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  1. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    The open windows hyperspace bugs me, but the rest was fun. Glad to hear they survived. Enjoyed Rex wearing his Endor gear in the first part and Thrawn explaining that the Empire all know of the many Jedi in hiding and force sensitive untrained kids, and how they're no threat and therefore as a concept extinct. Palp's hologram using the force to release Ezra's cuffs was impressive.
  2. Jobs.

    ditto. send jobs this way plz.
  3. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    So close... Yet so so far away.
  4. New forum things

    Eww. They again disabled the ability to stay logged in on multiple devices, and didn't add back X-Wing avatars. Boooourns!
  5. Long story short, I lost my job just before Xmas and movies aren't in the budget at this point. I'm basically avoiding these forums now to avoid spoilers as best I can but want to re-engage while I search for a new job. So should I read a plot synopsis and get it over with, or keep averting my eyes until it arrives on video? (Any job seeking tips? Been a while since I had to do this, and the wedding is in 10 months.)
  6. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend and Merry Christmas,

    Merry Christmas!! Best gift was an ARC that i received last Christmas. I had already stopped buying then to save for the wedding and it was my first new ships in months. Haven't even played a game since getting it but I flew it around in the air on its stand when I opened it.
  7. Wave 14 speculation

    Ixiyen Dunelizard Rihkxyrk Oppressor Nova Courier Sorosuub Yacht
  8. Do you love snow

    No to drive in Yes to play in
  9. Team Covenant: Alex Davy Interview

  10. Team Covenant: Alex Davy Interview

    Maul was so popular they brought him back to life, gave him 2 new sets of legs, let him have an apprentice, and then fight his arch rival wirh an amazing death scene in one of the best rebels episodes ever. He's even one of the free heroes in EAs abomination.
  11. FennBug: The Biggs that Doesn't Need to be in Range 1.

    Buggs > Biggs?
  12. Getting started. Step 2?

    Step 1: Get a box full of X-Wing Step 2: Cut a hole in the box Step 2: Involuntarily buy every available expansion over the next month. Practice saying "mistakes were make". Step 3: You've already won, time to have fun
  13. Wave XII and XIII have moved to shipping status.

    I want to see some creative proxies from people after they sell out. Is there a bun goat on shapeways? There should be!
  14. Countdown to Wave XII/XIII

    This will completely skew the time between waves data.
  15. Community Consensus Nickname Needed on the Sheathipede

    PT Cruiser. It's not a bug, but it is ugly.