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  1. This was part of why we actually decided to try sticking to it. As far as tropes go, people *always* stray from the path. It's what's actually expected, it's the narrative path of least resistance. I'd go as far as to argue that within the trope, people stray from the path because the path is challenging or not what they wanted/expected, and stray is *easy*, and often they miss what it is they're supposed to find/learn/understand because they're looking for quick solutions. The game design, meanwhile, seemed to be setting up staying on the path as the unexpected and actually more difficult thing, and generally taking the more challenging route yields the better reward.
  2. Like it's a little weird to be like "oh, well, you didn't take the risk," when literally anyone comparing the prospect of generating 5🕵️‍♂️ clues off of a single Shroud 8+ location with half your actions lost each turn to just going off the path where you're almost certainly going to find more easily acquired clues should see that sticking to the path is, from a play perspective, the far more risky prospect.
  3. Honestly, sticking to the path was really not "slow and steady," "boring," it anything else. Like I said, it looks like it would have been legitimately easier and less challenging to go off path. Trying to figure out how to manage Shroud 10 investigations with essentially only half the actions we otherwise would have had while getting our planning derailed left and right by whatever the encounter deck threw at us, and having to deal with swarming enemies that were growing every turn because destroying the enemy boosting them would require going off the path was hardly an uneventful experience.
  4. Mostly just venting. So, after months of looking forward to it and not having time, we *finally* got to start the Dream-Eaters today, and after playing Scenario 1-A, I am not sure I even want to bother playing the rest of it. We decided, after getting to the bottom of the stairs, that we would stick to the path and not wander, even though it was *a freaking nightmare* gathering the clues we needed in time with whole turns having to be dedicated to generating clues on the location and obscuring fogs and other shroud increases popping up on what was already an 8 shroud location. We figured that the whole point was to tempt you to stay; it almost certainly would have been easier to go off the path and search other locations, and that the difficulty of sticking to it was meant to tempt you away to an easier solution. We stuck it out though, barely managed to finish it with two actions left before the Agenda flipped, read through the resolution, and saw that we got...0XP. Not a *single* experience point. I figured there must have been some sort of mistake, but looking around at people's threads online, the general consensus seems to be that sticking on the path is a fake out, that you're supposed to stray, and that straying can potentially yield as much as 11XP, and average 6 or 7. I honestly have never been this annoyed at a game design. Like, I love Arkham specifically because it is challenging, and I have no problem, generally, with delayed rewards, fake outs, or foiled expectations, but there is obviously a line between a clever fake-out and outright bad design, and this definitely crosses it. Spending two hours intentionally slogging through the harder option on the scenario just to have it go "haha, because you took the hard path, you get to play through half of the campaign with an un-upgraded deck" just feels like a massive FU to the player. Was anyone else irritated by this scenario. Or better yet, have I actually missed something? Have the designers come out and said "oh yeah, we forgot to include X, obviously we're not complete a-holes," etc?
  5. This lines up a lot with my first impressions, too. It's a good game, it just needs some errata, and more importantly it needs some expansion material that FFG seems to have no interest in producing.
  6. Looking for people in the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge to play with (Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Roanoke, Staunton, Lexington) on a regular basis or competitive events.
  7. This is one of those ones where I default to my response of "which do you like better, chocolate or kangaroos?" There's really no comparison at all between the games. One is essentially fully competitive, spend resources to play assets and events, MtG but better, really, the other is a cooperative RPG rendered as a card game. They're both excellent games, tho.
  8. I completely missed that. Yeah, now that I've picked up MoM and FL (at all of two days after I picked up the core game, because I had the money and it was just that good), I'm not as worried, since there are 20 investigators. My worry was more if you had a full 8 players and just the core game and 4 investigators died. At my FLGS we tend to ramp up difficulty in Mythos games, so that's not a far fetched possibility.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it if it was. What, if any, are the standard rules for players drawing a new investigator, once all the investigators have already been used? Do you just start recycling used investigators, or are the played eliminated when their investigator is defeated?
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