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  1. All 250,000+ back in the day. Even Legends server now has hundreds online daily (allows multiple logins per account so hard to be sure of player count).
  2. I'll believe that when there's a thread about it.
  3. I think it should work for bombs too. And that it should be an upgrade equippable in any munitions slot or mod or title slot.
  4. And, while for a long time the servers would go down every 4-6 hours, they fixed a lot of the bugs in the past few months and things are more stable than ever now! All the screenshots I wish I had taken back then, I can take now! The only catch is it's NGE on the ground. But it's an acceptable compromise for me.
  5. Every playable ship in SWG, green if it's already in X-Wing (I left out the trainer/heavy versions of Z-95/Scyk/TIE Fighter): Rebel: Z-95 Headhunter Y-wing Y-wing Longprobe X-wing A-wing Advanced X-wing B-wing T-Wing Interceptor YKL-37R Nova Courier Incom X-4 Gunship M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor G1-M4-C "Dunelizard" Starfighter M12-L "Kimogila" Multi-role Starfighter "Kihraxz" Assault Fighter Vaksai Starfighter "Ixiyen" Fast Attack Craft "Rihkxyrk" Attack Ship Havoc Starfighter MandalMotors M22-T "Krayt" Gunship YT-1300 Black Sun AEG-77 Vigo Gunship Neutral: KSE Firespray ARC-170 Naboo N-1 Starfighter Belbullab-22 Eta-2 Actis Interceptor Sorosuub Luxury Yacht V-Wing YT-2400 Freighter Y-8 Mining Ship Imperial: TIE/ln Fighter TIE Interceptor Imperial Guard TIE Interceptor TIE Bomber TIE Aggressor TIE Advanced TIE Defender TIE Oppressor VT-49 Decimator YE-4 Gunship That's 23 out of 40 if we don't include the advanced x-wing as already in game (it was just a heavy mass variant like the royal guard interceptor and vaksai, but since they each came in a veteran's box, there's some extra hope for all of you wanting another x-wing fix). In fact, everyone that wants the X-Wing "fixed," should be rooting for more SWG ships! Can any other game boast as many playable ships from X-Wing as SWG? I doubt it so I won't even check! Does any other game have as many playable unique/unmade ships still available to be pulled into X-Wing as SWG? Again, not a chance! In summation, Star Was space battles are made better by the creation and inclusion of SWG ships.
  6. The back half looks a bit like the kihraxz. The front half, depending on style, looks like a bit like the rihkxyrk. I hope it's next too.
  7. For a time, SWG was the biggest mmo out there, and it's still the best. You can even still play JTL on Legends server. I won't be happy until every ship from SWG is in this game. I finally bought into x-wing after the decimator was released. I'll keep buying as long as they keep releasing SWG ships. On top of all the player usable ships that I usually list, there's another horde of random unique looking freighters and gunships that would also be great for this game that you shot at and protected in SWG. SWG is the best source for X-Wing! SWG!!!!
  8. X-wing articles are always on Fridays or Mondays. Either/or. Sometimes both. It's Wednesdays that you can sleep through.
  9. Scum: Dunelizard, Ixiyen, Rihkxryk Rebel: Nova Courier, N-1 Fighter, Sorosuub Yacht Imperial: ETA-2, TIE Oppressor
  10. The SWG Scum/Freelance Hutt fighters are all named after animals. Scyk, Dunelizard, Kimogila, Krayt. The SWG Scum/Freelance Black Sun Fighters are the ones someone sneezed on their keyboard to come up with. Kihraxz (Vaksai), Ixiyen, Rihkxyrk
  11. The Kimo has 3 pairs of guns. There's a set of them closely spaced directly over the cockpit. That has to be the bullseye sweet spot.
  12. When you wish upon a Star[wing]...
  13. The first announcement article has posted - Legion. There's a forum for it too now.