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  1. ViscerothSWG

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    Been playing marvel strike. Started this game to waste time between energy recharges. Are there team synergies like marvel? I assume all the characters I have so far are those everyone gets to begin with. At lvl 37 now. Not really sure what to focus on so am just upgrading these characters. Finding it entertaining overall so far.
  2. ViscerothSWG

    Lottery. YOU win. Take the lump, or payments?

    Payments is a better deal overall, but I'd have to go lump sum because of the nontransferable thing. Pay off house and other loans. Fix up the house. Take a (second) real honeymoon as the first was just 2 days a few hours away. Get better all-weather tires for my car. Then travel. I can dream.
  3. ViscerothSWG

    Does 2.0 N'dru need a missile?

    There will be an escape craft in the list. Not sure what to put on it yet. But there will also be a Z-95
  4. ViscerothSWG

    Does 2.0 N'dru need a missile?

    Is there a more threatening Z-95 for scum than N'dru? Outmaneuver might work for my list but then I need to find 2 points elsewhere.
  5. ViscerothSWG

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    You fire slightly slower but hit much harder and hopefully pay more attention to your aim when you link cannons. Best analogy i can make is that each of the 4 cycling cannons are a 1 die attack at that TIE. Not likely to hit and not going to do much damage if they do. Linking them together would give a 2 or 4 dice attack. The same target that straight jousted his weak attacks and took out his engine power might have broken off if the incoming fire could hurt him.
  6. ViscerothSWG

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    It's a plausible and therefore acceptable answer until/unless we learn more in the future. It doesn't excuse the unlinked cannons. 😁
  7. ViscerothSWG

    Does 2.0 N'dru need a missile?

    In 1.0, N'dru seemed to always have a munition on board. Can a Lone Wolf N'dru be effective in 2.0 without a missile? Homing misses has 4 dice but needs a TL and you're pretty much guaranteed only 1 damage per charge. With Lone Wolf active plus a focus he seems more flexible as long as he can pull his weight. What's the best N'dru to field?
  8. ViscerothSWG

    Who else hasn't played 2.0 yet??

    I played the core box game so far. Still organizing my conversion kits. Have a list or 3 in mind. I just need time and opponents.
  9. ViscerothSWG

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I like all the droids so far. Characters are simple caricatures thus far. Kept the plot moving at least. The only thing that really bugged me was that the x-wings didn't link their cannons. So much easier to dodge 1 shot at a time than 2 or 4. Always link your cannons! ...And with a 3v1 where the 1 is chasing the 3 and they don't spread out and try to flank? Kazoo is far from the best pilot in the galaxy.
  10. Fyi, the Plano 1374 is the cheapest I've seen it in years on amazon right now ($35.40). Can't buy the 4 trays that come with it separately for that price. I couldn't resist since I need the trays anyway when the new factions release.
  11. ViscerothSWG

    Lone wolf and Docked phantoms 2.0

    Could a YV-666 w/ title start with a Z-95 other than Nashtah Pup docked? Or must any other Z-95 spend an activation after setup to maneuver in to it to dock?
  12. ViscerothSWG

    Organized Play going to a restricted list on Ships and upgrades?

    2 points corrections a year seems acceptable, though I'd prefer an adjustment timed with each new wave release. I won't judge the rest until I see the actual announcement. I'm hoping there aren't arbitrary bans, but I won't be surprised when 2.0 to become the standard tournament format after roughly 50% of 1.0 ships are rereleased and/or as soon as the 2 newest factions have a large enough selection to compete with the existing 5.
  13. ViscerothSWG


    I have a very large collection. I bought one of ech conversion kit and one of each wave one (plus 1 saw and 2 reaper). I did all ththe dials last night and my hand still hurts. It took roughly 900 card sleeves including the promo damage deck. And it's all still spread out on ththe table needing to be organized 8 to binders. It will be worth it. But converting is a sizable time commitment just to organize. Just do it!
  14. ViscerothSWG

    Beating high init

    Given the options, I'd try to leverage asteroids as range control. They'll be slippery at close range and dodging arcs. Keeping some distance will net you more shots on them, even if it means an extra defense die.
  15. ViscerothSWG

    Bombers 2.0

    Prox mines are always the best idea and the more the merrier! My conversion kits are in the mail. Can't wait to run bombers.