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  1. Glue a handful.of thumbtacks and broken glass to the top of it.
  2. I think it's a spare bit from a wraithknight. Shoulder weapon maybe? I cant remember where I got it.
  3. Those N1 prices tho I dont need to buy 3 after all. Maybe 1....maybe. Nah.
  4. Ahhh but can one use fine tuned controls after an ion maneuver?
  5. I'm supposed to be learning Infinity , but I dont know what book to get. Is N3 the current rulebook? My local store has it but thinks its old.
  6. The teaser palpatine laugh must have emanated from the tie fighter jyn erso walls toward in rogue one.
  7. The more we looked this up today the more confusing it got. We ended up assigning a win to the guy that rolled more hits/crits And scored it as 201 to 200. Is that close to correct?
  8. Boba- guri is still really strong. I'm talking marauder gunner han style. I took it to the hyperspace thinger at adepticon just for kicks and ended up doing well with it . Also 4 fangs is one of my favorite lists. Fenn plus 3 zealots or 4 skulls both feel good .
  9. So if the FTC boost /roll template doesnt touch any rock piece then that can succeed. Which means when the " can I do an action " step comes up...I'm no longer on the rock. So take a normal action like normal.
  10. Hmmm. Now I'm a bit cloudy again. You mean if the base lands on a rock (given that not stressed and the move I'm doing wont stress him either). Then the FTC still works ( same timing as a defender) so ok to spend a force and roll off the rock. Which puts him now not on a rock and can take a normal action like a boost or something? But..what would the template crossing matter? A defender can cross a rock with a template and still do its " when you complete a maneuver "action. I might not be explaining my question correctly.
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