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  1. I just slow rolled through some small town at the crack of dawn with that remix thumping. Congratulations on taking top spot of the intro/outro Swiss rounds. I have a decent DAW but no motivation to learn it. That was so good I might be inspired to get to work.
  2. Meh, I'm not going to call them out or anything. It doesn't require a big ole' hullabaloo. It struck me as..." Huh,that sounds uncool in general." I'm not personally invested in the matter.i signed up and paid on time like the common folk. I just hope this isn't indicative of how oh....maybe ...judge rulings may also skew towards these locals.
  3. I'm going with. .. already have a stress token,do a white or red action. stress...then do a red maneuver or go over a debris....then yes take an action.
  4. This is actually happening in my area. First....who defines "local"? There isn't another regional for hours and state lines in any direction. If I live 30 minutes away from the store holding a regional am I not " local"? When news got out that this location got the event instead of the usual one, everyone I talked to was let's just say .... skeptical...of their ability to get it right. Immediately doing this sort of favoritism for the " local" scene is a great start towards shredding the appearance of being impartial. This may be a minor thing,maybe I'm mountaining a molehill.but it seems....shady?
  5. It's take your action...then see if you have a stress token right?
  6. Let's say ....there was new regional location this year. Let's say....they hold warm up tournaments for the local players. Let's also say.. for participating in a warm up tournament you were entitled to get into the upcoming regional whether or not you missed the registration deadline. Whether or not it sells out. If you go to a warm up tournament for locals get guaranteed into the regional. Is this....a good idea ?
  7. I am not completely clear why people would spend all sorts of time trying to put upgrades on a y-wing thinking that you can use the new Chopper card to add Shields above what you start with on the card. It says recover. Recover means to regain something that was lost. Regain something that was lost. Like seriously. Stop it.
  8. Is everyone content that krayts have the first x wing parody song or are we going to do something about the fact that mynocks have MORE parody songs?
  9. Any of these games filmed?
  10. Oh goodness no....that would be awful.
  11. Hit me with harpoons...see if I care.. Muahahahahahaaa!
  12. I remember when this thread was was a long time ago. I'll be in the server room listening to cradle of filth if anyone needs anything.
  13. I misspelled primed thrusters
  14. What more do we need? Easy... A better cell phone for Zack Mathews. What...the...._______....
  15. If I want to shoot ordnance with a focus instead of a target lock I would probably choose deadeye. If I want to perform boost or barrel roll actions while stressed then expert handling is probably a better EPT