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  1. I hope a new sideboard of Dreamlands, maybe with particular mythos cards that effects only the new sideboard. A sideboard out of space and time with differents rules....
  2. Dreamlandsor Australia.....in the deep of Shadow out of Time.....
  3. Ah che sorpresa! Grazie di tutto. Anche tu hai visto gli errori nella versione italiana?
  4. Many thanks for your help but I don't need.....for the moment! I hope that I will not find others errors..... Maybe on Tommy Muldoon, here, same sanity death, is written that only the Rifle you will gain with the encounter, but not All possessions....is it correct?
  5. Ah ok 1000 thanks! No on my card it is not written, I'm italian. Maybe it is an error on traduction...thanks!!!!
  6. Hi to all, Maybe a problem? On wilson Richards card is not written "Gain all the possession", on retro sanity death. Also on George Barnaby....same thing Is it an error or we can't gain the possession with these 2?
  7. FANTASTIC!!!! This is the EXP that I dreamed!!!!!
  8. YES NYARLATHOTEP AND EGYPT !!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4pzLJdHddU
  9. Thid kind of event when earth moon and sun have a certain alignment which bring us to doom. Actually is nothing to do with Lovecraft… however is still his style of doom. Cannot say im happy about it…. But ok is better then nothing! Thanks... Ok no Lovecraft litterature. But the atmospheric there is on!! For me the right way to do about this small exp. And I think that I'll love the Mystic Ruins Encounter deck!!!
  10. WOW!! It seems very good, the AO and the new cards...... But do you know who/what is Syzygy?? I don't remember nothing about......mmm....
  11. Thanks Jhorner, The item is only one ( the whip for example) So it's correct, on my example Jim rolls 5 dices?
  12. Hello, Another question..... But the 1 additional roll of Urban Guide has effect also with an army? Example with Jim Culver in combat encounter with an item/army +1 in strenght and Urban Guide in city, he rolls in strenght : 2 (himself) + 1 (Ability of Jim) +1 (Urban) + 1 (item/army) = 5 dices in total Am I correct or not? Thanks in advance.....
  13. I hope, for the big exp, in the desert of Nameless City or Shadow out of Time!!! For the small I don't know......
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