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  1. Chopper didn't seem as snarky as usual. At least he dropped that trooper with the rifle... strong little arms! And what material is specific to storm trooper armor that it could be singled out the way whatever it was in Mando armor could be?
  2. Whoever posted to SWG Discord that the article was up... thanks! Made my phone buzz and here I am excitedly reading.
  3. I was first once or twice back when I worked from home. Totally worth it. ...reminds me I need a better new job. Anyone hiring?
  4. TIE fighters do tend to bounce off things and are then considered toast.
  5. These are always ridiculous in the presentation. "If a blank designed blank it would look like blank". No. If 5 different blanks designed blank, you'd see 5 completely different designs. Also not impressed. Called an x with x spread wings but no guns on them. His photoshop with the Falcon looks horrible and the laser blasts are drawn too long. The backstory is uninspired surface level dribble. The cockpit is so bright that the poor pilot stuck flying it is toast in a real fight. #NotMyEmpire!
  6. I want a format where every ship in the game gets an ept slot inherently, the same as they do mod and title slots. Then those with the ept icon can stack a second and upgrades that add one could grant a potential third.
  7. I honestly hope that they, in diligently paying homage to all aspects of the original trilogy, use a different scale on screen than they do in their new canon source books, but use a different onscreen scale than they originally did, such that the A-Wing scale debate rages on until the end of time.
  8. Outrageous, isn't it? There are some insects that spent their entire lives without an article to skim then complain about.
  9. As someone that doesn't complain, I must not care about the game? Weird. At least I criticize some moves they make so I still somewhat love it. It seems a little unfair to say the devs don't care. They'll never outright complain and thus prove they care because they can actively fix the things they'd complain about. At least they have criticized past design choices so I know they love the game. In summation, if caring more means buying less, I don't want to care any more!
  10. I've been playing Destiny 2 lately, which has its own progression issues (I'd be 305 on 2 characters already if the right slot items would drop from my half dozen once a week engrams - maybe tomorrow's reset will finally be rewarding). The loot crate thing here is making me wait to see what happens after launch. I got burned preordering the first one. They can't fool me twice in a row.
  11. If having articulating wings meant they had to pack it in the silencer sized box to cover the cost, would we all still buy 5? Is the silencer in the big box instead of the gunboat to cover the cost of the gunboat's articulating wings while not killing the hype for its release since movie fans will eat up the silencer regardless?
  12. TIE Bombers!
  13. #1 request for immediate attention: X-wing forum avatars! #2 Hutt Ball game mode.
  14. Poster looks good to me.