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  1. Shopping other games as well.
  2. I've seen crackheads before...but...this...takes...the...prize.
  3. Since so little is revealed just looking at what we know for sure... And that pilot ability on the high p.s. dude just doesn't look that great compared to the high p.s. guys that normally are so broken that they can be used for competitive play. Without a completely off the chain amazing pilot ability...this ship can't compete. This is subject to change as more info comes out. But so far the ship is leaving me disappointed in the imperial offering.....again.
  4. There's more then one I see. I posted another a month ago or so. This one looks a bit better
  5. If there aren't any Nationals left to do that would mean next is regionals season. This would be the ideal time to put out an updated fah-Q ? If there is going to be anything saying fa-Q to certain cards , it's reasonable to do it after the premier events. The major pieces to the imperial faction have already been told Fa-Q for a long time. With a minor fa-Q given to some jumpmaster stuff but of course jm5k took the FA-Q and didn't even get mad about it. There's still things in the wild that could use a Stern "Fa-Q".and it's about time for that.
  6. Hmmm....800 bucks seems fair. Actually I thought they got shut down for making those. I must be thinking of something else. might want to edit out those links.our overlords don't approve of that.....unless...I'm also thinking of something else regarding that too...which is very possible.
  7. That third party nebulon will not be easy to aquire. It's kind of a unicorn these days.
  8. Thy would have to auto tune it somehow. I can NOT sing.
  9. first rough draft. probably the only draft. I wont let this idea steal my entire friday night agency. Also, I altered some lyrics, pray I dont alter them any further. POSTNUMBER420!! WHATNOWBURGLARS!?!?!
  10. Got most of it so far. More scotch
  11. Sigh....
  12. Got a chord progression to go with that? Has banjo. Has scotch.
  13. I am pretty sure I like this just not yet clear how it doesn't get blown to **** by dengar or bombed into rubble in two turns.
  14. With legion comming on and imperial assault never really having taken off it a reasonable speculation that IA is in a really awkward spot and will go away soon? I don't play IA but I suppose I should snap up some of the cooler models just to have them.
  15. I kind of wish I had seen this in time. It's close enough I might have made it. Too bad about all the scheduling conflicts around the event. I know well the struggle of setting something up on a day that doesn't conflict with other events. Don't give up though! Old Wisconsin needs more x wing!