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  1. TheMacJew

    Gates of Arkham Expansion

    Sorry, I meant Unseen Forces.
  2. TheMacJew

    Gates of Arkham Expansion

    I went to purchase this today, and it's out of print. Does anyone know why?
  3. TheMacJew


    ...I took the plunge and spent the $60 on this game. I'd watched a few walk-throughs, read the reviews, and researched the difference between the editions. Last night, my wife, roommate, and I sat down to play the game. Playtime is recommended as 1+ hours. Our first game lasted only 40 minutes (not including set-up) because my roommate jumped right in. Game 2 lasted only a single turn after the first murder (wife walked into a blind alley). Game 3 lasted close to 2 hours (roomie was Jack again). All-in-all, it was worth the price.
  4. TheMacJew

    Opening the Gates of Arkham - a review

    Great review. I only started playing ES and ES:UF a few months ago. My roommate, wife, and I have, probably, a 60% win ratio. With the new game, we have a 0%. We've incorporated GOA rules into the museum setting as much as possible, but it's still nothing compared to the difficulty of the new expansion.
  5. TheMacJew

    Dose the new expansion not integrate at all?

    This is the case with my friends. One played it twice and he said that he's done with GoA (not enough options to buy stuff, too many hard locations, some events). The second one played it only once and he was dismayed, though he is willing to give it a second chance. I've only played the new expansion twice, but I found it enjoyable. Yes, it almost completely replaces the base game and first expansion, but it's still fun. In fact, this is almost a completely different game for $20. I can easily see switching between GoA and the main game when players grow tired of the one. Sure, the lack of buying options can be stressful, but the new expansion simulates a town with its varying costs of items. The rewards are fantastic: free Sanity or Stamina for completing a mission? Sure! Occasionally able to switch items between players? I'm down with that. While it has made certain things more difficult, it's also streamlined a lot of the process.
  6. TheMacJew

    Dose the new expansion not integrate at all?

    I just received the GoA expansion today. It looks like it's a ***** to play, so I'm excited.
  7. TheMacJew

    How is this game?

    My local comic shop has this for sale, and I wanted to know if it's worth the $65.00 price tag.
  8. TheMacJew

    Is it possible to lose the table top version?

    It makes it both easier and more difficult. One of the items in the expansion are Blessed and Cursed Dice. The Cursed die has the possibility of stealing a win from you.
  9. TheMacJew

    a noob question

    My wife, roommate, and I play one character per person. It keeps confusion and the mess to a minimum.
  10. TheMacJew

    Is it possible to lose the table top version?

    I've been playing a little over two months, and I can say that when you first start out, it will be more difficult. Once you learn certain tricks (such as spending the day shopping when the Mythos Card is against you), you'll improve.
  11. TheMacJew

    Is it possible to lose the table top version?

    Interesting. I just started playing with my roommate so I was unaware of that. Thanks for the info.
  12. TheMacJew

    Is it possible to lose the table top version?

    Shubbie Arkham Night? Is that another expansion?
  13. TheMacJew

    Gates of Arkham - New Expansion announced

    Fantastic news!
  14. TheMacJew

    Gates of Arkham - New Expansion announced

    Any idea on when this will be released? My roommate is dying for a new expansion.
  15. TheMacJew

    Anyone knows anything about the Arkham Nights AO?

    That card looks nasty.