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  1. Quidom...good questions! Here is a link to a discussion of this very topic on BGG. The folks there are helpful and friendly and I am sure you'll find all you need over there. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1028372/please-rank-extra-content
  2. I love Omens and am interested in the expansions. Since they are almost the cost of the game I'd like to know which are the best and what is the general difficulty of the Old Ones? Are they difficult or normal or do they vary from expansion? Thanks for any info to help along my decision.
  3. I haven't picked this up yet but I have a question about one of the new mechanics - that is if I understand it correctly. I read that the adventures are now face down and aren't reveled until you take on that adventure, apparently to add a little mystery and tension to the game. But once you visit that location during a game wouldn't you then always know what's on the other side of the card from then on or are all the backs of the cards the same? This part of the game confuses me. Regardless, I know I will be adding this to ES soon. The game is one of my top favorites and this expansion adds more to do and explore.
  4. Why is this game not available in the US yet?
  5. The creator of the game had his rights returned and they are no longer owned by FFG. In a post on BGG he said that he may rerelease the game at some point but it would no longer be in the Net Runner universe.
  6. This seems more stand-alone than expansion as it changes most of the mechanics of ES. Not complaining as ANYTHING Elder Signs is good by me but I don't see it meshing into the original game unless the game starts in the museum and then goes out side through an event in game. Still very excited to get this! Any further cluse as to when it is coming out besdies Q1?
  7. I have only played it 4 times and won once so I simply cannot understand how people "win all the time." I may not be very good but I suspect there is a simple strategy that escapes me given this talk about mostly winning and needing to make it harder. When you have both yellow and red dice locked and need a minimum of 5 dice to complete the adventure to unlock even one of them, well...there is a whole lot of failin' going on.
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