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  1. 2 hours ago, Lace Jetstreamer said:


    Calling Unique games gambling loot boxes is founded.  If he did his research he would have found others in the MEDIA calling it such at preview events at Gen Con.

    The media is not a reliable source to cite for research purposes.

    When you buy the unique game deck you know you are getting a balanced, competitive, complete experience inside the box. No further purchase necessary. It's a neat concept and the gameplay has to be good or people won't keep buying decks.

    Blind/loot boxes are designed to make you over-buy the product if you want a complete set (or even if you don't care about a complete set but want a specific item from the loot table). (Blind boxes suckered me in way back with marvel heroclix. And again later with Portal turret figures. Finally learned my lesson and avoided the EA game.)

  2. 9 minutes ago, Commander Kaine said:

    I do admit that imps are in a nice place now. But they were in a nice place after wave 1 of 1.0 as well. The #RealRebelBias was always about how FFG handled the discrepancies, not how they got created. I understand that design is difficult, and there are some innate problems with many things. That's not the issue. 

    I agree Imps are in a seemingly good spot right now. But these are so fun to make.


  3. 1 hour ago, AgentoftheEmpire said:

    Solution is simple. If a ship equipped with Boba cannot legally deploy as per the card, allow the ship to deploy as normal. 

    That's a fast solution, but not a good one. In fact, I'd call it the worst possible permanent fix. 

    You and I bring Boba large ships. We each spent a crew slot and thepoints, and we each have a strategy for how we will utilize Boba's deployment. I get to place mine first and pull this move. You have now wasted a crew slot, the points, and have to come up with a new strategy on the fly before we ever set dials. It's a NPE for player 2.

    They need a real solution. Reduce the no-go zone to outside range 2 instead of 3 maybe. Maybe range 2 of only any ships also deployed from reserve. Anything that doesn't negate the second Boba is better than forcing him to deploy in his own zone as the ship would without Boba.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Stinger07 said:

    I am just wondering why red moves are talked down upon.  As if a player is suddenly a bad player because they expect to use red moves in a game.  Everyone uses them. 

    1.0 became such a cluster of stacked actions and tokens & the ships that depended on them, that depriving oneself for even a single turn came to be viewed as tantamount to conceding the game.

    Jousting with token stacks was the training wheels. Outflying your opponent using all your maneuvers is where the 2.0 game begins (I hope).

  5. 1 hour ago, Dreadai said:

    My only issue with the new mechanic is that it is going to leave the play area very messy, between bigger cards, charge tokens, effect tokens, templates and dice, often tournaments you get as little as 4-6" of space in front of you to lay out everything you need, and if you are fielding multiple ships, with upgrades, there's going to be a lot of confusion of stuff!


    Two solutions; to minimize table space for your squad.

    1. Overlap the upgrades such that the grey left section is hidden under the card to its left. Charges are placed on their cards so no new space taken up there. 


    2. Run naked ships.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Vontoothskie said:

    So youre recommended solution to the problem is to repeat the problem but call it the solution?  

    My recommended solution is to wait for the app if you dont want to refer to the pdfs.

    You then said you want a way to turn 2.0 cards into 1.0 card format. That involves using the pdf to transpose the info to the 2.0 cards. And redoing those that change when they change. Nothing is stopping you.


  7. 6 minutes ago, Vontoothskie said:

    The physical cards would have the information on them required to play.

    You know, like 1.0.

    Imagine MTG if you had to look up mana costs to play. 

    1.0 couldn't viably fix imbalances without releasing new expansions with fix cards in them. 2.0 is the viable alternative, leaving points and slots malleable. 

    With some time and effort you can write them on your own cards, then rewrite them when they change. Or on the sleeves, or on a separate insert in the same sleeve with the card.

    So your alternative to the pdf is already available to you. Go for it. Let us know how long it takes to transfer the info to the cards. 


    It's more effort than I'd put into it, but I'm lazy and want the app. Good luck.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Vontoothskie said:

    Lol there isnt a viable non app way to play yet.  i bought saws renegades and tried building a list with the pdf 2 days ago, just to see if 2.0 was less annoying than i thought.

    Its awful. Absolutely awful. I just lost interest after 15 minutes. At least I got my 1.0 x-wing fixes though

    Am curious. What do you picture as a viable non-digital way to build a squad? In a perfect analog world, how would it work?

  9. 8 minutes ago, Jike said:

    I think the current tokens do that already. If they can't be recovered, discard them when used. If they can be recovered, flip them.

    For sure, after use. But before you use any, they all look the same. Drawing the recharge arrow on the unused token face is a quick fix. Again, minor issue.

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