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  1. Hello, I have a conflict with a friend while playing wiz war, the newest edition. So he has a wizardblade that allows him to stay for 1 damage or use energies to power the blade for an attack. So what he did was, stabbed me for 5 health and then said he has adrenaline which allows him to attack again, but what he tried to do was, since he used 5 energy to power up the blade, it remains a 5 attack for the remainder of the turn, but I disagree by saying he is using the 5 energy to use for that single attack and cannot do another 5 damage. So is he right? can he actually do 10 damages on me with just the 2 cards plus the 5 energy? On a different note, is there a way to counter trinkets? Or a card that removes trinket from their hand? Thank you!
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