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  1. So which of the phrases "After defending" or "After you perform an attack" would trigger first? Are they essentially the same trigger and therefore it goes to initiative?
  2. Last line on the card. It can overlap obstacles but not other ships. Because it can't overlap other ships, the effects of Intimidation/Anti-Pursuit Lasers/Ion projectors don't apply.
  3. I would speculate that this is essentially an information embargo until the new Asmodee rules go into effect on April 1. If they preview stuff now, online retailers can put up things for preorder.
  4. That is fine. I will take them on like always, directly from the side. But we've already established that they are immune from all attacks on any hull zone. So in this case the ISD can only shoot at the front of the CR-90? Is this true? Correct. Which I think is silly. This rule is to prevent the "reacharound" - an edge case where a ship sitting sideways where its far side arc is technically inside of arc and line of sight from dot to dot is measured clear. It's a little silly if you can hit the side of a ship that is not facing you.
  5. If I ever do play you, Lyraeus, I'll just bring a full fleet of Nebulon Bs.
  6. That FAQ ruling was meant to address the following situation: Here the ISD is attempting to shoot at the left hull zone of the CR-90 with its front gun. The measurement of line of sight from dot to dot is good, but the measurement of range (closest point of attacking hull to closest point of defending hull) passes through a sliver of the rear hull zone of the CR-90. Therefore, the attack against the left hull zone of the CR-90 is an illegal attack.
  7. Measuring up to an arc line does not measure through that arc line. Ergo - legal shot! End of story. At what point does that change then?If you measure up to an arc line you will be measuring through another arc line. A Nebulon B should, by your argument, be immune to any and all attacks from ships, because the hull zone arc lines all end at the corners and therefore it is physically impossible to measure range (closest point of attacking hull to closest point of defending hull) to any place but those corners where the arc lines hit.
  8. Is it? There is a Demo entry there, but I don't think it addresses this specific issue, just that it can shoot after engine techs. IIRC No it isn't. There is only what Green Knight said. How hard would be add a line allowing/disallowing shots after move and before Engine Techs? XD Furthermore, the wording answers the timing and number of times based on the rules. "During your activation" is the timing trigger of when you can trigger the card's ability. Because the trigger is "During your activation" the ability triggers and by the framework of card triggers that is the only time it triggers - one time during an activation. The rest of the sentence tells you where the ability is added, which in this case is adding one attack after you execute a maneuver. Also the wording "one of your attacks" means that only one attack may be made after you make a maneuver.
  9. I would argue that just because you are tangent to the arc line doesn't mean that you pass through the arc line.
  10. this scenario is not legal because Demolisher's text reads: which means that only one of your two allotted attacks for the activation may be performed after a maneuver.
  11. If what you are saying is true then there really is no universe in which two ships can shoot at each other's side arcs, because the range measurement of closest point to closest point of any two ships trying to shoot each others' sides is going to be touching the arc line of the defending ship unless they are absolutely perfectly parallel. And if someone claims they are parallel, you better bust out the protractors because if they are offset by more than 0.0 degrees then the attack is invalid.
  12. If the attack is coming from the ISD then these are all legal attacks. Like i said earlier, the rule seems to be redundant because the only time the line of an attack arc must be drawn through another arc on the defending ship is if that arc is also simultaneously blocking line of sight.
  13. But attack range is measured from the closest point of the hull zone, inside arc, to the closest point of the defending hull zone. This means that you measure from the closest point of the base of the attacking hull zone to the closest point of the defending hull zone, which is usually the point where the hull zone line hits the edge of the cardboard. Because of this, there should physically be no point where you measure range and it actually crosses an enemy hull zone where it wouldn't also be simultaneously blocking line of sight.
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