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  1. Shield Upgrade, Engine Upgrade and Veteran Instincts. You get Engine Upgrade with something else don't you? I've got two YT-1300s and I think I've got around six Engine Upgrades, or at least four... I've been wanting more copies of proxy mines without having to buy more than 2 Firesprays. The IG-2000 looks to come with a proxy mine. So there's precedent to get the older upgrades with yet to be released ships.
  2. I'm hoping for everything from Star Wars Galaxies, even the Yacht and Y-8, but especially the Hutt and Black Sun ships. http://swgalaxies.net/playerguides/shipsofgalaxies/index.htm
  3. Tomorrow's weather looks like a big improvement over last week. I'm a definite maybe... if I can decide on a list to bring.
  4. Also new - Novi Hoping to get to a game night soon after the holidays.
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