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  1. Question: I was looking into starting Warhammer Fantasy. For my own reasons this might just draw me into the game. But the final selling point is behind the scenes roleplaying. So.... Is it worth trying to get the core rules, or should I wait and see what happens? I could always use Dark Heresy 2nd Edition. There's plenty of primitive and black powder weapons, armour up to carapace and plenty of scope for house ruling.
  2. I want a fleet. Good start. I want YT-1300 I want YT-2400 I want HWK-290 (three preferably. More if possible) This is an Epic list. Now go nuts and tell me what you'd do with them. Variety of Hwks is preferred, so try not to make them identical. If points remain, extra ships can be either extra Hwks, Y-Wings and/or Z95s. Doubt points will remain but what do I know, I'm a newbie. Have fun guys and gals. I look forward to reading your thoughts.
  3. Huzzah! Fetch the Ewoks, it's time to celebrate.
  4. Konan Nazreth


    I don't want to ruin awesome models. Please give advice people.
  5. That's what the main forum is for.Please no... those get more tiring each release... we get all these cool ships we want and then... whining... "it's not the way 'I' wanted it.. boo hoo.." stuff that, say thanks for getting something we wanted.. ingrates.. sheesh.. and yes.. that's how I really feel.. lol My sentiments exactly! Those whiners are the reason I approach the main forum with caution. If at all. I want to enjoy the hobby and be excited about new toys.
  6. It's me.... PSYCH! ....admit it, you were scared for a moment.
  7. I love this, I like battle reports I like seeing conversions and repaints. I like reading list builds. and I love bacon. This means I can enjoy such posts without searching through posts of fixing ships, broken ships and so on. This is great for me. Hope to have some lists and repaints for y'all soon.
  8. So this is perfect for you. You can look at just the 2 sections that contain the stuff you care about and ignore the rest. Yep But I also like list building. Was typing fast.
  9. I think I'll be leaving this forum. I find off-topic fun. I love looking at repaints and conversions. But I tend not to bother with general discussion.
  10. Or we can flood the main forum with topics about people not using the correct forums. Then FFG might judge it best to moderate. Assuming it doesn't bring about the fall of civilization first. I can't wait to get my Moldy Cow, Holy Cow and Abunga Cow HWK's done.
  11. Or I could just play a few "prequel games" to lead up to the day he makes his escape. Up his xp a bit. I've not seen the Force and Destiny Beta, but googled Force abilities so knew what I wanted was realistic. Might have to check out F&D, perhaps my character is better off jumping straight into that RPG. Warrior Aggressor. I like that. He is Konan the Barbarian after all.
  12. I'm 50/50 between Mangler and Heavy Laser. Like Extropia, I feel 4 dice are better than 3. But the Mangler does sound like a good alternative, sacrificing 1 die for a bit extra punch. I'm going to be scientific about it. Play out games against different lists with one, then repeat with the other. Fact is it's not about winning or losing, it's about which weapon suits how I fly the YT-2400. So I'm going to use the donut as is first, get the feel for how I fly, then try out the weapons.
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