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  1. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    We don't know how much it costs, of course. But I am finding it actually quite interesting. It definitely helps low initiative Nus to get someone locked for a torpedo attack. You won't be able to double modify it, or use it after SLAM, but it still makes your opponent a bit wary because their aces are no longer "safe" in front of the puny 2 dice primary of the Nu. The calculate action isn't that useful for low initiative gunboats. Not even for defending because you get it when you engage, and that will be after everyone has attacked you already. Along with a coordinating ship that is the same initiative or lower than that of the gunboats, you can still potentially get Focus+Lock on a round. But that won't last long, since gunboats like to break formation after the initial alpha strike and shuttles cannot keep up with range 2. I am debated between that and Fire-control System for OS-1 torpedo boats. Passive sensors increases the chance of being able to do a torpedo alpha strike without the support of Jendon, but it won't hit as hard. Meanwhile FCS works better when you can Advanced SLAM a Lock, then with luck its reroll allows you to keep the lock for a following attack where you'll have both Focus+Lock. On paper FCS seems like the better scenario, but these perfect scenarios rarely happen in actual games, and often it's just better to have the security of performing at least one attack (even if it's singly modified) before being blown up.
  2. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Advanced SLAM allows you to only perform the actions in your action bar. You can't perform the action in Passive Sensors with Advanced SLAM at all.
  3. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Let's assume it costs the same as FCS or 1 or 2 points more. Would it be better than FCS? It's important to note that this thing doesn't work well with SLAM, since SLAM would be the action performed during the Perform Action step.
  4. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Do you people think this system would be interesting for the gunboat? (French leak) Passive Sensors 1 recurring charge Action: Spend 1 charge. You can only perform this action during the Perform Action step. You cannot be coordinated while your charge is inactive. Before you engage, if your charge is inactive, you may perform a calculate or lock action. This would be a way to let Nus and Rhos acquire the locks needed for releasing ordnance on higher initiative targets, right? The problem is that for double modifiers you would need to get focus from some other source. What do you think? Is it better than Fire-control System?
  5. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Sorry, I think I didn't correctly express what I was trying to say. The squad list is intriguing: two ionizing gunboats setting up targets for two aces to hit them hard. I just think the other player played too suboptimally to properly discern whether the gunboat player won because of the merits of the list or his own skill, or because of the mistakes of the opponent.
  6. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    I am not sure that the opponent in that match brought his best game to the table. He overlapped asteroids and his own ships all the time, often throwing naked dice and little else. I don't think it's a fair display of the potential of the gunboat.
  7. Azrapse

    A fix for epic?

    I think they will replace the "epic points" system with the more granular 2.0 Threat system, only applied to huge ships only. I mean, the players will agree on an Epic Threat level of 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Then they will pick up huge ships to match the chosen Epic Threat level. A rebel transport would be epic threat 1, the imperial and scum Gozantis will be epic threat 2, and the corvettes will be epic threat 3. Or something like that. Then the players have 300 squad building points to bring small, medium, and large ships and upgrades for all ships (small, medium, large, and huge). This solves the biggest problem of epic in 1.0, that was that the cost of fielding and equipping a huge ship was always less effective than spending the same amount of points on small and large ships. Essentially, the huge ship chassis is now "free", since both players have to agree to an Epic Threat level. Then it's their decision to put more or fewer upgrades on the huge ship as they see fit. This also solves the problem when a player had 300 points that they spent all on cheap small generics, ending up with a huge squad that took hours to move. Instead, the amount small-large ships remains manageable.
  8. Azrapse

    5 Barrage Gunboats

    It could work, but you need to have then both Lock (to fire ordnance while disarmed by OS-1) and Focus (to fire barrage rockets), that is impossible to achieve by these gunboats. Even if they equipped Advanced SLAM to be able to get the Focus after SLAMming, they would need to also have a Lock from a previous round. Anyway, in this case there doesn't fit 5 Advanced SLAM Nus anymore. Well, they have won a tournament. So there is that. But I would really want to see that game to check how their make it work.
  9. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Hmm. In the Systems phase most ships are tokenless, so even an unmodded beam shot would be able to land some token against everyone except Force users. A Jam token would remain until the Activation phase, cancelling out the green tokens or locks that they would acquire then. No need to be specific to ship that can keep tokens between rounds. A Tractor token could be devastating against anyone that depends on performing their maneuver without bumping other ships or asteroids. Still, really hard to pull for a gunboat. A B-wing would have it easier.
  10. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Only Beam cannons. So no Ion. Also, I am not sure if the gunboat would have it that easy to get someone in their bullseye arc.
  11. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    What if you could fire a cannon you wouldn't ever think on spending your attack firing with, but as a bonus attack in the Systems phase? I am not sure what power level this card would be. Broken overpowered level? "I rather keep my Fire Control System, thanks" level?
  12. Azrapse

    How to get started?

