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  1. I just found this and I love it!! Thanks for making this!
  2. Hey there, Are you still looking for players in the Ramstein area? I recently PCSed in and am an avid x-wing player. Would love to get back into it!
  3. in x-wing a touching condition happens when ships overlap during movement and can not complete their maneuver. If during the movement the ship is able to make full contact with the mat but look like they are touching they are not really touching Same goes for barrel rolls, barrel rolls can not cause an overlap condition that leads to touching.
  4. Monthly Saturday tourney at Tier 1 Cards and Games. https://m.twitch.tv/tier1cards
  5. Juunon, thanks for the clarification. I guess that's why it is good reason for the OP to state the original issue. I have not watching the threads lately. That is an interesting question. edit: OP as in original post, not official play
  6. 1. roll 2 at a time 2. all mines that the template/base overlaps are resolved. So yes, each one blows up. A good reason for following order of operations here is because of sabine crew. Declare which mine the enemy is rolling for before they roll for it and do it one at a time. You can trigger sabine off of a mine as soon as the opponent roles for it and the mine is removed off the map.
  7. So, what's the question? If you have a rules question please ask. Can you "hover" your template during play? As long as the movement made is agreed by both players. Both players don't want to do it? Mark the ships and move them carefully. The judge is the correct person to go to if there is a questionable movement to be made. Or if we look in the "current" rules... Page 14 of the rules reference:
  8. Yes, the reference card does not state what faction or ship the player belongs to. If you drop a proxy mine on two or more ships belonging to any player, the person dropping the mine decides which ship takes the dice roll.
  9. Tritoxin

    Judge love/hate

    Hey guys, as a frequent judge for my local area I just wanted to put this out there. I'm always reading when a judge makes a bad call or when things don't go as you expect them to. Just remember, a judge is a human too. Hopefully the judge has a printed copy of the current rules/FAQ/tournament guide handy and the follow the rules logically. There are some grey rulings out there. If there is a dispute just make sure you give a good, logical reason behind your thinking. Don't get overworked and if the judge makes the call just play on. Arguing just makes the situation worse. If you play in a smaller market or frequent at the same store get to know the judge and understand the calls them make. Don't think that the judge is the best person for the job? Get out there and volunteer yourself. Until you hit the regional track, the judge is allowed to play as long as there is an alternate judge present for your games. Instead of harping on bad calls and such lets try and made everyone's experience better by getting the right person to do the job. In my region the TO and the Judge are almost never the same person. Why is that? The TO is usually an involved store owner or employee where as the judge is the best person in the community who knows the ins and outs of the game and is willing to do the job. It does suck during regional season when the judge has to bite the bullet and not play but it only improves everyone else's game experience and that is why (hopefully) we are here playing x-wing.
  10. I'm going to chime in here. The only precedent that I can think of this Chewie which says: The card text itself is what prevents Chewie activating due to a ship being destroying by fleeing the battlefield. Scavenger Crane is missing this clause so it would go off due to the ship being destroyed. The other question is when is the ship destroyed, upon leaving the battlefield or after leaving the battlefield. Lets look at the rules reference: Based on that I would do things in this order: execute the complete maneuver see the ship is out of the play area acknowledge its destruction activate scavenger crane remove the ship from the game
  11. Tritoxin

    FAQ 4.3.1

    Lets play spot the change, a revision of the FAQ was released today. I don't have 4.3.0 saved and don't see anything that looks different.
  12. It was a great crowd. I also flew on Friday and never played anyone who caused any problems. I remembered when you realized you were missing cards and other players quickly helped out. It started the day out with a good vibe. I had the feeling that everyone was there to have fun and and enjoy the Endor Open.
  13. If you are worried about broken combos and such then the problem is not so much proxy of cards (I could run about anything at a tournament since I own about everything, borrow, or e-bay cards) but instead the point limit. 100 points seems like the sweet spot where you have to make tough choices of what to bring. When our local club runs 120 or 150 pt tournaments things can get a bit strange because of these new combos available at the raised point limit.
  14. I also magnet my ships and get annoyed if my ships are pointed the wrong way. If my opponent is magnetized and their ships are facing the wrong way I will ask my opponent to fix it or if I may fix it. I never touch my opponents ships without permission. I also try and keep from touching my ships unless necessary to a minimum to prevent bumping.
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