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  1. How? I missed out on that when it was allowed the first few hours they changed to this forum. I don't see an option for it.
  2. They posted more info on Kronos. The single player campaign described in a previous update sounds awesome too - uniting Greece then fighting off the dirty persians.
  3. A. T. A. T. AT AT just sounds silly.
  4. That's what pledge managers are for.! Do LoH now to help with SGs where help is needed and pick up the exclusive optional buys for GH in the PM. That's what I'm doing
  5. For anyone that doesn't follow kickstarter, there's an amazing looking new game in its final week now. Looks like a combination of Risk, Civilization, some have said Blood Rage (never played it). It's territory control but with monster combat and 4 different win confditions - so unlike Risk, every game will be different. Amazing Greek God themed armies and heroes. I recommend checking it out! The stretch goals and add-ons are as breathtaking as the core game models. Only a couple KSE, but Leonidas is badass.
  6. I like everything about it except that it looks like the food truck from 5th element. Which might otherwise be awesome, but wookiees don't wear hair nets. Ill pass on the hairy taco express delivery service.
  7. So it'd be like cluster bombs back when they were complete garbage? No thanks. TLT isn't broken and doesn't need a fix, but it especially doesn't need that fix.
  8. No chance. The Vaksai is same frame as the Kihraxz. The Dunelizard and Scyk are different frames. Dunelizard has more mass than even the heavy Scyk and moves like a mini tank to compensate. The big tank kimogala and krayts move even worse but with the amount of firepower on board them you don't much care. With scum aces in the books, I'm hoping they fix HWKS next.
  9. The Vaksai title feels very swg. Wish the heavy Scyk got an extra mod too. Liking the paint job too. The Hutt colors on the first release were wrong.
  10. Pretty sure he doesn't. He already doesnt let HLC attacks against him change crits to hits. TLT doesn't need a nerf. PTL does. Regen does. JM5K does.
  11. On the one hand, the next X-Wing expansion will probably have articulating wings. On the other, the X-Wing doesn't need a fix.
  12. When I see your icon I always think of Frank Drebin. Surely, with the point as clearly stated as this, they will finally understand.
  13. I agree with all of that except the "should cost 2" part. Maybe a "costs 2 on unique pilots but otherwise 1" would be okay though.
  14. Forgot to quote..
  15. And this thermos!