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  1. My suggestion would be to let her play it again. This lets her get a better feel for what's going on now that she's had her first taste. That being said... If you guys just played Aftermath for the first time, I would definitely choose different options for your timed events, (like "Lockdown") just to show her the game's flexibility and to make the game not quite such a cake-walk for her.
  2. Even if you don't have a local FLGS (who would be ordering the kit from a distributor), you could probably get your hands on OP kit contents via ebay.
  3. Skirmish players need to clam down. I think there is too much "X-Wing Entitlement" going around. It isn't feasible for FFG to market this game as two separate games. As it is, it's probably a bigger pain than they would like thanks to having to differentiate deployment cards between campaign and skirmish. (heroes, as well as the new concept with the droids) Despite your lack of interest, the game does have a solid Campaign setting and FFG as a business need to meet the demands of both aspects of the game, not cater to either. This can - and most likely will - be addressed in the form of OP kit prizes and further expansion packs.
  4. I think all the Skirmish players specifically need to relax. This is a *very* easily addressed issue thanks to Organized Play. Much the same way that I now have *way* too many elite storm trooper and AT-ST cards, it is easy and probably already "in the pipe" for FFG to release alt-art, additional cards via OP kits. I would think that things like extra Trandos, extra RGs, extra heavy troopers are all things that will be addressed.
  5. "You're doing it wrong" Just because you have Vader doesn't mean you need to use Vader... and especially not for every single map. How to use Vader: Defensivley, no officers * Do not use him on maps where Imps need to be mobile. * Force choke every opportunity you get. It doesn't require accuracy so you can do it from super far away and it gives heroes strain which is a major pain for timed missions. * Sit him next to an objective - or hide him around the corner to an objective - and wait for Rebels to come to you. Other than Gaarkhan, it's not hard to wound a hero in one turn with a choke / brutality and a little help from a friend or two. Once a hero is wounded, their speed drops and they're either no longer useful (running away from Vader) or they're easy pickins. Offensively, with officers * Recklessly throw Vader into the mix, expect to lose him. He has great defense and will usually make the heroes scatter unless they focus him down. Either way, you're stopping the heroes from setting up and dictating the pace. As an Imperial player, this is key. * Force choking for strain is never a bad thing. Unblockable damage and taking away hero tricks by sapping strain is big.
  6. Had to chime in... DROIDS: I think the droids are awesome. I love their flavour and I think they're designed well from both a 'storyline, canon' (C3P0 cowers and doesn't attack, R2D2 does very little damage, hacks terminals, etc.) and from a functionality standpoint for the game. They definitely feel *very* different when compared to other figures we've seen so far. Two activations with a ton of functionality - especially with the right builds - in Skirmish for *5* points is terrific. Especially considering that they are looking to be tough to get rid of. VADER / SINGLE PURPOSE: Unless I'm missing something, brutality doesn't work. Brutality is an 'attack' special action and Vader doesn't have Assault. No workie. HOWEVER... What might be even more scary in the right moment is the fact that Vader can force choke across the whole map (with line of sight, of course) for any combination of up to three unblocked damage (twice) or two unblocked damage and burning a command card (twice). That could be very strong at the right time.
  7. After reading through this thread, I kinda got to thinking about something... The main problem seems to be that for the higher cost allies, the added difficulty of threat to Imperials is not worth the added ally. According to the rules, a player is supposed to be 'in control' of the ally, correct? I think that's simply to keep the rules tight and is most likely redundant. HOWEVER, I think that may also be the secret to making the allies worth it. Here's my idea: Whenever the player controlling the ally takes an activation, they may choose to immediately activate the ally so long as that ally is ready (not exhausted). If all heroes have been activated for the round but the ally has not been activated, the player controlling the ally has the opportunity to exhaust or activate the ally on it's own. While it's a relatively small rules change, it can provide for a big benefit to rebels running allies as once per round you are able to get two activations in between the imperial player acting. ... or is that how it is currently intended to work and I've just read it wrong up to now?
  8. Popular opinion being that Imperial has the easier go of things in campaign, I'm curious if Twin Shadows is going to resolve things... Either with new heroes or keywords.
  9. Love this idea, need to get my hands on some SWM maps!
  10. OP's issue seems to be far less about rewarding heroes who withdraw and more about heroes rushing objectives. There are definitely ways to counter rebel rushes and most often a flat-out rush is an easy win for Imperials. Although interestingly enough... Doesn't the mission say Imperials win if all rebel players are wounded? I don't think you have to actually force them to withdraw, so completely killing off two of them does you no favours when you can simply end the mission by doing the same amount of damage - give or take - and simply wounding the whole party ending things instantly.
  11. Love the list and the flavour. Nice to see that there are viable solid options coming out of the woodwork for Rebels. Now mercs need their day in the sun.
  12. I would challenge a Vader and Champion build to take out a team turn 1 with regular officers, you still get usually at most two brutalities. The key I've found to taking on Vader is spreading your units out to avoid brutality (only doable with ranged) and hitting him with as much pierce as possible. We'll be testing this out this week If someone comes to me with a Vader/Champ/O/O/O build it's fairly easy to maneuver around them and just take all of the objectives. 5 figures can only be in so many places at once. Yeah, I like that the Vader / RGC Brutality Bros uber tanky list is a thing. I've got a tank-killer list that I didn't get a chance to run this last tournament but need to get some solid testing into. When I do, I'll post it.
  13. Re: the three rule books, Once you're past the tutorial mission in the L2P guide, your ONLY use for that badboy should be the handy summaries on the back cover. Everything else is covered in the RRG. A read-through of the RRG probably isn't as dry a read as you'd think and if you're playing Imps, it'll definitely do you more good than harm.
  14. Officially skirmish is 1 v 1 but you can easily do teams. We've done 2 v 2 here before. I'm sure there are others who have toyed with the idea, but I've been thinking up a multiplayer FFA variant for skirmish. Have some rough ideas banged out, and need some playtesting but it can absolutely be done. My guess is that the designers have already thought of this and might be holding things back for a few expansions to let the 2-player variant iron out it's kinks - if any present themselves - and to provide further replay value down the road.
  15. And like I said, that's a bad design decision. That is in no way a bad design decision. Mechanically speaking , whether you call Diala "Luke" and Jyn "Han" or not, they are sound creations. Now, you can question if having the players act as so-called no-name heroes rather than characters from the movie is a bad decision thematically. I personally don't see it that way, but that's a matter of taste. ... Even that isn't a bad decision... As per the novels which are plenty successful and the cartoon reboot Star Wars Rebels, (which is plenty popular in itself) you don't need Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie to keep the universe alive. Influx of new faces and new stories doesn't hurt anything.
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