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  1. Isn't Dave Filoni stepping up in the company's structure? It would make sense that he can't any longer take care of Resistance, and he prefers not letting others mess with his stories. Scum can always get more ships from the Cassian & K-2SO series that is also in production.
  2. Why not both? Have generic bases so that you only need to pack one per pack and save cardboard. But add smaller Name inserts that go where you place the number inserts now. (There are two slots for ID number inserts already. You can still have the number and the name by only using one ID per base) That has some benefits: Much less stuff to carry around or collect. You don't need storage for so many base inserts. Just one per ship type (instead of 1 per every two pilots). Cheaper production costs, especially for medium, large, or huge ships. I wish ships like the K-wing or the Lambda had many more named pilots. But I understand they would need to pack lots more cardboard for that.
  3. Did the tractor beam movement template or the ship final position overlap the asteroid again? Barrel rolling or boosting counts as movement.
  4. It's very complicated to make it work if the developer doesn't have the hardware for it. The Oculus Quest is an expensive toy at a 550€ price tag. I don't know if Sandrem has it. But if he doesn't, it would be quite an big expense for a game that he develops for free.
  5. You can support Sandrem here https://www.patreon.com/Sandrem
  6. Azrapse


    AFAIK, the first time Mag Pulse appeared in Star Wars was in the TIE Fighter PC game in the 90s. The effects of Mag Pulse missiles in TIE Fighter was that it depleted the weapon systems of the target for a while, meaning that it couldn't attack, or the attack was greatly reduced. It had nothing to do with shields, or anything like that. Considering that in that game it also appeared the Tractor Beam, Jamming Beam, launched bombs, SLAM, the TIE Defender, Gunboat and Missile Boat, and countless other game components and mechanics that eventually made their way to this game, more or less faithfully, I would bet that the right answer is what others have already said: It's just like strain for the Attack value.
  7. Not to remove any merit from the Gunboat thread (where I posted a lot too), but I think Davy said that they were planning the gunboat since almost when they joined the design team, but the game was lacking many many pieces to fully realize that ship, and they couldn't introduce them all at the same time for proper balancing. In particular Tractor, Jamming, SLAM, and reloading. I think I remember Brooks specifically said that it was the addition of reloading and jamming what finally allowed them to produce the ship, since they were the last pieces needed in the puzzle.
  8. That doesn't help much if you already got a Ghost or a decimator from 1st edition and got your faction's conversion kit. They said you wouldn't need to rebuy the ships you already have.
  9. Crap, I just spent my pocket money on buying Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Maybe next month. I have the suspicion it's going to be cheaper that you buy an Android device, rather than Sandrem buying game publishing licenses from EA and Disney. That, or overcoming your technophobia.
  10. You want to deal damage, right? Proton Torpedoes is 4 dice, but 13 points cost. Concussion missiles is 3 dice, 6 points cost, and its effect is situational. It does something if the ship already has face-down damage cards, or has nearby ships in that situation. Plasma Torpedoes is also 3 dice for 9 points, but against shielded ships, it will deal 1 extra damage if you hit. So you have the potential of dealing as much damage as with Proton Torpedoes, for 4 points less. When you want to delete a ship from the board fast at the early stages of the game, I think a Plasma Torpedo is more useful than a Concussion Missile. Edit: Keep in mind that the effect of Plasmas in Second Edition triggers before your dice actually deal damage to the defender, so if the ship is shielded, it will always remove the extra shield first, then your dice will deal damage next.
  11. I also noticed Han Solo (rebel pilot) seems to always use his ability to reroll even if he got all evades already in his defense roll, often leading to a worse evasion.
  12. How often does Markmanship trigger on a ship without barrel roll or other repositioning abilities? Is it worth having a Rho with it, rather than a Nu with Advanced SLAM for getting locks during the slamming rounds so that you can fire the plasmas with both focus and lock?
  13. Nobody misses the missions that used to be packed with large ships?
  14. Templates and tokens won't be a problem as long as they don't call them X-wing Miniatures Templates. Most of them are already called Starship Combat Rulers or something like that. Squadbuilders, that is something totally different. However: Star Wars is not Asmodee's, so I am not sure this document concerns X-wing players much.
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