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  1. The problem is getting to the point where my Rogue Trader would know that the Eldar are an option. What we are in the process of doing is we have headed over to the Koronus expanse and found a heretical Adeptus Mechanicus sect that has sent us to retrieve an item they believe will be effective against the Necrons. We are in the process of retrieving said weapon. Meanwhile we have discovered through our spy network (because the Crusade has not been very forthcoming with information even though it was my character that called the Crusade in the first place) that they are engaged with multiple Tomb Worlds and one of them is actually the home of a Necron Guildhouse.
  2. From the GM: There are a lot of reasons the Crusade is losing: The Imperium doesn't know how to fight Necrons yet. This is a tiny Crusade, not something huge like the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. They definitely outgun you. Now at the Bale Embers they also outnumber you. So far, you really haven't seen a "typical" Tomb World. Upsilon Beta is more like a border garrison. Xiu Delta was mostly Crypteks - lots of weird superscience. The Bale Ember worlds are something bigger than Tomb Worlds, and easily rolled over the Crusade's strike force, which was really only a few cruisers and frigates. Basically, the Crusade got cocky and bit off more than it could handle.
  3. He is something in between. He definitely has things going on behind the scenes (like some traitor Marines assassinated the first Lord Marshal) but he also gives us a very long leash with which to hang ourselves if we choose to.
  4. I'm getting more intelligence tonight and I'll report back. I'm not sure how much info the GM is going to give us outside of what the characters know.
  5. Well, there are alrady two Space Marine Chapters here fighting in the Crusade. There is also a whole Imperial Battle-fleet and a small army of Inquisitors. It is now believed that we have discovered two Tomb Worlds.
  6. "If memory serves me correctly, in the RT setting the Necrons are not out and about yet in the Warhammer 40k universe. However, in 40k, anything is canon, so below are some possible ideas" Basically we are way out on the fringe and this may in fact be the first encounters the Imperium have had with the Necrons.
  7. First, a little bit of history about my character... Cornelius Savo was a promising Commissar in the Imperial Guard. He was a bit different from most Commissars though. While firm with the discipline as most Commissars are, Savo had a knack for inspiring his men through non-physical means as well. He also showed some smarts in the arena of tactics and overall command. His popularity began to worry his superiors so in a bold move they decided to remove him from the Commisar corps and instead send him off to the depths of space with a Rogue Trader Warrant. Spun to be a promotion Savo agreed (but of course knew what was really happening) and went forth with this new endeavor on behalf of the God-Emperor. So now he has amassed a ridiculous amount of wealth and a fleet of ships including two cruisers and his own ship-building facilities. He even managed to do almost all of this during an active Crusade (That he called) against the Necrons in his area of operations. He has numerous planets that are under his control, he has his own military troops (several regiments now with more having been gifted to the Crusade). He even has a vid-cast show that transmits his exploits all over the systems in his influence (he has become quite the celebrity). The problem is this... We are losing the war with the Necrons. We are losing badly and if we don't turn the tide soon all will be lost. It has come to the point to where Savo himself is leading an expedition into the Koronus expanse to find something (weapon, ally, ANYTHING) that will turn the tide. What should we be looking for.
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