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  1. Agreed. However, disabling the title in this case (Merchant One) would have an effect, you would lose the +1 maximum energy granted by it. While it's possible, the crippling mechanic is specific to huge ships with two ship cards that are at least half dead, so I think it's unlikely. But if you had such a crit on the Tantive IV title when the CR90's fore is crippled, it wouldn't be able to keep the extra crew and team that it otherwise could. On the contrary, the CR90 titles can only be equipped to the fore, while the Raider titles can only be equipped to the aft. On the C-ROC, Gozanti, and GR-75, there's only one ship card so there's no need to specify. Modifications however... Agreed I know better but still get my hopes up every time a huge ship is released.
  2. Cool Hand doesn't remove stress,
  3. We do now as a number of people have them in hand. The only missing one was IG-RM Thug Droids team, 1 point, change a hit to a crit when attacking. And the damage deck and dial. I don't recall seeing anything describing how to place the container token, or what effect the token has (debris cloud?).
  4. @skotothalamos quoted the exact wording. I've always assumed (and I could be wrong) that every range band is a full circle, and not a donut, meaning that a ship within range 1 will always be within range 2-3 as well.
  5. At is measured to the closest point, if it falls inside that range, then the ship is At that range. Within checks the whole base, if the entirety of the base falls inside that range, then the ship is Within that range So Lieutenant Dormitz and Hyperwave Comm Scanner only care about the closest point, that point must be "no farther than" but the rest of the base can extend beyond it.
  6. @VanorDM and @Vineheart01 (and @Parravon in the other thread) are correct. Also, since you mentioned a second target, Outmaneuver is not limited to once per round, it will trigger on each attack (that's in arc and you're out of their arc).
  7. He's using boom and kaboom because referring to the symbols on the attack die as hits causes some confusion pretty often in terms of what counts as an attack hitting. The die symbols aren't actually referred to as anything other themselves, which is to say the rulebook never calls the filled explosion facing a 'hit' and the empty explosion a crit, that's purely player convention. While I understand the reason for it for sure, I'm personally not a fan of the boom/kaboom convention as it can lead to confusion in its own, different way, but basically he's not wrong because the symbols don't have official names. It'd be nice if they did have non-mechanically confusing names though that there was actual consensus on. Page 10 of the Rules Reference names each result and I've always assumed those to be the proper names. It'd be great if we could have emotes on this forum for most of the icons used in X-wing (even just the result icons would be wonderful).
  8. After any maneuver where your final position overlapped, be it your planned maneuver, Adaptive Ailerons, SLAM, Daredevil, etc.
  9. Yes. And because they trigger at the same time you can use either ability first, Targeting Astromech doesn't care if you're stressed, only that the maneuver you performed was red.
  11. Adrenaline Rush: "When you reveal a red maneuver, you may discard this card to treat that maneuver as a white maneuver until the end of the Activation phase." FAQ v4.3.1, page 6, Revealing Red Maneuvers: "When a player reveals a red maneuver for a stressed ship, the only card effects he may resolve are those that change the maneuver to a different one (Adrenaline Rush, Navigator, etc.). After resolving these effects, if the ship would still be executing a red maneuver, the owner moves the ship as if it were assigned a white [straight 2] maneuver instead. The speed, bearing, and difficulty of this maneuver cannot be changed." Adrenaline Rush says "treat", the FAQ specifically names it as an effect that "changes" the maneuver.
  12. You can submit a rules question to FFG, outside of them adding it to the FAQ that's as official as it gets.
  13. ISYTDS will remain in play, condition cards are only removed when you're specifically instructed to remove them.
  14. Comparing some similar cards could help. Push the Limit: Once per round, after you perform an action, you may perform 1 free action shown in your action bar. Then receive 1 stress token. Experimental Interface: Once per round, after you perform an action, you may perform 1 free action from an equipped upgrade card with the "Action:" header. Then receive 1 stress token. Advanced SLAM: After performing a SLAM action, if you did not overlap an obstacle or another ship, you may perform a free action. All three of these grant a free action. For Push the Limit it must be an action in your action bar. For Experimental Interface it must be an action from a card. For Advanced SLAM it can be any action that is available to the ship, whether shown on the action bar or from an equipped upgrade card. Unless specified by the effect granting you the free action (or prohibited by a separate effect, e.g. Carnor Jax), a "free action" can be any action that you could perform during your Perform Action Step (still limited to 1 of each action per round). Perhaps your opponent confused Advanced SLAM with Experimental Interface?
  15. If a future opponent tries to argue against this, point them to the FAQ, page 21, Section 5, General, question 6: "Q: Do firing arcs that are not primary firing arcs (such as an auxiliary, mobile, or special firing arc) count as firing arcs for card abilities such as “Backstabber” or Outmaneuver? A: Yes."