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  1. Making Luke evil just makes so much sense--we know Mark Hamill could do the joker really well on Batman=)
  2. Ignoring a Rymer ball supported by squadron commands will lead to a dead Assault Frigate in 1-3 turns (depending on if the bombers do all the work themselves or not).
  3. Yes. I think the e-mail ruling was poorly thought out. The current ruling jives exactly with the Golden Rules.
  4. Yeah, otherwise there's no real way to bust into the rebel ships until you take down all their shields or get a lucky crit with torpedoes. This seems much more balanced as otherwise Rebels with Ackbar and AP were going to dominate the Imps.
  5. Why is that a problem?This seems easy enough to destroy in all honesty.No water that a list like this can cover the flanks properly so ships like the GSD, Raider, CR90 and MC30 will get in. The first and last of that list will deal the most damage in a short time. Hmmmm it can work but while intimidating, Rhymerball's will have a field day A bomber heavy list that was able to keep its ships away from the ISDs would have a field day.
  6. that depends on how you define "merit" imo, the most interesting facet of Armada that differentiates it heavily from X-wing miniatures is that ships react almost uniquely to each individual upgrade for example, in X-wing a defensive upgrade such as c3po is always going to be more effective on one agility ships that can stack defensive modifications and be bloated with tons of points. Ergo, it's universally superior to every other upgrade on the Yt-1300 and is almost universally seen on only the Falcon. but Armada? efficiency is so affected by your positioning that it's almost brutal. the differentiation of hull zones, ranges, navigation charts etc. makes it difficult to provide a universal assessment of "efficiency." For example: ISD, terrifying from the front; massive waste of points otherwise. this gets even more complex as you introduce upgrades and upgrade combinations For example, compare Leading Shots on an ISD to Leading Shots on a Raider-2 then compare Overload Pulse, especially with Skreed lurking around somewhere plus there's things like Slaved Turrets on CR-90s/Nebs as opposed to Star Destroyers, etc. mathematical comparison is fine and all, but we're going to need a giant Excel table to compare across all ships that can take said upgrade. So really, it's "mathematically, what are the best upgrades for each ship type" because Armada is too complex for straight answers Indeed. The exercise is more valuable than any "answers" that I might calculate. I can definitely attest that my ability to analyze at the table is vastly improved since I started this. If you know how to calculate in advance, then you can manage things better on the fly, and better understand what situations are favorable to the upgrades and ships you've chosen. I do want to crunch some more numbers to understand things like in what situations would Tarkin be best? Or, is Ozzel ever useful over the other admirals?
  7. I think SW-7 are really great, but what I found really exciting is how good Leading Shots is on an ISD-I. That upgrade and no other make the ISD-I much, much better for very little extra points.
  8. I will pull the data out of my excel file and format it in a way that can be digested here. As for NK Ions, I didn't not calculate the value of losing the defensive token--sorry I wasn't clear on that. I was just focusing on increase in damage output only upgrades and seeing which ones were most efficient. I think the next step is to run the numbers taking defensive tokens into account, which will allow the valuing of cards like the NK Ions. Actually, the more I think about it, I think the best next step is just valuing defensive tokens as a negative EV for different dice scenarios on the attack. Then, you can go one step further and value cards that influence defensive tokens. Also, I agree Dodonna is awesome, and really hard to value in an EV way. However, you could select which crits you like the best and express how much he improves their chance of being drawn. Also, you could probably create an EV for many of the damage cards beyond Structural Damage, like the one where you lose all your shields for instance.
  9. Whoops, good catch there. That's what I get for trying to name upgrades from memory in a last minute change to the post even when they're not material to the point at hand. I meant expanded launchers and front arc. The important point in that section, though, is that Screed is not adding much once OE is widely available. Against a reroll on the side or the front with EL, he adds .2 EV for the guarantee. So, he's not essential to ACM strategies, and you can take Motti instead. But, my impromptu above is but a start: I want to learn from others here who have crunched the numbers. Also, if anyone has the full calls for LS done, I'd love to know as using generator functions to solve stat problems are beyond me for now.
