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  1. You are in luck! Check amazon and other online shops for different versions. Here's one option. Princess Leia Organa Rebel t-Shirt Ringer White Tee Shirt (X-Large, White/Black Ringer) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077XT4M54/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_CTgwBbE843344 Thank you for your opinion. Though, I personally disagree with it. I am exposing the potential for fraud in this vote due to a voting system that does not restrict us players to one vote a piece. If ffg expects us to vote only once, they need to return to voting on their own website ala last year. If they want us to vote multiple times, the present system works well enough, but using MLB's all star voting as a model might be preferred. 35 votes per person per day or whatever it is now. Also, if the interest in this 2.0 vote appears higher than expected to them, maybe they'll increase production and not sell out of conversion kits in the first week. Finally, I have never flown Miranda, Corran, Whisper, Nym, or the Wolf Pack, so how bad could I really be?
  2. So for science I tried to create an account. I gave a garbage name and impossibly fake email and it allowed it. So I voted for Leia. Then to double check, I logged out and created a second garbage Twitter with more fake info..(literally just a name and email required). And then I voted for Leia again. Do with this information what you will. P.S. She's a 54% with everything else in the teens, for anyone curious.
  3. If we don't want to use Twitter, can we send our votes in on postcards, no purchase necessary style? Disregard below. Skimmed the article at first:
  4. I'm practicing saying 400/6. Maybe if we say it correctly at the start, we won't confuse as many people 3 years in. 100/3 = 200/6 200/3 = 400/6 100/6 = 200/12 = 400/12
  5. I'll take 40 points of asteroids please. And run 5 academy pilots as my squad through them. Err... 80 points in 2.0..
  6. Oh man you guys. Now is the time to back or what.
  7. We know all the abilities from the conversion spoilers. We don't know ship slots or point costs for anything across the board currently, so we cant even make educated guesses about the coming content, at present. Wave 2 will resolve both those issues, so we should see article threads get more than a page a day of posts at that point.
  8. X-Wing Miniatures: Midichlorians and Trade Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Revenge of the CIS X-Wing Miniatures: A Good Trick X-Wing Miniatures: Roger Roger X-Wing Miniatures: Bombad Legacy
  9. Disney likes money, and FFG is good at making Star Wars money. IA, Legion, Destiny, X-wing, Armada... they practically print galactic credits. As long as 2.0 isn't a flop, I doubt they'd pull the license. And if the buyer thought they'd lose the Star Wars income through the buyout, I'd imagine the sale to look less enticing. *This is all obviously conjecture with no facts or research to back it up (except the Disney liking money part), I just want to stay optimistic for now.
  10. As far as bombs go, in atmosphere perhaps. But in space you need to eject it forcefully in a deliberately targeted direction if you don't want it meandering after you. A gravity fed bomb chute would have been hilarious in the TLJ bombers.
  11. Mulan is about Mulan. There are zero scenes that aren't about Mulan in Mulan. If you want Rey to have as much of a journey as Mulan, then you need to give her as much screen time and plot focus as Mulan. And a magic dragon to get her out of situations the writer blocked her into. Also, I studied film in college and edited video in hs so, I must know what I'm talking about.
  12. Since the new card will be for 2.0, I'd make a turret equippable by hwks and aggressors that gives something like 2 full attacks but limits overall damage output between them. Maybe give it a range 1 donut hole if it's too awesome... but it'll probably be fine without. But since they probably already have that in the works, maybe a Triangulate mod that allows 3 ships (and needs to be equipped on all 3) to coordinate attacks somehow (maybe some rotation hijinks) so that they make sure at least 1 of them always has a shot on an enemy. Maybe a: if you can not attack this round, take a stress and rotate 90 before you would attack. Then a second modifier that allows the last ship to activate to rotate for free if no other friendly ships have fired this round.
  13. From what I just read, PAI is a long term investment firm. Currently in a fundraising mode for their latest portfolio... which I guess means acquisitions? Asmodee's crazy growth was no doubt appealing. When I read private equity firm I was expecting a buy out and sell off piecemeal type of thing, but this sounds less scary than that.
  14. There will be quick build cards that prebuild a ship and circumvent the app. There will be an online pdf with the ship costs listed in the app. And of course, when playing at home, rules can be as lax as you want. There is not an official app presently. But I have 3 different squad builder apps on my phone and two+ others bookmarked on my computer. They all excel in different aspects. Which is "best" comes down to personal preference. The official app will funnel us all to a single source for squadbuilding but, for prebuilding squads then hunting down the appropriate cards to bring with you (which is almost a necessity when you have a large collection), nearly everyone uses an online squadbuilder of some sort. In fact, you could download or web browse to one of the builders while waiting for 2.0 just to familiarize yourself with the jargon on the cards. Build out the lists people describe in threads to see how their points were distributed, perhaps. Idk. Point being, I wouldn't let the official app scare me away.
  15. Shield regen. I probably also have 22 dials, so I'm loving the epic carnage.
  16. Practice saying this. And once you have some of the ships you'll start looking into sleeves and storage. And transport containers to take to game shops. And do I buy premade foam trays or cut my own. You'll run to home depot to buy 2'x4' boards because your table isn't big enough and two of those will fit in your car where a 4'x4' won't. Then you'll see all the sweet paint jobs and boom you suddenly have 10+ colors of paint now, yet you've never painted before. Oh, and here's a kickstarter for amazing game mats: /pledged. Another for acrylic tokens... etc, and on and on. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything. Most importantly, I'd do it all over again. Take your time and enjoy the ride.
  17. There's an easy fix for that...
  18. I prefer swarms of things over aces. I vote for 12. 2.0 Ion cannons would probably be brutal against 1.0 epic ships. I wonder how that'll balance out when they release the new epic rules. (Everyone has heard about that Homestar Runner kickstarter for Trogdor's board game right? You have now. A jorb well done, if I do say so myself.)
  19. The TIE Bomber deserves a second bomb slot. A third even. If x-wings have to be good at this game because it's named x-wing, then TIE Bombers deserve to get All The Bombs!
  20. Another classic tale of risk vs reward. Take no risks and you may be ridiculed for not having the fortitude or strength to turn the wings. A lesson to future video web loggers: We learn more from mistakes than from easy victories. Just spin the dang wings. If they break for you on camera, tens of others will be spared the same fate.
  21. What's the frequency of good models to bad models going to be? Thinking I won't buy this ship online. At least not right away.
  22. So Strong Bad made Trogdor. Then Trogdor burninated the countryside. And now it's a tabletop game. It looks fast to play. Strong Sad runs the playthrough video in his new video series Six Sadded Dice. Tbh it looks crazy go nuts. I'm in for the meeples+minis tier. I recommend checking it out if you want a new 2-6 player rules-light game. Or if the Homestar Runner nostalgia runs thick with you too. The original creators are also this game's creators, along with some board game guy... so no IP worries.
  23. I played it on release. Haven't really kept up since then. Heard there was base building and finally rovers. Sounds neat, but wasn't enough to pull me back yet. So there's going to be multiplayer but they haven't described how it works yet?
  24. It's only an upgrade this time. The last time they did this voting it was for a ship to include. That time we collectively voted for the least meta ships possible. It may be that our effort in the past to expose the 1.0 imbalance has caused this current inability to directly influence the 2.0 vote.
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