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  1. The biggest scam is the price they're asking for the promo damage deck. I just pre-ordered from my flgs and it'll cost zero extra. Everyone should pre-order the core set from their local store offering the promo deck, or ffg directly at the very least. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/1/upgrade-your-damage-deck/
  2. Callsigns make sense within a faction, but do you really want the enemy to know your name is Taserface?
  3. The animal was a varactyl. Not to be confused with the bolotaur.
  4. That is a stretch even for rules lawyering Under cloak is says the condition under which the cloak fails. Under fail it explains what happens when a decloak fails, and specifically says you cant retry an effect (a word inclusive to what decloak is)
  5. It says effect. You cant try the decloak effect again. Reread the rule.
  6. Decloaking does not count as executing a maneuver or performing an action but does count as a move. • A ship can decloak even while stressed. • When a player declares to decloak a ship, that player must declare which type of boost or barrel roll it is going to perform before placing a template on the play area. • If a decloak fails, the ship is returned to its prior position before it attempted the decloak and the cloak token is not removed. • Each ship cannot drop or launch a device during the same phase that it decloaked.
  7. Read the failed action in conjunction with the cloak section. If you fail, you cant try again in a different direction. 3rd bullet point Some effects can fail, which means the effect did not resolve as intended and instead is resolved in a default way. • A ship can fail when it barrel rolls, boosts coordinates, decloaks, deploys, jams, locks, or SLAMs. • An effect that fails does not trigger any effects that would occur after a ship resolves that effect. • If an action fails, the player does not choose a different action to perform and cannot choose to resolve the effect in a different way. • If an action fails, since the action was not completed, that ship cannot perform a linked action. • If a red action fails, the ship does not gain a stress token.
  8. Proximity Mines Should read “When this device detonates, that ship rolls 2 attack dice. That ship then suffers 1 ? plus 1 ?/? damage for each matching result. Proxies can't blank. Nice.
  9. Elite Pilot Talent: "Hello There" If you aren't in any enemy arcs and have at least one target in yours, <something happens>.
  10. It's stealing a release spot from a SWG ship, but at least it looks like pacman. Just need to paint a swarm of tugboats as ghosts to go with it. Then create a pacman mod like mariokart.
  11. I want the ETA-2 as previously mentioned, with moving wings, plus the N-1 and the Belbullab-22. And maybe they'll cross faction ARCs, Wookies, Z-95, sheathapede, and give us clothed (armored?paneled?) Y-Wings. Also Hondo's saucer and whatever his minions flew, that piece of garbage Anakin and Ashoka fly with the movable wing, the sorosuub yacht. Throw in the rest of the SWG scum ships while at it. Maybe an Ebon Hawk. A Y-8 for epic. Next year is full of hope. P.S. Windu is Snoke. Lightninged out a window then sliced in half by Emo Vader. And he was shown motionless afterward so there'll be no spider-snoke hijinks.
  12. They said it can reverse its guns 180°. They didn't say if you can twist them more than once on the model. I'll be anxiously awaiting that unboxing video.
  13. My statement that you quoted had more to do with the lack of attention to detail that caused them to release bad data than the data itself. Regarding the app as an interface, you are correct. But that's not the whole scope of the app project. Spitting out accurate data is a main intended use.
  14. This isn't their first app. This isn't their first star wars app. This isn't their first product release. Anything about release date is obviously conjecture based on product release as we don't know what official date they set. But I now realize apps are super hard, and licensing agreements are impossibly complex so their professional app development team should be given all the slack if they don't have it ready for consumption the day that the new product goes on sale (today), or even when it hits general release in a month or two from now. Thinking that they would plan for all components of their product to release together and on time when they are the ones setting the schedule for what on time means is just unrealistic on my part. And I will be super patient and forgiving if it doesn't work on my devices for whatever reason for any amount of time after that, or for any content errors therein (such as those the pdf had in its first release). Such potential delays are unknown unknowns that the project manager had no chance to plan for, and their previous release lessons learned documents didn't cover such unexpected circumstances. I apologize to ffg for my clearly unrealistic expectations of competent project planning and execution. I promise to expect less in the future. Because some things are just hard to do. Maybe I should practice saying "it's a feature not a bug", and "Soon" as I used to when [not] expecting things from SOE.
  15. I don't believe it's done because they had to rerelease the pdf version after realizing it was missing things. Because of the delays and issues in their other app releases. Because it seems like departments don't communicate well with each other as release articles sometimes explain mechanics incorrectly. Because why would they not want prerelease beta testing by the dedicated fan base that wants it to be the best it can be before trumping it up as a feature on release to new players. Absolutely there's a big difference between a professional dev team and some guy doing it in his free time. That was implied in my statement. A professional dev team working full time with the backing of LFL should be releasing an amazing app, and not need a year to put it together. It took a volunteer 4 days to make it work, where they announced their app 3 months ago today including a blurb about what it will do and a graphic mock up, so it was well I to development at that point. I expect more of a pro team. If I was buying prerelease at gencon this week, I'd expect the app. Crossing my fingers for a timed release today after the inflight report.
  16. I think it was always a complaint about the delay of the app and saying we would be appeased in the short term with just the points and slots. Someone slapped those into a working squad builder in under 4 days though, so why it is taking ffg 4+ months is a bit frustrating. If it isn't the most amazing app ever, I'm sure there will be the usual questions/complaints/unsolicited opinions on the delay.
  17. Corran went from being a crutch to requiring some skill? Nice.
  18. ViscerothSWG

    Tie Bomber

    Rhymer with clusters to keep the enemy at range 3 of each other. Deathrain with double proxy mines to gum up all attack lanes. 4 l/n fighters to sweep in and pick off the dispersed enemy
  19. He also inspired the Earl of Cardsleeves to invent card sleeves so his cards wouldn't be ruined by greasy sandwich fingers.
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