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  1. 9 hours ago, Lace Jetstreamer said:

    Yet in other games, point increases and decreases are explained.  The problem is not with me, perhaps its your lack of engagement with other games that actually provide good patch notes.  Also, there is no patch notes even indicating that torps went up.  So there is that too.

     Not all games. 

    Can't remember if it was Dark souls or destiny (maybe both), but the notes would bundle minor adjustments to anything up to broad categories of weapons and the players would he left to guess what that meant. 

    But when the patch notes would mirror the actual patch (a text list of changed values), I'd skip the patch notes too, beyond saying that a change to things happened and to update your offline documentation.

  2. On 12/29/2018 at 9:33 PM, FTS Gecko said:

    Finally picked this game up on offer over Christmas.

    It's good.

    Agreed. Got it in the black Friday deals for like 8$ delivered. 

    Outclassed in space combat by those with fully upgraded mods but good times even with all my quick respawns.

  3. Just hit level 75. All of these now accessible short time events are pulling me in so many directions.


    How often do the Chewbacca/Emperor type events show up? I think I'm ready to unlock Palpatine whereas I've only just unlocked 5 bounty hunters and don't even have 5 ewoks yet. Thinking maybe i should ignore Chewbacca this time around and try to get ahead of whichever is next in rotation.

  4. S8rVo3b.gif


    Storytelling matters. And storytelling encompasses writing, acting, filming, and everything else that goes into making a film. (Shocker)


    I disagree with his example stating that Thanos killing Gamora was unimpactful due to him not having an origin story movie prior to Infinity War. 

    TLJ had a bad story with bad writing. The good designs and sets and effects with the adequate acting wasn't enough for people to overlook the poor dialogue and story gaffes.

  5. Rey shows up on Luke Island and tells him what's up.

    Luke meditates and waits with his ghosty projection watching for the first order leadership to all stand outside.

    They all stand outside.

    Luke and Yoda call down the lightning and kill them all.

    Conflict over.

    Rey starts an unjedi balance oriented school and all the graduates earn the title Skywalker the way Sith earn Darth. They all wear a jagged looking white S on their robes. The S stands for Hope. The jagged white font stands for Lightning. They all do lightning now.

    Peace throughout the galaxy.

  6. Been playing marvel strike. Started this game to waste time between energy recharges. 

    Are there team synergies like marvel? I assume all the characters I have so far are those everyone gets to begin with. At lvl 37 now. Not really sure what to focus on so am just upgrading these characters. 

    Finding it entertaining overall so far. 

  7. You fire slightly slower but hit much harder and hopefully pay more attention to your aim when you link cannons.

    Best analogy i can make is that each of the 4 cycling cannons are a 1 die attack at that TIE. Not likely to hit and not going to do much damage if they do. Linking them together would give a 2 or 4 dice attack. The same target that straight jousted his weak attacks and took out his engine power might have broken off if the incoming fire could hurt him.

  8. 20 hours ago, mithril2098 said:


    as far as their opening battle goes.. i suspect you are right, KiraYamatoSF. their dialog is ambiguous on its own, though the idea that three top of the line X-wings are outmatched by a single FO TIE (even a fancy one) seems ridiculous, so odds are they had a strict rules of engagement they were following. the Poe comics established that the resistance was under orders to not engage first, only fighting if the FO shot at them first, so i could see the New Republic giving similar orders. especially when the mission is probably 'off the books', given the new republic wasn't officially supporting the resistance. i suspect the orders Kaz and his wingmen had might have been even more restricting than the resistance had, though, since the FO interceptor was already shooting at them. they might have been ordered to not engage at all, and kaz turning to engage in order to give his wingmen time to escape might have been a violation of orders.

    It's a plausible and therefore acceptable answer until/unless we learn more in the future.

    It doesn't excuse the unlinked cannons. ?

  9. In 1.0, N'dru seemed to always have a munition on board. 

    Can a Lone Wolf N'dru be effective in 2.0 without a missile? 

    Homing misses has 4 dice but needs a TL and you're pretty much guaranteed only 1 damage per charge. With Lone Wolf active plus a focus he seems more flexible as long as he can pull his weight.

    What's the best N'dru to field?


  10. I like all the droids so far. 

    Characters are simple caricatures thus far. Kept the plot moving at least. 

    The only thing that really bugged me was that the x-wings didn't link their cannons. So much easier to dodge 1 shot at a time than 2 or 4.

    Always link your cannons!

    ...And with a 3v1 where the 1 is chasing the 3 and they don't spread out and try to flank? Kazoo is far from the best pilot in the galaxy.

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