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  1. Thanks for all the great replies! I understand the nature of things, especially where ever you have big cities you have crime. Likely because the number of opportunities and rewards for crime out number the resources to police it more than in a smaller settlement. Thanks again! MrEwok
  2. Reading the RPG Day Edge of Empire mod "Under the Black Sun" I have had my suspicions confirmed that Coruscant has a seedy underbelly. This is also the case in a book I am reading called Fatal Alliance. I must say I am disappointed that the Capital Planet, the shining City on a hill (or planet on a hill...?) has to stoop to such an extent. I would see an ideal society. A market place supplied off world and with no prohibitions. The criminal organizations would be on the supply end, off world. Coruscant would be the home of the 1% and their most trusted workers. That the emperor would keep information from Coruscant citizens is a small price to pay for peace on the Capital Planet and life on paradise. Why am I wrong? Mr. Ewok
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