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  1. There was no shortage of 3rd party reminder tokens in 1.0 for /per round abilities and effects. Ffg just stuck an official token to the abilities. There will probably be 3rd party charge and force tokens with unique looks for popular cards in 2.0 too.
  2. That way has already been released. It's us lazy folk that want the app that are still waiting.
  3. The Clone Wars add so much amazing art potential for alt art cards.
  4. This line of reasoning always interests me. I hope for more threads about it. I usually view initiative and bidding as though it were a baseball game. Every inning the home team bats second giving them that last chance to win the game. X-wing is a bit different in that there are no set number of attacks each round or set number of rounds and the home team bats first. But it's a closer analogy than, say, football that alternates sides per quarter and possession at the half.. which would match better to alternating player initiative every round (something I'd support in x-wing). So, in a round, as long as all ships shoot and no abilities interfere, relative initiative stays constant. But if at any point a ship misses an opportunity to shoot, it essentially struck out that inning and its initiative value is impacted relative to the eneny ship it wanted to shoot but couldn't. That ship it missed, in a purely jousting scenario where the two are directly attacking each other, now has the higher initiative until it misses an opportunity of it's own to shoot. It still shoots second in any given round but in a scenario where it will take an equal number of attacks to kill either ship(you or them), it is currently ahead of the trade. Basically, if filling your list to point capacity will make you more lethal, and you can fly your way to avoiding a trade more often than the player/ship with initiative that you are facing, then relatively speaking you have the 'upper hand' that they bid to get. Many other variables to account for - relative survivability of your ships/squad vs theirs probably being prime among them. But initiative value and bids are a more fluid concept outside of pure jousting now that hyper-maneuverability isn't a thing.
  5. To elaborate further, 1.0 had Luke pilot so you get Luke 2.0 in the conversion. 1.0 had TLT but 2.0 doesn't so you don't get it. Afterburners is in 2.0 but not 1.0 so it's not in the conversion kit... but is in wave 1 so it comes in a bag with the corresponding faction's kit. Any rerelease ship outside of wave 1 only has content in the conversion kit for pilots and abilities directly transferring to (keeping the same name in) 2.0.
  6. Greatly dislike the rut of power creeped meta lists and poorly parsed releases in general in 1.0. The new factions and any new ships would have been pushed to that competitive edge where the luster quickly fades. Much more excited for the 2.0 fresh start and will enjoy a better balanced clone wars when it releases due to the upgrade. When everything is viable, nothing isn't.
  7. Careful. The armchair app devs jumped all over me for hoping the app would be available by gencon as originally reported as the hopeful date. I learned from that experience that apps are hard to make and to expect anything other than late delivery is foolhardy. I also called 2.0 thus far sloppy. That didn't go over well either. Reading now about all the misprints, the consistently inconsistent language used, and other odd aspects of 2.0, I still think it to be a sloppy rollout. But I'm excited for its release in a month regardless, and support ffg in their endeavor to make the game great again.
  8. That is... disappointing. A 6 character long code is all they needed. They would have to spend 2 minutes to assign all existing ships a code before release, but there's no requirement to later release them in numerical order. SWZ01A (or X), SWZ01B (or T), SWZ02, etc... Since all ships start with SWZ, they could even skip that part for 3 characters max. Or since it's a graphic print, just use the little ship symbol like what is on the cards and the plastic dial chit. The center of the ship graphic could even be within the punchout area to allow it to be bigger. Oh well. I'll still pull the lever.
  9. Rebooted Voltron has a lot of ships, but many of them are capital ships. Probably fits armada better.
  10. Time out. They put the dial codes on the inner punches circle? The ones that have often times in the past popped out before I even opened a boxed ship? The ones that if you switch dials from the standard cardboard cover to the plastic fancy dials and back because you don't want 30 plastic dial covers have now been in the trash for months if not years? So where you had the code on the dial you now have to match maneuvers?
  11. A naughty alt art set of each faction for x-wing adult swim? That would cause zero drama.
  12. Reminds me of those landscaping companies that auto renew then expect you to pay for the surprise visit.
  13. Player Side Solutions to support the flgs offering the promo decks: Tip the store $2. Buy something along with your core set. Send ffg customer support 'Y U Do Dis?' Memes
  14. I picture a swarm of them transmitting constant updating orders through their computers but each ship acknowledging them audibly and forcibly broadcasting that acknowledgement through all communication channels. A nightmarish Roger Roger Swarm Storm. A Rogernado. In SWG the droid fighters were extremely fast and agile with impossibly small hit boxes. If you ran into a spawn of them above your current tier, you were basically screwed and forced to retreat. Even at the appropriate strength to fight them it was tedious.
  15. I agree and hope stores don't have to pay extra for them... Then again, I would have bought online had it not been for the promo deck so it's a sale they wouldn't have made. The flgs I preordered with said that every starter set they sell at release will come with the deck, pre order or not. So they seem to have ordered an equal amount of core sets and promo decks.
  16. Last year I remember they had to bring one of each list, but I don't remember how using each of them was decided on at the table.
  17. That's what we like to call: Rebel. Bias. ?
  18. At least Fury of Dracula is being rereleased by wizkids in Sept.. for those that didn't get it in time after the license was lost.
  19. They started numbering the damage deck with the second core set release, so you could tell if you were missing a card more easily. Even this promo deck is numbered, as can be seen in the photos of the link I posted. They'll errata an effect before forcing everyone to buy a new damage deck regardless of its size.
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