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  1. Yep! That was me. I've started painting and selling in my spare time for some fun money. I was wondering how long it would take for people to make the connection between the two!
  2. Thanks! I Use a mess of paint brushes that I picked up from a local art shop, I'm not sure the exact ones but I know that some people on here have posted threads on start up gear for painting. I've been using the Privateer press line of paints, and all sorts of colors at that. Don't get discouraged and just jump in and start painting!
  3. Thanks! I am really pleased with the way they came out. I was slammed with nostalgia when I finished them lol.
  4. I had a hard time with the other post...so here is all the new set painted and ready to rock! Here is the whole crew, and I just realized I forgot the Probe Droids in all of this...A close up of the Heroes Vader and His guards. A friend of mine dubbed the guards "Demons". So I thought it would be pretty cool this time around to make some Ghosts to go with it.
  5. Sold my last copy for a good haul so here I am at it again! Learned a lot since the last round and am putting those skills to work! I've only just started, so I will be adding more pics as I finish them. Annnd I Can't quite figure out how to put pics straight into the post..so Here's a link! http://imgur.com/gallery/SoS6T (Someone please explain it to me, thanks!)
  6. There ya go U/Mad Malade! How bout this!? I like the idea of passing through for one extra movement point! It doesn't seem to OP so I would consider that for a passive trait. Bouncer: If two Gamorrean guards are adjacent and an enemy figure enters an adjacent space immediately Interrupt and roll two red dice. If 6 (Damage) is rolled OR 1 surge, you may move that figure back two spaces and they suffer 2 (Strain). (The figure does not take the damage rolled)When I think of bouncers, I think of someone who is going to ruin your day if you get too close. I thought it would be kinda cool if an enemy figure got too close The Gamorrean's could "Ruin Their Turn". The dice will have to be on their side to get 6 damage or a surge since there is only one on the Red Die, BUT...it could happen! Just thought of this...hope it makes sense. Gang Up: When an attack is resolved on a Gamorrean guard another guard may immediately roll 1 Green die and The enemy figure suffers the results. The attacking guard must be adjacent to the enemy figure.
  7. - I gave them assault because I could not find another fitting ability. - Why not make one up! Shocking Blow: After their attack is resolved, If the Gamorrean guard caused 4 or more Damage, the figure is also stunned. (Think guards need to contain their prisoners...therefore stunned!) Not on the List: If 2 or more Gamorrean Guards are adjacent to each other they become impassible to enemy figures. (Gamorrean Bouncers!) (C/O thatjakeguy) Wild Beast: If a Gamorrean Guard is defeated and the attacker is within 2 spaces, You become focused, and immediately interrupt that turn. Move adjacent to the figure that defeated the guard and perform one attack. If you do NOT roll a surge the attack misses. (This might be a bit OP thats why the necessary surge) This is kinda fun...FF you need an Idea guy!?
  8. My group didn't even make it to Vader. I had them wiped out before they opened the second door. I am curious if any Rebels survived this mission, since in my case they where doomed from the beginning.
  9. I've said this before in other threads but my X-factor (in two campaigns) has been the Eweb. I always include one of them. I've also started to keep a Nexu handy too. They're fast (9 spaces w/ pounce!) , cause bleed and possibly cleave too. That's just too good to pass up for 4-6 threat. I don't worry too much about cheaper units, since just about every mission has storm troopers you can redeploy them for 2 threat. The Imp Officer is nice to have, but if I can drop a stronger unit I'll usually pass on them. Another factor to think about is, Your threat lvl. Early on it's hard to get those higher costing units in because you just don't bank the threat fast enough. So those early missions it's smart to go for the Probe droids and Imp Officers and other cheaper units. As the campaign draws on and your threat lvl rises, you can change your game up and start equipping those harder hitting units.
  10. Right, move is all they get, and from what I understood they only get one activation too. So they can move their wounded speed, once per turn. I imagine They still Block LOS, but they are useless to attack anymore since they can't be removed from the game. Major perk to this is they won't be able to attack terminals anymore! That helps the Imp w/ area control, which in this mission is a big advantage!
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