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  1. It's about the pictures.
  2. Let's say someone was interested in practicing movement and flanking. It seems that most games inevitably turn into a bumpy mess somewhere and I would rather not do that. I've been trying to build squads that prefer to stay at a distance and do things.but...thats proving easier said then done. In the opinion of the group, would a person be better served running three ships that ALL want to be flanking to maxise that or should it be something that goes in the middle and slugs while a flanker does flanky things. I'm looking to work on this with imperials. Phantoms specifically. But finding the other 60 points or so is bugging me. I could use a nudge on this issue. -thankyah
  3. That sounds like a scum only sort of thing.
  4. Gentlemen...gentlemen ... Please be realistic. It will come with an upgrade that helps jumpmasters and non imperial bombers. It will also eventually have a pre iew article showing the cool things it can do when you equip 'stay on target'
  5. Even bratg with expertise doesn't seem to work all that often. Unless you gamble the defense roll.and that's...well....a gamble
  6. Whisper throwing five dice. Sounds means you screwed up,got too close and are now in a scrum. What others?
  7. Probably ten or so . So far. im still in it. what am I gonna do about it? Who knows. Gonna try some crap I'm not good at. Continue to get wrecked.learn little to nothing from it.then do that again next week.
  8. See the smallest I can think of was never even reported. 6 players showed up. It was not exactly at all. Thanks for showing up,here's your templates.
  9. I saw one.of those games last night. I knew all our fears were reality when the opponent threw 15 full mod dice at that list and did.....nothing. And knowing how glacially slow this game is to release new content there won't be any relief from it for months or more like...near a year. And that's only a MAYBE counter to it. I think I miss the days when Frank was careful about doing things that helped Biggs. And I loathe the new team that didn't heed that advice and decided to double Biggs power. I could just be jaded for different reasons...but this wave really feels like the sky has indeed fallen. It's one of those " I really really hope I'm wrong" moments. But watching that list ....happen...broke my x wing heart.
  10. I can't remember the last time juggler had math on a podcast. that I think about it.its been over a year ...wait is it two years? Hmmm. I must have missed something somewhere. I feel like any podcasts he's on where they ask for analasys has been answered with " it's not possible to get the numbers" or " I haven't done it yet." Nothing against the guy, it's not his job to provide anyone with the results of his work. But there hasn't been any work. In several waves of ships. I think perhaps we as players ought to let the guy retire in piece. It doesn't seem like the math is important anymore. It can't model the dials and the card combos.
  11. Very Just learn to beat it. Amazing. " Hey guys, can I get one of you to waste a day flying TLT so I can learn how to ....I don't know....I guess learn something I'm supposed to have known a year ago. Some magical secret people say is obvious but never actually say what it is. You know that special' whatever the hell ' that I am apparently supposed to know all about by now ? " the past....the x wing community was spoken of highly. In the past.
  12. If a well flown list can beat another way of saying....if you didn't bring at least three torpedoes or missles and shoot first....I guess.
  13. Well, this whole idea of diving into range one is not exactly easy. Or really even possible. I've never seen anyone run them so close together that that is an option. You can get one ship into one of their bubbles....probably blocked there more than likely ...and the other three pass you around like the school tramp.
  14. If there's three or four TLT across the table then I guess're the best at x wing.