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  1. Azrapse

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    This. The FFG A-wing matches the scale of A-wings in Star Wars: Rebels, that is the latest canon depiction of the A-wing. The A-wings seen in ROTJ are supposed to be the same size, but the pilot model they placed inside was too big, making the entire ship look smaller than they are supposed to be.
  2. Azrapse

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Well, but then it wouldn't be Homing Missiles, but something else, as you said. It would trigger any kind of abilities that trigger when rolling dice, when spending dice results, and who knows what else, that Homing Missiles wouldn't normally trigger.
  3. Azrapse

    What's next for the rebel faction

    You think it would be above FFG's ability/powers that they designed entirely new Rebel ships as they did with the Imperial Raider? I mean... most of the ships we have were designed for videogames, comics, or books. It's not like those are any higher aristocracy compared with the second(?) most popular miniature game in the market, right?
  4. Azrapse

    What's next for the rebel faction

    Yeah, I was about to say the T-wing, but even in the lore it was just an A-wing with torpedoes that sucked so badly that the rebels sold their stock to third parties. I wonder how cool that would look as flavor text on the generics.
  5. Azrapse

    What's next for the rebel faction

    That, or "errata in" fix ship abilities thru the squad builder app. When the app is the official way to build your squad for tournament play, there is no excuse now not to add stuff to the card texts directly, instead of patching ships with fix upgrades.
  6. Azrapse

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Some pilots and upgrades are more complex to implement than others. In particular those that involve special user interfaces or steps in the normal flow of the game are harder to add. Or those that skip steps that are usually always there, or that replace them with some other steps. Homing Missiles is an attack that starts (so it has to trigger stuff that triggers when defenders are declared and all of that), but involves asking the opponent the question whether they want to skip a couple of steps in the attack sequence and suffer one damage or not. It behaves like no other attack does in the game, so it involves redesigning how attacks work to allow them to have optional steps while still be compatible with other abilities and game effects that interact with attacks. Sandrem usually prioritizes pilots and upgrades by popularity (from most popular to least popular) and complexity (from simpler to harder), because it makes more sense to put time on implementing something that lots of people use than something that is rarely used. And at the same time, it makes sense to work on simple stuff that can be done quicker than complex stuff that takes a lot of time or work to add. Homing Missiles is both an extremely unpopular upgrade, and a relatively complex one to implement. Few people use it because it will deal 1 damage 99% of the time and has only two charges, so it's a weapon that will deal 2 damage during the entire game if you manage to fire it twice. It's not a mystery why it isn't appearing much on tournaments and battle reports. You need to balance this kind of things, because if in the time you implement Homing Missiles you could instead implement 4 or 5 Resistance/FO pilots or other, more popular upgrades, the clever thing is to go for the lower hanging fruits.
  7. Azrapse

    Thoughts on the TIE Aggressor in 2.0

    For real? That involves at least 20 attacks that hit your ships, since each ion attack is only 1 damage. Was it 5 aggressors constantly attacking for 4 rounds without any miss?
  8. Azrapse

    Thoughts on the TIE Aggressor in 2.0

    Turret and cannon upgrades are really underwhelming in 2.0. In particular, turrets: - Ion: mobile arc that needs action to rotate, puny damage, short range, harder to ionize with (you need to end up with at least two uncancelled hits to assign one token). - Dorsal: mobile arc that needs action to rotate, hard to hit with only 2 dice, puny damage. Given that single arc turrets have seen their area of fire reduced to 1/4 of what they used to be in 1.0, and the rotate action implies either more limited options when flying, or attacking without modifiers, in the end the Dorsal Aggressor is like a Bomber that attacked just with its primaries without tokens, most of the time. The Ion Aggressor has little point to it, since if you want it something ionized for sure, it is cheaper to bring a TIE Bomber with Ion Torpedoes, that is 2 fewer points total and 1 extra attack die per attack, with longer range. As they have said above, the faction has cheaper/better ships for equipping missiles. In contrast with 1.0, where turrets and cannons were king and ordnance was crap, in 2.0 it happens the opposite, at least for now.
  9. Azrapse

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Keeping up with FFG's releases, while fixing bugs, is taking already all the time. At the same time, the HOTAC ruleset is being rethought by some people in their Facebook group, to adapt it to Second Edition, and it is still a bit far from perfection. It only makes sense that the Fly Casual Simulator team keeps doing what they are doing right now and wait for HotAC 2 to be more mature.
  10. Hi. Tarkin's upgrade says this: Can Tarkin's friends lock Tarkin's locked ship even if that ship is beyond range 3 of them, and in normal conditions? (No Jendon effect in play).
  11. Azrapse

    Bombs = deadman's switch?

    And they are so thankful for it. (Death Star II, Int.) PALPATINE: What is this? Is it really necessary that the reactor core has a direct connection to my room? Isn't there any health concern with that? ENGINEERING TEAM: Long live the Emperor! PALPATINE: @$$h0les.
  12. Azrapse

    Bombs = deadman's switch?

    If they were gunpowder-based bombs, sure. But these sci-fi bombs are proton, seismic, conner, proximity laser stuff. An explosion doesn't necessarily need to detonate them. For example, real life C4 explosive can sustain fire and firearm shots without detonating. I would expect that in a space era military, they would use bombs that detonate when armed, not by chance or accident. Basic safety measure, right? But, oh, well. Star Wars isn't known for handrails either. (And TLJ happened)
  13. Azrapse

    can we PLEASE get some new core sets?

    This is a reasonable and good idea, the kind of feedback FFG needs to attract customers. Remember when people asked for more frequent rebalancing, including point costs, and some kept saying that FFG would never change the point costs of stuff because they were printed? Now we have trimestral point rebalancing. Some even asked for some cards to have variable point costs, and some immediately attacked them with claims of overcomplicating the game? Now we have card with variable point costs. Remember when people asked for card packs and some said that wasn't the best business decision for FFG? Now we have special wave baggies included in the conversion kits for those waves that bring previously released ships. Remember when some asked for the Gunboat and many argued that it was non-canon, and unfitting for the Imperial aesthetics? Remember when people asked for turrets not to be 360 degrees, and instead use mobile arcs? Some responded with the old "learn to play" argument. Remember when people asked for a second edition of the game? Well, none of that would have happened if people had not asked for it. The game (or anything in life, really) won't progress until you ***** a bit about it. Protest. Don't honor apathy. Do not conform.