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  1. What if Widow Tarha used her heroic feat to attack 2 monsters, one is 3 spaces away and another is 6 spaces away. She rolled 4 range, does all attack miss? Does it hit only one monster?
  2. Good day, we're gonna end Labyrinth campaign this friday and we're gonna play Glimmer of Hope final! Unfortunately there are some questions about rules for this quest. It is said that monsters can't move on tiles with objective token on them, how does it work with lieutenants? Monsters can't move away from tile with objective token. How does it work with big monsters, which could expand on the border of a tile? Could OL use Splig's Revenge if he was defeated? Could OL reinforce Splig if he was summoned by Splig's Revenge and killed?
  3. Well, it answers almost everything, still not sure about effects "After defeating a monster". Monster suffers damage during 5th step of combat up to his HP and is immediately defeated, so you can trigger it, right?
  4. There are lot of quest, in which there are objects which can be attacked as if they were a monster or a hero. Any ordinary abilities like Berserk Rage should definetly work, right? What about conditions? Hexes? BH tokens, etc? Skills like "if you defeat a monster"? Blasts? Plague Cloud? I hope someone already asked FFG about these, so please enlight me!
  5. Wow, really nice idea! The only thing I don't like is that there is no space for Secret Passage card, which I like a lot.
  6. Oh, I missed this bit. Thanks a lot, that explains everything! Too bad, that this quest probably would never be played though.
  7. Finally got myself a copy of both expansions! The first thing I looked at was how to combine them into one campaign. It is said, that you can either start Chains with set XP/gold or just continue with what you've got from Mists. Everyone will get 5 XP ff you just start "fresh" Chains, but you if you start with Mists in mind, you'll get all XP from Mists + 1 extra for the final, so that's 6. Did I miss something?
  8. It's an old thread I know, but I have another question about Rylan and his ability. It's quite ofthen that Rylan acts on the side of the heroes. How does influence work with Rest action? Would it actually restore stamina to that hero at the end of Rylan's turn?
  9. Just red the quest and had similar idea in mind. Well with help of the raven it is practicaly 100% win, since you can always summon it from Alric and you lose nothing for waiting.. It could take a while but eventually raven would kill a hero and take token.
  10. Hello everyone! My playgroup likes the game a lot and we've played around 100 games. While it's still fun to just play we've ecnountered some problems 1. Adding Dunwich and/or Insmouth board drastically decrease chance to win by sealing 6 gates (additionally mythos sometimes just spawn 2 doom tokens). While it's fine to fight the Ancient One, we really don't want to do this every time. So, are we doing something wrong? It there a balanced way to prolong games a bit? 2. Lot of locations are visited extremely rare (almost all of "green locations"). Hunting clue tokens takes the precedent, so these location left over (and there are SO many cards we haven't seen at all). Any ideas how to motivate investigators to go there? 3. We've heard of leagues and that they enchant the way you play Arkham. But most of scenarios are really not that intresting (removing items/investigators is just not fun at all). Maybe there are really cool scenarion which really change the way you play the game?
  11. Thanks for the discussion. As Zaltyre suggested I asked FFG and will post answer here as soon as it's answered.
  12. 1. Grisban has to test awareness (1). 2. He failes. 3. Raythen uses his HA to let that hero reroll that test and let him use his own awareness (5). 4. Hero passed. 5. OL plays Befuddle. Should Grisban test (1) or (5)?
  13. I wonder what would happen if figure enters the pit space while this space is occupid by other figure?
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