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  1. "immediately" means nothing (FAQ v4.3.3, pg. 5). When something says "After X" you must do it before doing anything else or you've passed the the window to use that ability, once you've moved on to the Modify Defense Dice step, you've passed the window of "After rolling defense dice".
  2. This. And the order starts with the nearest to your starting position and proceeds outward from there. Rules Reference, pg. 14, Obstacles: "If a ship moves through or overlaps more than one obstacle, it suffers the effects of each obstacle, starting with the obstacle that was closest to the ship in its starting position and proceeding outward."
  3. Move the ship, then detonate. The Rules Reference, pg. 7, Bombs, 9th bullet says "If a ship overlaps another ship, only the portion of the maneuver template that is between the starting and final position of the ship is counted for the purpose of overlapping bombs. Ignore the portion of the maneuver template that the ship moved backward along to resolve the overlap." How can we determine what portion of the template to ignore (if any) if we have not yet moved the ship? For example, my ship attempts to perform a 3 straight and the end of my maneuver template overlaps the bomb, but other ships prevent my ship from reaching that portion of the template, so the end of the template is ignored and the bomb won't detonate. P.S. Welcome to the forums!
  4. Also, things don't work on friendly ships unless specified. This is true, abilities and rules always use specific words to reference the ship(s) being affected: 'you', 'another', 'friendly', etc. In this case "Thweek" is being specified and it does not say friendly, nor does it say enemy, so it would seem to apply to both. But this isn't the first condition that refers to a specific pilot, how does this play out for Captain Rex and Suppressive Fire? P1 has Rex and Zeb pilots, P2 has Rex and Sabine pilots. P1's Rex attacks P2's Sabine and applies the condition. P1's Zeb attacks and destroys P2's Rex. "Captain Rex" has been destroyed, should Suppressive Fire be removed from Sabine? I hope we can all agree that the intent is no. Perhaps when one of 'your conditions' (how the Condition Cards reference card refers to them when describing unique conditions) specify a pilot by name like this it should be assumed that it refers to the ship owned by the owner of the condition?
  5. I'll have to go back and check to see if I have that FAQ. I wish FFG would identify changes like this. "v4.1.1" is a link to it (I edited to make the link more apparent). You can find many old versions by searching 'x-wing faq' on Google.
  6. It would seem that R2-D2 is the precedent, and based on that, the Construction Droid and Repair Droid would be confined to the section they are equipped to. I'm inclined to agree. WED-15 used to have it's own entry that said it could be used on either section, but it was removed over a year ago (I believe v4.1.1 was the last version was the last version that had it) leaving only R2-D2 as precedent.
  7. I'm not sure that you even need to, someone correct me if I'm missing something, but there's nothing that says the condition only gives the ability to the "Thweek" that assigned it... So if both Thweeks assign the Mimicked condition, they should both have each of the Mimicked abilities, right?
  8. Closest-to-closest. The center-to-center measurement is only used in relation to Huge ships, and then only to determine if an attack is blocked by the blue center line (except for the C-ROC, which uses it's firing arc instead).
  9. No, because the title specifically prohibits it. Errata text: "After executing a 3-, 4-, or 5-speed maneuver, if you did not overlap an obstacle or ship, you may perform a free evade action." (emphasis added)
  10. Agreed. However, disabling the title in this case (Merchant One) would have an effect, you would lose the +1 maximum energy granted by it. While it's possible, the crippling mechanic is specific to huge ships with two ship cards that are at least half dead, so I think it's unlikely. But if you had such a crit on the Tantive IV title when the CR90's fore is crippled, it wouldn't be able to keep the extra crew and team that it otherwise could. On the contrary, the CR90 titles can only be equipped to the fore, while the Raider titles can only be equipped to the aft. On the C-ROC, Gozanti, and GR-75, there's only one ship card so there's no need to specify. Modifications however... Agreed I know better but still get my hopes up every time a huge ship is released.
  11. Cool Hand doesn't remove stress,
  12. We do now as a number of people have them in hand. The only missing one was IG-RM Thug Droids team, 1 point, change a hit to a crit when attacking. And the damage deck and dial. I don't recall seeing anything describing how to place the container token, or what effect the token has (debris cloud?).
  13. @skotothalamos quoted the exact wording. I've always assumed (and I could be wrong) that every range band is a full circle, and not a donut, meaning that a ship within range 1 will always be within range 2-3 as well.
  14. At is measured to the closest point, if it falls inside that range, then the ship is At that range. Within checks the whole base, if the entirety of the base falls inside that range, then the ship is Within that range So Lieutenant Dormitz and Hyperwave Comm Scanner only care about the closest point, that point must be "no farther than" but the rest of the base can extend beyond it.
  15. @VanorDM and @Vineheart01 (and @Parravon in the other thread) are correct. Also, since you mentioned a second target, Outmaneuver is not limited to once per round, it will trigger on each attack (that's in arc and you're out of their arc).