    My advice is this: Have a look at the contents of the conversion kits. You can read what they contain on the official site. There is a list of how many ships and which types they convert to 2.0. Don't buy the kits yet. Go buy all those models you like from 1.0 expansions. They are probably cheaper and it will take years for them to be released for 2.0. Have a blast playing with them with the 1.0 rules. However don't hoard more models than the conversion kits will allow you to convert! Eventually you will realize that in 1.0 some ships just don't work as well as others. Some need fixes. Some are overpowered. Most missiles and torpedoes are useless, except one. Most turrets are useless, except one. Etc. If you are still interested on the game and would like to see many of these problems addressed then move on to the final step. Get the 2.0 core. Get the conversion kits. Now you have all the models you wanted to have, cheaper than if you bought them individually in 2.0. Earlier. And with better rules and balance.
  13. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    I think Second Edition had and missed the chance to make XG-1 both closer to the lore and more effective with something like: [Adds Barrel Roll icon] "You lose the SLAM icon. You may treat 3 banks as red 3 segnor. You may perform primary and cannon attacks even when you are disarmed." That would have made the XG-1 behave like a true gunboat (SLAM was something only the Missile Boat had), becoming a cheap cannon carrier that can also fire missiles and torpedoes as long as it's not reloading. SLAM is replaced with segnors to be able to turn around, plus Barrel Roll to be able to line up proton rockets or HLC. SLAM is fun on the gunboat. But it becomes mandatory to be able to turn around and contribute to the fight, and it eats up all the action economy of the ship.
  14. Azrapse

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    I still don't know how you people get it to work. If I SLAM to get a target, I am firing my ion cannon without any tokens, that almost always guarantees that I will either not hit at all, or if it hits, it just deals 1 damage and accomplishes basically nothing. Because the other alternative is that I SLAM and perform an action with Advanced SLAM, that leaves me stressed. Next round I am forced to do a speed 2 maneuver (straight or bank) to get rid of the stress. Because if I don't, and I can manage to reach range 1 to the target with a speed 3 maneuver, or a 2 turn, I will be stressed and actionless, that means I won't be able to acquire a lock on the defender to fire my advanced torpedoes. The situation is for all this to work, you need to fire your ion cannon without tokens, not only hit, but hit with enough uncancelled results to land enough ion tokens (forget about ionizing medium and large ships with only one ion attack). Then, you are unstressed, what allows you to range 1 of your target and acquire a lock to release the adv torpedoes. That is a 5 dice attack that you can only reroll since you cannot have focus and target lock by this point. That is basically 3.125 expected hit/crit results to be then cancelled with the defense dice. There are lots of ifs and maybes just to land that damage. Two rounds and a lot of hoops and loops just to be able to roll 1 more singly modified die for which you need to get yourself at range 1? Compare that with OS-1 and plain torpedoes, where you can just SLAM, lock and fire the torpedoes in the same round. Sure, you roll one fewer die, but next round you can do it again since they have 2 charges, they are more tolerant to range, and perhaps you even kept the lock from the previous one (especially if you have Fire Control System) and can now focus or SLAM to stay on target. And you can keep on chasing your target if it is a fat *** ship and reloading nonstop while still attacking. I just don't see how XG-1 can match that with the puny ion cannon and the hard to line up adv torpedoes.
  15. Azrapse

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    I think 0-0-0 and BT-1 were before only available on the Scum & Villainy Conversion Kit, but now they are available in the Decimator 2.0 for Imperials. We can probably expect Maul to appear on the Ghost 2.0 for Rebels, whenever that comes out. It was never promised that we would get all the new cards on the same wave for all factions. It was promised that we wouldn't need to rebuy the ships we already own just for the new cards. If that is the case, then Maul and the autoblaster cannon will be released for Rebels, and 0-0-0 and BT-1 will be released for Imperials either on a card pack or on, alternatively, a totally new ship. This last option would allow them to keep their promises "You won't have to re-buy ships you already own" and "You won't have to buy ships not of your faction just for cards", while making us have to wait and buy new ships we perhaps don't want, even when they are in our chosen faction.