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  1. If FFG creates a forum thread to vote, I'll vote there. Twitter is garbage.
  2. Came here planning to ask when Luke ever battled a crab. . . wrong snake.
  3. I could see a case made for all unfriendly bumps causing stress. It's not related to my OP, but I could see it. In such a scenario, bumping an enemy with a blue maneuver would then be stress neutral. But currently no bumps cause natural stress. All red do. All blues remove it. It is consistent in that. However, The direction of all blue, white, and most red non-straight maneuvers is always altered mid-stride on a bump. The only direction-changing maneuvers that are not directionally affected by a bump are k-turns, s-loops, and t-rolls (am I forgetting any? ...basically the turn-arounds). That much is inconsistent and part of my original point. Muon did some great programming so people could get the fiddly adjustment for a bump on a turn correct in vassal. The rule books had extended instructions on how to add straight templates to the end of turns to accomplish the fiddly move on the table. My hope is that someday all turns, regardless of the degree of the turn, get the same treatment that banks and turns currently do.
  4. Having to suddenly stop to avoid a crash should give stress regardless of maneuver. Ex: my daily commute.
  5. I already agreed it could get fiddley in an earlier post. Changing the direction on a bump was the whole point. I disagree with it leading to mechanic abuse. It'd be as abusive as any other mechanic currently in game., and just as hard to consistently purposely set up. It might reduce the desire to add engine upgrade to everything though. You could add a die roll a la hyperspace entry in the new core set to determine if you rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to reduce abuse. It's a concept I would like to see in game. How to get it to a usable form, I don't quote know. But it certainly could be called something other than a k-turn yet be activated by that same maneuver icon on a ship's dial. Added as an option with a mod perhaps. Then you could add a point cost to it for balance and limit which ships get it.
  6. A proposal for changing how something currently works can't be wrong when you claim the reason it is wrong is because it currently works the way it currently works. It also cant be wrong because it is a new idea. When people thought up mobile arcs back before there were mobile arcs did you tell them they were wrong because turrets worked in 360degrees and had an 80degree primary arc? When people said the phantom decloak was too powerful, did you fly 86pt whisper and tell them they were wrong because it wins games? You dont want k-turns to change. I get it. Good for you. Just #walkaway.
  7. How it currently works isnt the subject of the thread.
  8. Oh no, nobody agrees with me. /feelsbadman.jpg I want the maneuver to be given more leeway to the initiating party on a bump, and you don't. Your opinion might presently be more popular, but it's just an opinion. It's no more correct than mine.
  9. The k-turn in the books is modeled after that. The 2d play on the gameboard looks and feels much more like that Vader video.
  10. Halfway through he is already reversed.. that's what I'm saying! Yeah it'd be a bit fiddley. And it's probably scary for those that always set up perpendicular to the board edge. I still think it'd be fun. This is also a k-turn. ?
  11. Because you don't want it to change even though you believe the 180 rotation happens prior to the movement along the template?
  12. No, but they could have/should have worded it to be explicitly clear. Any ship removed from play counts toward their opponents score or some such. Specifically and exclusively citing destroyed, when fleeing is considered different yet intended to also score points, is sloppy.
  13. Something that always bugged me with regard to maneuvers in x-wing is the all-or-nothing aspect of the k-turn. When you bump a ship, you move to the closest point along ththe template and orient the ship based on how far along its path it is. When you k-turn you continue in a straight line for the entire length of the maneuver, then when you reach the end point your pilot pushes a button and stops all momentum while fully rotating 180 degrees. It would feel more realistic if when you bump and can't complete the full k-turn maneuver that you should rotate the ship to a degree relative to the distance across the template you traversed before bumping, and be given the option to make that rotation either clockwise or counterclockwise at your discretion. Of course measuring in mm along the template then getting a protractor to perfect the angle would be a bit much, but what about at 50% you turn 90degrees. They could come up with a marker type template that would allow quarter turns at 25% and 75% too. It'd make the k-turn more dynamic and thematic. Can we get that in x-wing 3.0 or a future rule revision, please?
  14. Sounds more like a definite maybe than a no. The section of the rules on fleeing even compared it to being destroyed, but considers it different. Maybe the first faq will clarify.
