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  1. I think I played against b wings once. That's the one that can't turn around when a shuttle is in front of it if I remember right.
  2. Say something has harpooned! Then dies from a harpoon missle... It only triggers harpoon ed! Once right? Not the existing and the harpooned!
  3. Maybe that is the answer. I suppose my old " just buy your favorite ship and have fun with it" is the correct call. When I get the inevitable" hey I saw this YouTube video showing what looked like a sports event or tournament was going on,what's that about?". And I have to be honest and respond that "THAT is the game company pretending as if the product translates well as a competitive don' want any part of that particular sb1t your money".
  4. Six brand new players at a board game night. Each of which would have easily bought into this game in the hundreds of dollars no problem. But I couldn' do it.for the first time in 4 years, I couldn't find the moral strength to recommend this game to them. I will not be responsible for that amount of money being spent just to have them enter this world and it really sucks. I want people to have fun. Those of us who have been here for the long haul can deal with it.we shall bemoan the state of affairs and still carry on. But how in any way do we in good conscious tell people to buy into a game that's been getting so far from it' roots? My own spending has droppd to near zero on this game. I used to happily gobble up new waves. Today it struck me that for at least a year (I think the k wing is the last rebel ship I bought). Am I excited to play ? Absolutely. I' m super passionate about this game. I wish the people making it were as passionate as they used to be.As cautious and mindful as they used to claim in interviews. Look at your collections...the ships you want to play have between 1 and 3 upgrade card slots. Now look at what's on tables, 2 cards with what...15-16 upgrades in play? When errata releases have people actually taking hole punches to there cards to make them right ,there's a problem.
  5. Trajectory/Genius ruling: if this is true...

    That and . Moving max Brooke off the design team.
  6. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    What's a sh1trac? Rac .missing important stuff. But can a non rac be of use? Kylo with all the kylo stuff paired with oicun,cluster mines, extra mines ,faultless title, trickshot and AGENT ? It bumps kylo up to 49 points which is good. And can maybe be more points usefully than 2 rhos.
  7. "I've never" anonymous

    Welcome to the support group. There's coffee and meth on the back table. I'l go first.. I'e never beaten a quad TLT list.
  8. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I should have mentioned,I'm talking about trading out one harpoon for a plasma torp with 2 dead eye rhos. Still, I'm not convinced it's needed.just a thought.
  9. Deadeye and target lock

    Man how nice it would be to choose which to spend for the shot after the roll. And use the other for the modification.
  10. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I' switching to plasma torpedoes just to save the points.
  11. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    My first choice was upsilon with palp. Engine. Went to kagi for a slightly better bid. V.i. advanced sensor kylo is a choice too. I mean one pre p.s. 11 feels ok if the bid is enough
  12. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    What if instead of soontir it was a p.s.10 carnor jax. Wait... What if kylo second ship was a p.s 8 palpmobile that stole all the target locks from 3 feet away. and had engine upgrade.
  13. It was good while it lasted I guess

    Everyone does understand Sabine can be on other ships in the list right?
  14. It was good while it lasted I guess

    Maybe. But this points to the new designer as well. His words.." trajectory simulator will be ok because it the new bomber can' take sabine." If he doesn' recognise the flaw in that statement, we need to question his competency to be designing this game.
  15. It was good while it lasted I guess

    Who' idea was it? We shall never know. But since the third developer came on board is when these way over the top chassis look there. It' also the same moment you see the doubling up on mechanics that have before him been treated cautiously. He's probably a decent dude. Just probably not a great fit for this game.