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  1. LMAO. World Championships 6: Return of the Casuals "WAAC came, WAAC saw, WAAC saved the cost of travel and stayed home" Not a fan of the wrong perspective on mats. That card art is meh, and handing out an uncut sheet of it is terribad. Four of each die seems better than the past, and unique target locks are great. But they turned the medals we all loved (more than the coins ("we" isn't all inclusive)) into a necklace. <suddenly thinks I'd totally wear my ship's shields around my neck like Michael Phelps> Still, would love to be able to afford to attend. Maybe some year... and hopefully that year will have better prizes :D.
  2. Idiot Playtester's Diary, 29/6/15; I was so excited to see the preview released today. Then dismayed to see that my constant reports that Esege needs to work on defense too have fallen on deaf ears. It's only a matter of time before they notice. Eventually they always notice, and we are first in line for blame. or Idiot Playtester's Diary, 29/6/15; That was a close call, but my nerf slipped through approval. Esege nearly ruined my next tourney build, but I stopped him from working on defense. I'm gonna WRECK this tourney season. GIT GUD PLEBS! or And I'm just here like:
  3. I loved TFA and thought its substance completely different than ANH, with a few visual similarities thrown in. I expect the same out of TLJ. And best of all, knowing we've had parallel visuals for the first two sequel films, I can rest easy knowing we'll have parallel ewoks in just 2 short years from now!!! YUB YUB COMMANDER!
  4. I liked it the other way. Also, weather.
  5. JJBMLTT needs to be a thing. I completely disagree with you in what you think he's better than in this case, but as a succinct statement, JJBMLTT is great. Qui Gon cheated at dice, used battle meditation to kill anakin's opponents during the pod race, invented midi-chlorians and the midi-chlorian breathalyzer test, completely disregarded the Jedi Council's instructions, lost a 2v1 battle against a mute (the hellen keller of the sith as far as the movie depicted him - walks into frame randomly during a holo-conference call, waves his sword willy-nilly during battles, stares blankly forward and snarls), and kept the force ghost stuff secret until he needed it himself... what if the jedi army all knew how to do that; order 66 would have freed the jedi to be everywhere at once. An army of force ghosts would have turned the tide.The only Jedi worse at being a Jedi than Qui Gon is Mace Windu, and that's because Mace Windu is Snoke! It's frankly a miracle that Obi Wan was able to shake off that influence and become so amazing in his later years.
  6. The most beautiful TIE to be released to-date will be last of the three. And next wave I'll say the same thing about the Oppressor. Today will probably be Bombing 102: Unlearn what you just learned.
  7. Sad this will be the final season. Excited there will be more new series' to come. Worried that Hera talks about everyone in the past tense, but that might only mean they went separate ways and not all died. The noghri thing will be interesting. Their story as a race was interesting in the Thrawn Trilogy. If they don't let Thrawn and Ruhk survive this series they'll be letting escape all those possibilities as post-endor stories. I demand a Chopper spin-off series.
  8. Spider Binks fueled by rage could be fun though.
  9. So you're saying you'd watch it. /thumbsup
  10. for april fools maybe, making it true. And it happened yesterday so I'm exactly on time posting here about it.
  11. Mace Windu is already back. He's Snoke!
  12. Just got off work so I'm catching up on all the Celebration news, but the biggest thing I've read so far is about the new spin off movie announced. Liam Neeson did it by video chat on Good Morning America, and it has me excited for what it means for X-Wing. What he said: "I'm actually here on location in the Canadian Rockies... We're making a movie... about Jar Jar Binks – and what happened to Jar Jar... Spoiler alert: he did go to the dark side." What it means: More prequel ships! Jar Jar Binks Pilot Card!! Jar Jar Binks Crew Card!!! What he also said (boring meaningless fine print, don't bother reading):
  13. It's a great store and great group to play with. I moved north so my 30 minute drive there turned into an hour, thus I haven't been in forever. Would definitely recommend playing there.
  14. And I was just reversing the over the top hateful sentiment in the argument against TLTs so it was a reverse of the reverse! And a copy of a copy is never quite as sharp. Also, if they first or at the same time nerf regen and PTL, I'd be open to considering a TLT rebalance. But I'd probably be back to playing accuracy corrector Advanced with some proxy mine bombers if that happened.
  15. I love using persistent mines and don't use single phase bombs.