  15. The rules say your opponent needs to destroy your ships for them to count toward his score... seems like you could flee a couple times quickly to stack your squad?
  16. So the new core set comes with 3 asteroids and 3 debris. The picture looks like some of the existing asteroids. Is that new debris or reused from expansions (I almost always used asteroids so am not as familiar)? Will all existing asteroids and debris be legal? Or just the new 6?
  17. It explicitly said to remove focus and evade but omitted that sentence for calculate and reinforce. Its just a little sloppy when they were rebooting for uniformity.
  18. That's on page 14, which comes before page 17, so the calculate rule is newer and superceded it. Crisis reengaged! (/s)
  19. Page 10, unused focus and evade are removed during end phase. Page 17, unused calculate are not removed during the end phase. Typo or facto?
  20. Was posted today. Full and quick versions. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/ This is new right? Its dated today, but I see no threads on the front page.
  21. But Maul isn't a rebel crew. He is a scum crew with a single rebel allowance outlier. If I was only putting him in 1 kit, it'd be the 1 where he gets the most use, as they chose to do. And eventually when his ship releases, rebels can buy him in-faction for that one specific use... but since epic isn't converting to 2.0 yet and ffg accelerating the 2.0 release cycle, you've nothing to worry about. In hindsight, ffg should probably have put Maul in the core set and moved afterburners to just being in expansion packs. Would have solved everything.
  22. Maul came in which 1.0 rebel ship that hasn't released yet in 2.0? I bet he's in that ship pack again in 2.0 when it releases and will be in the veteran goodie bag version too. But we'll have to wait to see. Out of curiosity, how many times did you personally fly the ezra/maul combo in tournaments in 1.0? I only ask because it seems like the answer will be a lot based on your interest in it.
  23. Just the opposite. It has exactly all of the parts. A complete set of them, in fact. Wanting more of some of them makes it no less complete a set. It makes your hypothetical intended collection require further buy-in, but your hypothetical intended collection goes above and beyond a complete set.
  24. 1. It just so happens that your list using multiple copies of the same card is only mostly custom. There's a big difference between mostly custom and completely custom. When your list is only mostly custom, you'll probably have to buy some extra fang fighters to play in official tournaments. 2. That quoted statement doesn't say anything about competing in official tournaments which is the only time you ever need physical copies of your full list. Official tournaments are an optional play format.
  25. I'm just not excited for the next chapter in a now convoluted mess of a narrative. In the OT, after ep2, the heroes were in trouble but the greater climate remained mostly unchanged. We knew the landscape and where things were heading. This time the heroes are all safe with only factional infighting and instability to look forward to. We expect resolution to somehow mirror RotJ, but elements of TLJ already did that. If they're really closing the trilogy storyline then they're going to be packing a lot of exposition into the start of the film to fix it. The phantom menace nearly ruined the force trying to ground it in reality with bacteria, but it's now a full blown deus ex machina. (Aside from Luke's projection scene which was badass.) Finn's flip from coward to hero felt like a turn on a dime. Phasma being meaningless probably hurt that aspect overall. Traitor Trooper really should have been Phasma. I've lost interest in his character and almost expect him to wear Phasma-esque hero armor in the next movie at this point. Was Poe just a pilot. Or part of the command structure. If the latter, he should have been told the plan. He wasn't going to spill the beans. If the former, he sure didn't act like it. So the resistance command structure is a mess. Just like the new republic that lost everything in one shot. The incompetence of the first order in dealing with the Finn at the start, and the sand skimmers later is disappointing. Finn dragged a large unconscious lady across a desert that leaves a clear trail behind you, with no cover across a ridiculous distance, and showed up at the door safely. I can't take either side seriously. Rey has the jedi books now so she'll have any power she needs at any given time going forward based on TLJ while kylo has no teacher now. Their next fight must be one-sided... Unless they become force penpals and the next movie goes all romeo and juliet. At least the war profiteers in space vegas seem to know what they're doing. But trying to interject trade negotiations went over so well in the prequels that they need to drop that subject. A third faction coming to power in the current incompetence vacuum probably actually makes sense. But introducing and wrapping it all up in 1 movie seems implausible.
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