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  1. Maybe it's cost cutting, to pay for those flappy wings on the other models.
  2. This is correct. They FINALLY got the pilot tiles right in an expansion (I would have preferred universal pilot tiles in 2.0, but too late for that). Also of minor note is there is only 1 Seventh Fleet Gunner upgrade in the pack, if that matters to you. I currently have the same setup, 1 Republic and 1 converted Rebel. Not having matching generics can be annoying, but I'm usually flying at least one unique anyway. You should also be able to run any of the 2 Rebel pilots together, though I haven't checked the ship tiles yet to confirm.
  3. Oh man, forgot about that rear gun. 1 attack die is useless though. Between that and the wing turrets...changing my guess to a forward 2 attack, turreted 2 attack (for balance, stat wise it's probably 3 everywhere, but then why would you need missiles). Focus, lock for sure, red or white reload, not sure about the coordinate, maybe another Jedi crew option that has it? Red boost maybe, it is noted on wiki to be surprisingly maneuverable. I'm also going to guess 6-7 HP and 2 agility. Yeah, this thing has crazy stats. 3 missiles is overkill, stat wise it has them, but makes no sense in this game, I'm guessing 2 missiles, and a red or white reload. It might have 2 crew, it certainly has the space.
  4. Yeah, that's the one. Guessing a missile slot, gunner, crew, and maybe a front 180 arc?
  5. So, I haven't checked every episode, but Clone Wars 3-20 shows a gunship flying in space. It had two lights in place of the manned ball turrets. Episode 4-13 showed presumably the same gunships in space and atmosphere, in space they did not have the ball turrets deployed (they retract into the doors), but they also weren't in combat in space. As I remember from the series, the trooper armor can protect them in space a short while, but they don't generally use that feature...I think it's unlikely the version we'll get will have the ball turrets, but who knows. It would also be odd if you couldn't see the troopers in the turrets, and the doors wide open, they haven't had any see through model parts I can think of, so it would be really strange next to the rest of the ships.
  6. Yeah, the slow online rules updates are really annoying. Purple action is a regular action, with the added penalty of costing a force. The devs said in one of the live streams it is for balancing based on playtesting the Aethersprite with a white evade, which was crazy good.
  7. imprezagoatee

    X-Wing sale

    Wow. Just got my republic stuff, haven't even played with it yet, could have saved money AND got more ships. Wish they still had good 1.0 stuff in stock. Also doesn't seem to apply to the conversion kits.
  8. Not yet, maybe someday. Hopefully he'll be awesome.
  9. If you're talking about supernatural reflexes, I had thought of that. It's a whopping 32 points for Skywalker, it might be good, but I usually prefer putting another ship on the table than loading that heavy on upgrades. Is anyone taking it on Vader still? I don't go to many tournaments so I have no idea.
  10. Doh! Totally forgot about that.
  11. Agreed. Skywalker also looks pretty good, I think no one has cared much here since his ability requires correct planning phase choices, rather than I6 activation phase choices. But keep in mind, he'd LOVE a late activation battle meditation co-ordinate to re-position before he sloops/k-turns.
  12. Kidding about who is/isn't the bad guys aside (republic as a whole was mostly just defending itself until order 66, which can be blamed on Palpatine). I'm leaning towards republic myself, though separatists look better than I thought they would.
  13. Pretty sure the faction that slaughtered most of the Jedi, and voted to become the Empire, are not the "good guys." 😛
  14. Did we know Ahsoka's ability? I don't remember seeing it before. After you fully execute a maneuver, you may spend 1 force, if you do a friendly ship at range 0-1 may perform an action, even if stressed.
  15. Are we not getting a preview article this week, or what? I need to know what that '[Super-Ultra Roc]ket Gunner' in the ARC spread does.
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