So brief summary of changes.
    They now use the C-Roc as an example using the back end of the base as a movement instead of the center blue line. So most of the updates was to fill in the C-Roc and their no center line firing arc profile. Which means we could get more ships that use Firing arcs as a section profile or not. They elaborated on crippled sections. Crippled sections keep their face up damage cards but can still use actions on their damage or upgrade cards that have not been discarded. Which means critical damage has a bigger effect on corvettes than they do on transports. Opposing player can chose which side takes the damage if more than one section is overlapped by a small or large ship. (Still an instant kill for the small/large ship) Huge ships can spend Esege Tuketu's focus token for effect (Thank You FFG). Zuckuss <crew> nerf (more like a ban) Only Free Actions are from cards that have the Huge Ship only restriction (just like modifications). Area Effect cards does not effect the other section of the huge ship. If both sections are in range of an area of effect attack, opposing player chooses which section. Huge Ship uses modified rules for some upgrade cards(?) Huge Ships cannot be assigned condition cards (keep it simple silly) We Have a Huge Ship Ban Restriction List 
    Biggs Darklighter (not really a banned but nerf biggs pilot ability still does not work on huge ships) Navagator is still banned Cassian Andor is banned Bo Shek Cannot change a huge ships maneuver dial. (Instead Bo Shek gets crushed) You can pretty much add Zuckuss<crew> and Maul to that list, they now work just as well on huge ships as Leebo <crew> does. So some Epic Clarifications for specific Cards (Thank You FFG).
    Dash Rendar cannot ignore huge ships even when used as obstacles (can we take them to tournaments now?) This cannot be said enough Esege Tuketu's token can be spent by huge ships for effect. Vader <crew> cannot be used if on a crippled section. Only the section that Vader <crew> is equipped to gets damaged from his ability. Vader can cripple his own section, (I really think that Darth Vader and Kylo Ren need to switch upgrade cards). Gonk can be used for either section regardless to which side he is equipped on (Possible Scum Corvette in the making). R2-D2 can be used for either section regardless of which section he is equipped on. So thanks FFG for finally updating Huge Ship rules and answering a lot of questions we have had for years now. Some things I think FFG missed but I am pretty sure most TOs will be in agreement. Such as Double Crew Cards being equipped to both sides (So Wookie Comandoes have no issues going on a CR-90). Just if a side is crippled and no longer has the upgrade slot for the upgrade card the upgrade card is discarded with it. Again that is not official but I think that is how most TOs will rule it out.
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    FireSpy reacted to Gilarius in Huge Ship FAQ Updated   
    Vader crew can be used by either section. The section that fires and uses him takes the damage.
    And the WED-15 clarification from 2 years ago is back in too. Yippee!
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    FireSpy reacted to Jehan Menasis in Epic FAQ Update   
    From Yorr's entry in the FAQ, (emphasys mine):
    If, through his pilot ability, Captain Yorr
    intercepts a stress token that is part of the
    cost of triggering an ability on another ship
    (such as Soontir Fel or Opportunist), that
    ability’s effect does not resolve).

    If Captain Yorr intercepts a stress token that
    was the result of an ability (such as Push the
    Limit), that ability resolves, then Yorr receives
    the stress token.
    Or in other words, Cost vs Result.
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