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  1. 2 minutes ago, DodgingArcs said:

    Flanking is about positioning. It’s a tactic not a ship archetype. You can’t flank of all of your ships are in the same place. To flank you need to split your ships. I really don’t understand why Rebel ships would be any worse at this than other factions ships. 

    Yes, a Lamdba Shuttle will be a pretty terrible flanker unless your opponent turns toward your other ship and lets the shuttle flank. But a X-Wing should be perfectly fine, they have both reposition andbthe ability to equip a Proton Torp. Dutch passes Locks at range 1-3 so it’s not like he can’t come in and still pass a flanking X-Wing a Lock. An X-Wing with Proton Torp and S-Foils closed can link focus into boost, get passed a lock and do serious damage. 

    I really think flanking is about deploying and figuring how to do it with your squad. 

    Soontir Fel is a pretty terrible flanker if your opponent turns on him and you leave him out to dry. Sometimes a Flanker is a sacrifice. 

    Its true that a traditional Rebel strategy is the synergy block and ships like Lowrick and Biggs still want that but there seems to be more going on in that faction than just that. 

    As for the OP, if 4 bombers lock 1 ship then that ship should never see the engagement. Obviouslybthe Barrage Rocket Swarm is significantly better and you can’t use the same tactic but for the Jendon Bomber Swarm things are much more telegraphed. 

    As said here, flanking is just splitting your force. When the center of engagement changes, so too do your (and their) flanks. 

    Some ships are better than others at fleeing when they, as the flanking ship, become the enemy's focus. And it will happen occasionally that your intended flanker will be sought out. 

    But if your intended flanking ship is habitually/perpetually the center of attention, then you either need to slow its role, or ramp up the rest of your squad - and that can happen either through flight paths or through list composition. 

  2. 5 hours ago, LTuser said:

    For mat storage, do you guys prefer folding them up?  Rolling them up and storing them in one of those shipping tubes, or do you go a little more classy, with one of those rigid like Map/art tubes??

    When possible, storing mats flat is best. That matters much more for vinyl mats than the mousepad type though.

    To bring mine to game night, they actually came with a zippered cloth bag, but it's slightly too short to easily get them inside. If I ever start regularly bringing mine with me, I'd look into the plastic document tubes on amazon. For like $20 they are adjustable with a shoulder strap.

  3. I use one of these I found on Ebay for templates, damage deck, and to store dice.



    I use the harbor freight line laser. Straight as an arrow, comes mounted to a removable flat base, and was only $4.


    To transport to game night, depending on how much I'm bringing, I've used padded lunch boxes, a roughly 12x9x2 box with magnetic close from ikea, and 12x12x12 padded pizza carrying cases with homemade foam inserts for a faction worth of ships. Along with the standard Plano 1374 carrying the tokens, based, and card binders.

  4. There ain't no party like a 2.0 launch party 'cuz a 2.0 launch party don't start for less than the GDP of a small village.

    Seems a shame that it didn't have an order code like the game night kits with a 1 per store restriction. At least the min order sounds like a box quantity rather than a dollar amount... since the retailer cost of the promo damage decks isn't included in their purchase order price to count toward a cost threshold.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Darth Meanie said:

    Blue B, Blue X, Blue Y, and Blue U.

    OK, maybe not the last one.


    Blue Squadron B-Wing Pilot

    Blue Squadron U-Wing U-Winger

    Blue Squadron Y-Wing Bomber

    Blue Squadron X-Wing Escort



  6. 12 minutes ago, Forgottenlore said:

    Just feel the need to chime in...

    i only recognize one name from the OPs first list, and that only because LeBron is from my home town. You seriously CAN’T live in Akron and not have heard of him. I’m deducing from that though that the others are also sports people?

    Best football qb currently playing. Green Bay Packer. 

    Lebron. Yawn.

    Don't know but the name seems familiar. Definitely sports though.

    Overrated Yankee baseball guy. Also yawn. I think he retired?

  7. 34 minutes ago, SabineKey said:

    It didn't divide the fan base as much because not as many people liked it. There was more agreement that it was "meh". Look at critic scores.

    And yet that crawl doesn't contain important information like who Obi-Wan is, who just pops up without an introduction. 

    By that logic, in ANH dead Obi Wan starts talking to Luke in his ship with no prior explanation. When he died his body just vaporized like nobody else ever has. So ANH makes zero sense as a stand alone.

    The crawl doesn't have to spell out every character profile in the film. ESB's tell you why we're on an ice planet and why it's being attacked. The writing gets us the rest of the way through the movie.

    In TLJ the crawl talks about Snoke, not Kylo. About bringing Skywalker back, not training Rey. No mention of Rey v Kylo inner conflict. Nothing about weak rebel leadership and headstrong pilots. You must have seen TFA for 3/4 of it to make sense. 

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