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  1. I watched the original Jurassic Park the other night. Hammond's competition was 10 years behind and tried to use a short cut to catch up. It didn't go well for them, with collateral damage being Hammond's entire park. Hammond's failure in "sparing no expense" when programming the park's automation equating to hiring one lazy programmer (and also not putting locks on the car doors) does seem somewhat analogous to Lucas film rushing into the sequels and handing everything over to big name, uninvested, directors to make or break their franchise. When Dr. Grant refuses to sign off on the park, Hammond's investors will be super pissed at the wasted money and it'll be back to flea circuses for him, just as Kennedy is in the precarious position of willfully creating the current situation for Lucas Film and we all now wait to see what happens next. Also, the Raptors are the diehard fans and the cow was TLJ.
  2. When JRekkoff rubs out a torpedo charge, her target becomes distracted, reducing their ability to defend. This suggests to me that scum will likely not be getting mods to recharge/ increase charges of torpedoes, or at least they won't be equippable on the fang.
  3. Usually you have some input into whether the trolley steamrolls your ace or your miniswarm. It's only when you lose that ability to influence the state of the track that the trolley becomes a npe. However, unlike a cross country train, the trolley doesn't have a cattle catcher and will likely take collateral damage and possibly even derail if aiming for the swarm. Though, as points fortresses have been somewhat negated by half point scoring, it may be best to ditch the trolley and send a few hand carts that can support each other against multiple enemies on the track instead. The appearance of multiple targets sitting helpless could also be a clever ruse. They may be waiting to spring a trap. It may be prudent to sweep for mines between your positions prior to rushing headlong at the obvious target. Proximity mines were nerfed, to my dismay, but should still weigh on my enemy's mind as I obstruct attack lanes.
  4. "Delusion is the highest form of grandure." - Thomas Jefferson I agree with your whole post, and was avoiding using the WAAC term myself. But wouldn't it be nice if that delusion were a reality.
  5. And we knew they were dead in each case because of mathwing. Thereby suppressing then from the field of play which then skewed metawing further against them. Back when the .04% was relevant data, nobody was playing the same list 100+ times to perceive the difference, or the thousands of times needed for that difference to make a mark on the win/loss total. My point in that being: If you aren't running to the store during a 10% off sale, you shouldn't care about a 10% difference in mathwing values that are themselves an incomplete picture of the overall effectiveness of a ship. That's all I ever argued. I still appreciated the free data when given. And hope MJ stays active on the forums. Ultumately I hope to someday have complete balance on release because
  6. The b-wing to X-Wing was a 0.04% difference. The b-wing was acceptable but the X-Wing was unplayable. It's a old thread, happy forum searching. How many people? Can't give real numbers. Have seen many occasions where someone asks for help to flesh out their list and the advice turns into copy paste of the meta version to the exclusion of all else because nothing else is worth using. That's what I'm refering to, for the most part... Not a literal parrot.
  7. While I enjoyed the concept of mathwing, I did not enjoy the devout and strict adherence some took to the posted results. When a 0.04% difference between ships based on only one criteria set of data in a vacuum is the difference between someone playing a ship or calling it garbage, they've taken things too far. With less people parroting ships to be doa, the meta should be slightly more diverse overall, at least through a pre-release store champ season. Beyond that, tournament results will tune the meta until the next release. But I remain hopeful that FFG will find methods to narrow in on equitable balance between ships on release, and with 2.0 allowing app based corrections there is less they can screw up to necessitate a re-release with fixes (allowing more new ship releases). Also, with the veteran card only packs on the horizon, card only fix packs are that much closer to reality.
  8. ViscerothSWG


    Agreed. Have vader curve the beam around the planet. Or, make the deathstar itself spin really fast so when it shoots, the beam naturally curves around the planet. Like in those movies where the guys shoot around corners by moving the gun so fast. Or have vader connect the beam and the planet directly where they could hold hands if they wanted, eliminating the middle man of the planet. Or design a ship with a giant mirror on it's back that the laser aims at so they can redirect the laser to another point. But make sure the rebels don't also have a big mirror to reflect it back at them. Or if only space tugs were already invented by then, they could help push it for a speedier orbit when it really counted. What were we talking about again?
  9. Was getting anxious going through all the posts until this confirmed Vessert is back. Am relieved now. All glory to the hypnotoad...err empire.
  10. Isn't it a reference point of both time and distance such that it can be used to distinguish either? If your speedometer is in lightyears per hour, and you are traveling at x lph, you know both how much distance you are covering per interval and how long it will take to get to your destination. But maybe my perception is skewed... in Michigan we measure distance almost exclusively by referencing the time it takes to get somewhere.
  11. Dunelizard, Rihkxyrk, and Ixiyen I can't run full hutt or black sun squads without at least a 3rd ship for each faction. Then sorosuub yacht, nova courier, and krayt gunship in the next wave.
  12. ViscerothSWG


    I suddenly wish the Phasma armor was used to signify Employee of the Month. You did the best last month? 1 month of guaranteed living through a blaster fight.
  13. These rumors are piling up. Same source used as the other, but more explanation in this article. http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/06/27/report-disney-eager-to-fire-kathleen-kennedy-for-destroying-star-wars/
  14. ViscerothSWG


    Ah. My bad. Have only seen it once. Massive ship, indefensible guns. The design project must have been called Stardust 2. Regarding that attack scene, I'm also curious why the bombers didn't attack from the underside. Then the bridge crew couldn't visually command their defense force. Sloppy rebels.
  15. ViscerothSWG


    It'd think that if they were a proper space navy they'd always have a few fighters patrolling to protect their carriers and more at the ready in case of engagement. And that was the supreme leader's capital ship. The TIEs pouring out of it should have been Top Gun in space.
  16. ViscerothSWG


    In each movie she shouted ineffectively then was pushed down a hole. Her armor was much better than most against blasters though. I'd tie her to the outside of my tie fighter for extra armor. Maybe a unique modification card 'Operation Phasma Shield'.
  17. I can't watch the video source at work, but this is a thing now. https://society-reviews.com/2018/06/27/report-disney-wants-to-fire-kathleen-kennedy-for-ruining-star-wars-films/
  18. Yeah. At least Anakin had the decency to wake up the younglings before slaughtering them so they couldn't grow up to foil his master's plans.
  19. I got the 3x6 death star mat from the magnetic game mats kickstarter a couple years back. Then I got some magnetic 3d printed turrets from a second kickstarter more recently. The full 3d texture tiles always look great in photos though. If I could afford, they'd be on the 'someday I'll buy it list.'
  20. In 1.0 if you wanted to run 4 omicron with 2 tactician each, you had to but 8 phantoms, or buy them on secondary market, if you wanted to play them in official tournaments. Outside of official play, you could proxy. Nothing has changed and no indication that it would change was ever given, regarding needing official copies of all the cards you are using in official play. Some lists are more expensive than others to field. Some are more powerful than others. It is not true that the best list are the most expensive possible, nor that the worst lists are the cheapest. Being competitive at anything usually does cost more than being casual at it though. Decide how you want to play, and buy in to that degree. Do not feel obligated to buy above your intended level. Have fun with what you do get, and enjoy that the hobby allows individual customization.
  21. Screenrant and others are saying the same. That the stand alones are all on hold. Can't find a Disney rep saying it though.
  22. Fett, Obi Wan, Yoda Edit: these are rumors floating all over the internet right now. No official confirmation.
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