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  1. Yes, she can. Any ship can hold up to one blue TL token. Where is the rule, you can hold one blue token? I find only: "A ship can maintain one target lock. If a ship acquires a new target lock, it must remove its old target lock." but Manaroo give only token... Really i don't know how read this rule and Manaroo rule... :/
  2. How about this? 100 points Kavil (31) Y-Wing (24), Twin Laser Turret (6), Veteran Instincts (1) Drea Renthal (31) Y-Wing (22), Twin Laser Turret (6), R4-B11 (3) Latts Razzi (38) YV-666 (33), K4 Security Droid (3), Feedback Array (2) ​Die for arc dodgers
  3. Thagg

    51 scummy points

    Change HLC on IG88 to Autoblaster, and u can use them both
  4. Once i win small tournament with: Kath -PTL -HLC -K4 IG88C -Autoblaster -PTL -Fire-control System -Autothrusters And yesterday i win game against Echo and 2 interceptors (full equip Cowall and guard) with: Kath -K4 -HLC -PTL Kavil -R4 agromech -Blaster Turret Suhlak -Lone wolf And i like this list too
  5. Scum Kath and Boba are great but Boba with VI, autoblaster and recon specialist , and Kath with HLC, K4 and i use PTL And IG88C with PTL, Fire-control system, auothrusters and autoblaster
  6. Ok first at all Boba can't take droids slot He can take crew slot only. (you read "unhinged" as boba fett upgrades) Then Greedo is dangerous crew. For you too, so my changes: Kath Scarlet+Heavy Laser Cannon+Push the Limit+K4 Kavil+Blaster Turret+Agromech Suhlak+Lone Wolf I think is very simple and effective list
  7. Lawyer ou only need HLC on Kath Scarlet. 4 dices on every range in any firing arc chage a lot So maybe: Kath -K4 security droid -HLC Scyk -title -Ion cannon Scyk -Title -Flachette cannon Z95 97 pts You have 3 points for upgrades you like
  8. I destroy 1 IG (in double list) in 2 turns... (yes lucky shots by Kath, but its possible ).So if he never lost a ship, that mean his oponents maybe are suprised (1 time play with Scums)?? I think double list IG is good list, but after first shock everyone learn play against them (as play against YT/Decimator/Phantom)
  9. Yes ptl is first to drop i think, but... it gives me huge action economy... (with K4 i can do all Kath actions...) and i don't know what put there... VI is first choice. EU? I dont have points Maybe VI and Feedback array? Hmm K4 is great on Kath. This build of Kath gives you min. 4 dices when firing. K4 gives you free TL when you need and with HLC you want fly slow in early game After that 2 straight is all you need. And if not you still have push the limit And last i know one thing: this list afraid stress dealing lists like ass decimator with equal crew, B-wing with tacticians etc.
  10. Yesterday i win small tournament (10 gamers) with this list: Kath Scarlet -PTL -HLC -K4 robot IG88C -PTL -Autothrusters -Fire Control System -Autothrusters 99pts Its quite simple list, but i must find way to increase survivability of Kath... Anyone know?
  11. I fly in 2 list so on: IG88C (Autoblaster, Push the limit, Fire control system, Autothrusters, Feedback array) with Kavil (VI, Autoblaster turret, Unhinged astromech) and Mux (Greedo, Autoblaster turret) and IG88c (the same upgrades without feedback) and Firespray (so on Scarlet and Boba). In both lists he is very good, and often stay last. And with this upgrades he perform all actions he can
  12. But you try this list? In my opinion scyk are to fragile for HLC... And for this cost you have another scyk and upgrade for 4 pts
  13. Best troll i see? Oicunn + anti pursuit lasers + mara jade + tactician + rebel capitive When you ram - hit, when someone rammed you - possibly hit, then stress to everyone in range 1, 1 stres in range 2, and 1 stress when you hit ;] And you have 45 pts (i must see exacly) for everything you want in that list And gues what... when you ram and oponnent stay at you in his move... you inflict another hit ;]
  14. Ficklergreendice i try 2 autoblaster turrets and its not good idea It is good on named HWK (cost 21-27 then), but on y-wigns... I dont know... But I'll try 2 y-wings with EU and autoblaster turrets with IG88 next time
  15. IG88C -Push the limit -Fire control system -Autotrusters -Autoblaster Boba -VI -Recon Specialist -Engine upgrade -Autoblaster And really you don't need Hot shot blaster here but recon specialist In last tournament i only loose with Rendar + Horn list becouse fly soo bad But shoot down Soontir fell in 1 turn feels good ;]
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