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  1. Looks just like it did in Ezra's vision at the end of Legacy http://www.starwars.com/tv-shows/star-wars-rebels/legacy-trivia-gallery
  2. Sometimes, but not right away. There's two parts to the Ordnance Tubes: First "You may treat each of your [Hardpoint] upgrade icons as a [Torpedo] or [Missile] upgrade icon." When a section of a huge ship is crippled "the controlling player must choose and discard any Upgrade cards in excess of the upgrade icons depicted on that side" (Huge Ship Rules, pg. 3), so if the Ordnance Tubes are no longer equipped, you'll have to discard the ordnance from the crippled section when it gets crippled (not before or after), even if there are Hardpoint icons. Second "When you are instructed to discard a [Torpedo] or [Missile] Upgrade card, do not discard it." If Ordnance Tubes are discarded then they no longer keep you from discarding ordnance, so you effectively have one more shot with each torpedo/missile. The second part raises another question though, do Ordnance Tubes keep you from discarding Torpedoes and Missiles from a crippled section? (no matter how many Hardpoint icons it has).
  3. Well, this is my off-the-cuff ruling. . . Damage cards say the ship cannot be assigned a 1 bank. Since the maneuver was assigned prior to the damage, it was a legal maneuver when assigned, and can be carried out one last time. I agree with you in cases where it says "cannot be assigned". However, the crippled Raider aft section says "You cannot choose or execute [left 1 bank] or [right 1 bank] maneuvers", making it illegal to execute the maneuver, even if it was legal when it was chosen.
  4. Aside from a small/large ship attempting a red maneuver while stressed, an illegal maneuver results in your opponent selecting a legal maneuver for your ship. For example, a ship with Shaken Pilot cannot be assigned straight maneuvers. "If a ship with Shaken Pilot reveals a straight maneuver, the opposing player chooses any nonstraight maneuver on that ship’s dial for that ship to execute. If the ship is also stressed, the opposing player chooses any non-red, non-straight maneuver on that ship’s dial for that ship to execute." (FAQ v4.4.0, pg. 9)
  5. I think it is intentional. Just the change from "any edge" will create a denser formation in the center, which will change the relationship when ordnance epic will fight long range epic. Numerous fighters will also have a harder time rushing forward on the first few rounds compared to what they once did. We're about to begin our third round of epic play on our end, so these changes will make things very interesting. Requiring placement away from the neutral edges is fine. The part that I'm questioning is "not within Range 1 of a previously placed token", compared to the old "not at Range 1-2" the difference is enormous. First picture: approximate tightest grouping when not at Range 1-2 of previous obstacles Second picture: approximate tightest grouping when not within Range 1 of previous obstacles. Not being "within" range of something is a lot easier than not being "at" range of it.
  6. Comparing the old obstacle placement to the new, that's not the only change... Old Rules (emphasis added): New Regulations (emphasis added): Previously you put down the pair together, and neither one could be at Range 1-2 of a player edge or another obstacle token. Now you place one first, then the other within Range 1 of the first. Only the first obstacle must be beyond Range 1-2 of the edges, the second can be at Range 1-2 of an edge as long as it's within Range 1 of the first obstacle. Finally, neither obstacle can be within Range 1 (not at) of a previously placed token, this is a drastic change from beyond Range 1-2. I have to wonder if the last part was intentional, if so it allows very tight grouping of all the obstacles.
  7. This is a new 1.0 set. No past documents in this case, it itself counts as new and thus has no changes. At least that is what I am assuming. And the 2017 number is hopefully just a typo and not a sign that they forgot for 12 months just to release the document For comparison, the now outdated Epic Tournament Rules https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d1/0a/d10a49e9-6a34-44f9-9881-a640a108d20b/epic_tournament_rules_v32.pdf The Epic Play Card Restrictions (Biggs having no effect on Huge ships and Navigator being restricted from Huge ships) are curiously absent from the new tournament regulations. Whether this is an oversight, intentional change, or (hopefully) a sign that the Huge Ship Rules will be updated as well, remains to be seen. Assuming that it's an intentional change, they may have felt that the Biggs' restriction was no longer necessary after his errata. As for Navigator, perhaps they felt that it was only too powerful in the past because not every faction had a Huge ship but now everyone can navigate their battering rams.
  8. UNOFFICIAL X-Wing Huge Ship FAQ I first created this a couple years ago and have updated it on occasion. @Darth Meanie's recent topic and this new sub-forum made me think that it's time to re-post it. The primary goal for this FAQ is clarifying existing rules interactions, not to balance anything. If there's something that needs to be added, or if you disagree with something in it (and I know people will), please discuss! But even more importantly submit a rules question to FFG about it (the more epic/huge related questions they receive, the more apparent a need for a real Epic FAQ will be).
  9. On the next turn you can use Pattern Analyzer to switch the steps, but you still won't be able to perform an action because you're stressed. This. And this a million times.
  10. Why would you be able to use one of these multiple times, but the other only once?
  11. "A card ability cannot be resolved more than once during the timing specified on the card. For example, a card with the timing of “when defending” cannot be resolved twice by the defender during a single attack." - Rules Reference, pg. 8, Card Abilities, first bullet.
  12. It's the same as Calculation (the only difference in their wording is blank/focus results and [Hit]/[Critical] result) and FAQ says "You may use Calculation only once per attack, no matter how many focus tokens you have to spend." (FAQ v4.4.0, pg. 16, Calculation)
  13. This is correct. Only if you have equipped two (or more) Weapons Guidance, @Innese was right about this:
  14. Yes "The Activation phase consists of two subphases that players resolve in this order: 2a. Small and Large Ship Activation 2b. Huge Ship Activation During “Small and Large Ship Activation,” all small and large ships activate in order from lowest pilot skill value to highest pilot skill value. Then, during “Huge Ship Activation,” all huge ships activate in order from lowest pilot skill value to highest pilot skill value. All other standard rules for activating ships apply as normal. Effects that trigger at the end of the Activation phase resolve at the end of the “Huge Ship Activation” subphase." - Huge Ship Rules v3.0, pg. 3, Huge Ship Activation
  15. "immediately" means nothing (FAQ v4.3.3, pg. 5). When something says "After X" you must do it before doing anything else or you've passed the the window to use that ability, once you've moved on to the Modify Defense Dice step, you've passed the window of "After rolling defense dice".
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