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  1. Fyi, the Plano 1374 is the cheapest I've seen it in years on amazon right now ($35.40). Can't buy the 4 trays that come with it separately for that price. I couldn't resist since I need the trays anyway when the new factions release.
  2. Could a YV-666 w/ title start with a Z-95 other than Nashtah Pup docked? Or must any other Z-95 spend an activation after setup to maneuver in to it to dock?
  3. 2 points corrections a year seems acceptable, though I'd prefer an adjustment timed with each new wave release. I won't judge the rest until I see the actual announcement. I'm hoping there aren't arbitrary bans, but I won't be surprised when 2.0 to become the standard tournament format after roughly 50% of 1.0 ships are rereleased and/or as soon as the 2 newest factions have a large enough selection to compete with the existing 5.
  4. ViscerothSWG


    I have a very large collection. I bought one of ech conversion kit and one of each wave one (plus 1 saw and 2 reaper). I did all ththe dials last night and my hand still hurts. It took roughly 900 card sleeves including the promo damage deck. And it's all still spread out on ththe table needing to be organized 8 to binders. It will be worth it. But converting is a sizable time commitment just to organize. Just do it!
  5. Given the options, I'd try to leverage asteroids as range control. They'll be slippery at close range and dodging arcs. Keeping some distance will net you more shots on them, even if it means an extra defense die.
  6. Prox mines are always the best idea and the more the merrier! My conversion kits are in the mail. Can't wait to run bombers.
  7. You could see what pilots and upgrades did before adding them to your list. It was far and away the easiest to use, read, and share. Until it stopped working.
  8. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build is the best 1.0 squad builder website. I'd hope they model it more like that.
  9. I checked it when I first saw this thread yesterday... it wasnt updated then. Those sneaky updaters waited until I moved on.
  10. I'm thankful the app has a dark color scheme. They should use it on the forums too.
  11. The patch notes run off the side of my phone and won't scroll.
  12. Instead of a popup, that should be yellow font and crawl from the bottom of the screen. All changes will be lost. . .
  13. I like how the website says it knows I'm on mobile so I should use the app instead, gives me a download link, and that link bounces me back to the same popup notification.
  14. ApPs ArE HaRd tO mAkE, gIvE ThEm sLaCk.
  15. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/7/start-your-run/ It had a launch party list! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/x-wing/second-edition-launch-party/ Like 5 euro countries even have parties too. (Sad lol for the rest)
  16. TIE Fighter. The silhouette is more easily recognizable, along with the sound it makes.
  17. It just so happens that this topic here is only MOSTLY hijacked.
  18. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/4/flight-academy-the-rule-of-11/
  19. I have been looking at IG C running with IG D on Torkil with engine.
  20. Apocalypse was a disappointment. They nailed Psylock's look, but she was only there as eye candy and pointless in the movie. The Apocalypse costume was horrible. There's an interview with the guy that makes marvel props.. he did a full mock up of the character that looks straight out of the comic/cartoon. But they went with what we saw on screen instead. So lame. Plot was forgettable and didnt really feel world ending ominous.
  21. This is funny. YASB is not my preferred squad builder in 1.0. I like those where you can read the abilities before selecting the cards... but beggars can't be choosers and I'm thankful that any of the 1.0 builders made the transition to 2.0. YASB being the only 2.0 squad builder makes it my favorite 2.0 squad builder.
  22. I can't quantify why. I just haven't stopped hating him, and maybe never will.
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