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  1. I'd write the points and slots in the cards vs the opposite because there isn't anywhere to copy/paste card text from currently and that's a bigger pain to type out than points. When building a list you need the ship stats (includes dial), ability texts for pilots and upgrades, point costs, and available ship slots to be filled. The app "should" have all that in one place, just as current squad builders do. Any squad building medium that doesn't include all four of those aspects is incomplete and requires additional information references. Manually consolidating them once saves the later trouble of flipping back and forth between documents but is itself time consuming.
  2. I want scyks style 2 (pointy front wings) kihraxz as vaksai (style 1, advanced booster). They already made my fave kimogala style (square engine housing and front fin) except it's missing the lower wing. So I want that. Maybe the various TIEs could come with a second set of interchangeable wings that are battle damaged.
  3. You sound bitter. Have hope! If it sees no play whatsoever they will start to experiment with points and slots. So the toilet seat flown by the bounty hunter with toilet paper on his head will return to adequacy eventually. After his overpowering stench is wiped and flushed from memory.
  4. It was maybe 50/50 sarcastic. It was before they fixed the pdf and added back the slot. It was also after a couple years of repetitive jumpmaster meta with no disappointment that it won't be meta king for 2.0 release.
  5. Clone wars gave us Spider-Maul, then later Robo-Leg-Maul. Fleshing out his character slowly over time. He even got a brother. Rebels then finished with Proper-Prosthetics Maul and gave him a final duel and powerful death scene.
  6. Can Vizago swap cloaking device for cargo chute between his own ship and a z-95? If so, him and jabba might be a fun bus
  7. The tournament rules were updated today. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/84/73/8473eda1-c38b-434e-86bc-e78df35ce4cd/swx_tournament_regulations_v32.pdf They look very similar to the previous update, still list the 23rd as the effective date, and still dont have 2.0 half points for all ships. They look to have updated the first page telling you to visit x-wing.com for the latest rules reference and FAQ, but that page has nothing new on it yet. Perhaps an update is inbound?
  8. I wonder if we will ever see an attack that takes a turn to charge and you have to stay on target the next turn or it discharges into the void.
  9. It's more than a little work when I need the slots and points list on one screen plus an image set of the spoiled cards on another because I do not know the wording on every available card for each ship in 2.0. Maybe I'm just being lazy, but where I'll spend all day remaking a list in a list builder app, sitting in front of a screen with a pen, paper, and calculator for an hour just to get a rudimentary list structure isn't my idea of fun. And I could easily have added the 4 cards I mentioned, but each of those ships have other slots, plus the potential for other ships with more slots. The possible combinations are easy to run through in a proper squad builder, but again more effort than I care to exert when scratch building the unfamiliar costs and abilities by hand. We have at least a month before the cards are in my hands, and I'm patient. I'm not competing at gencon, so it doesn't affect me directly that they haven't released the app, the rules reference, or the tournament rules for 2.0 yet. But I can still meme a reminder to ffg that we want the app sooner than later. As they say, don't let your memes be dreams. Tl:dr I always liked the idea of the Nashtah Pup, but could never justify the cost. I'm excited for the new Hound's Tooth title, and for a clear path to making it useful... as soon as I can lazily build my squad
  10. Say I wanted to use Moralo with Boba crew and a loaded N'Dru docked. Moralo could immediately bug out after deploying the Z-95 to ensure N'Dru's ability kicks in and that his approach angle is unpredicted, then flank from the near side, while whatever else in your list runs at them perpendicular. I need the squad builder app to see what kind of points I have to play with when doing this.
  11. Think it went through a graphic designer, or do they have a font set where they can just type in the slots? I want the font set to be true. They could call it X-Wingdings.
  12. I assumed the 2.0 Hound's Tooth title is supposed to work like 1.0 did... but from the spoiled card I read, that's not how it actually works. I might read the title plus the core rule book and think that I could dock any regular Z-95 per normal docking rules during a game with just the 1 pt title, or the Nashtah Pup using its conditional text for a total cost of 7 pts. 1 point to hide any of my Z-95s in reserve for a turn or two sounds interesting. This is possible by the way it's written, right? The rules released thus far for reference: DOCKING AND DEPLOYING Some abilities allow a ship to be attached to or ride inside another ship. If a card ability instructs a ship to Dock with a carrier ship, the docked ship is placed in reserve. A docked ship is able to Deploy from its carrier ship during the System Phase, or make an emergency deployment if its carrier ship is destroyed. These rules are described in further detail in the Rules Reference.
  13. If you like your quickbuild, you can keep your quickbuild... as long as you play quickbuild mode. This actually might help both casual and competitive play. Designing and squadbuilding for one game type won't interfere with the other. Assuming they actually support both formats long-term.
  14. Or they realized after printing that those things needed changing. The fang quickbuild uses afterburners, right? Then no big deal that the tournament fang doesn't. Maybe they discovered the jump was still stupid op with a crew after printing and preemptively axed it as the next revision will be in 3 months and you can't have the inaugural release meta suck.
  15. Ion Aggressor sans gunner is 36 pts. I hope it releases with better turrets when it comes out. I want a reason to use aggressors aggressively.
  16. Good luck to everyone going! Looks like the tournament rules were updated on the 11th when they posted the 2.0 rule books. No real changes. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/e2/6f/e26f0c68-90ec-4633-97ea-2059dfb37a3a/swx_tournament_regulations_v32.pdf The rules reference is still dated 6/15/18. Maybe they'll update for 2.0 in the next week? Otherwise all ships still get 1 mod each ? https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/87/a8/87a872ed-4d70-4916-8c63-efc8c5e87148/swx36_rules_reference_online.pdf
  17. Luke grows up on a planet with 2 suns. We never see him putting on sunscreen yet he isn't burnt or tan like someine spending that much time outside in 2 suns should be. Maybe the natives have a sun resistance/tolerance, but he's only half native. Can we get solar flare obstacles and blue milk mods to counteract the effect? Also we could get a TLJ Luke crew with an ability where the first time he takes damage in the game you may cancel all dice and move him to anywhere in your deployment zone. Yes, I'm a little bored today.
  18. Expecting rehash of why 2.0, iteration of release schedule, announcement of next full wave including a new ship plus next rereleased wave that doesn't include new ships (if they're doing that to speed up rerelease). General info about the asmodee sale and how it won't affect anything. Hoping for epic transition to 2.0 info.
  19. The only thing better about fortressing in 2.0 would be lambda rear arcs, but it's still a non issue.
  20. Incorrect since wave 5. And with wave 14 just released, it was incorrect for nearly 2/3rd of the life of the game. We have the chance now to get it right from the start. 200/3, 400/6.
  21. Incorrect. It was 100/3. The colloquial phrase was 100/6, but that was incorrect. You brought 100 points and 3 obstacles. Your opponent brought the same, for a total of 200/6. Points are doubled now, but obstacles aren't. The correct way to say it in 2.0 is either 200/3 or 400/6
  22. To prevent tampering, demand voter ID!
  23. They can allow or block multiple submissions from the same ip, and yes it records it. They can also delete individual responses, so if they see a number of them from 1 ip, they could delete all but 1.
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