  10. I've been doing a lot of number crunching to try and determine what the most efficient upgrades are to improve damage output. I am far from done, but so far I've learned a few things: Warlord by itself is garbage; Warlord with H9 is okay efficiency wise. From an absolute damage perspective, it's great, almost doubling the expected value of damage of a VSD's red dice. Turbolaser RRC is even better efficiency wise, but doesn't increase expected value as much in an absolute sense. But, TRRC you can throw on almost anything and get a good benefit, and on the rebel side you can put it on lots of ships because you don't have to pair it with Needa. Ordnance Experts is the most efficient upgrade in the game if your ship is throwing four black dice. The next most efficient is SW-7 on an ISD-II. Now, I just said that and you're thinking: what about Screed and ACM? Well, ACM by itself is just slightly less efficient than than say SW-7 Ions on an ISD-II and about a fifth less efficient than the Ordnance Experts on the side arc of a GSD I, when used on a ship with four dice in a shot. When combined with a reroll ability like Vader or Ordnance Experts on a ship with four dice, it's the most efficient upgrade compared to all the others I've calculated so far. Screed actually only improves the EV from 1.79 when using rerolls to obviously a value of 2. Is that worth it? When you could be taking Motti or Tarkin instead, i think it's not as clear cut as you'd think, now that Ordnance Experts is available. And, when you consider OE raises the EV of the other black dice in the pool, it's the clear winner if you're throwing 3 or more black dice and want ACM to trigger. Also, interestingly, Enhanced Armament adds 2 black dice, so +2 EV on a Glad side arc. Or, you could take OE and ACM and get +2.79 for 2 less points. Or, you could really big a big spender and go with Vader or OE and get +3 EV on a Glad and put all the damage into one shield segment. Is it worth it? I love the fact that the best answer is "it depends...". Leading Shots is really good on the ISD-I: it's improves the base damage as much as Ordnance Experts would, but it improves the red dice too so you can hit harder at range. This combo seems to be one of the strongest offensively IMO. The downside is you can't take ECM on an ISD I... Finally, for damage per shot, the effecient upgrades are much more efficient than adding another ship naked ship. Granted activation economy, blocking, and extra shields/hull may outweigh this, but if you're trying to sling the most damage alone then some damage upgrades will get you there more efficiently points wise. This might be Vader's big benefit, he makes naked ships good and fairly efficient damage wise; you just need to make sure to bring enough ships you're getting enough bang for the buck with Vader. What have you guys discovered to be efficient? I haven't even delved into the most efficient defensive upgrades or looked at synergies involving accuracies or defense tokens. Or commands (do I want 2 more shields on my ISD, or do I want to throw another red die for +.75 EV?)... So far, though, the game looks extremely well balanced. They were clearly crunching numbers when they were designing this, and it shows. Because of that, the keys to the game seem more to be building a list that is designed to execute certain strategies well, and then executing those strategies on the table. Conversely, if you can force your opponent to use a list he designed to function one way a very different way, you have a good chance of winning.
  11. That Tarkin card is awesome. Wish I could go. Also, those dice are great, and the week after worlds you'll be able to buy a set on Ebay for 100-200 bucks!
  12. I think it's worth some play testing, because if this doesn't make Ozzel useful, I don't know what will--Motti is just so much better in every other circumstance. Ozzels garbage, that's why Vader throttled him. Heh! Very thematic, but I'd prefer they not print junk carts: this isn't a CCG;)
  13. Overload pulse takes effect after they use their damage mitigation, if I remember correctly. So it really works better if you hit it with a Raider and then later that round use Avenger to punish them.
  14. Four blacks, two blues, with rerolls from Ordnance Experts. Nice damage output, but not much meat on those frames. It also means no ACMs or APTs, but five activations and +8 black dice (+12 with CF) could be deadly. Are you envisioning them zipping around at speed 4 on the attack, or more laying in wait ala the op's picket fence suggestion? I was initially imagining them starting out at speed four and making a dash to the enemy's rears and then using Ozzel to slow down and sit back there and pound them. Sure, if you lose one or two, that sucks, but if you have two ISD sized damage outputs on the enemy's backside with a real ISD on the other side, they're in trouble. They could also lay in wait, rolling out at speed 2 with the ISD, and then zip out to speed 4 when appropriate to strike suddenly. If first player, you can set up attacks where you get to finish the round with one and start the round with another or the ISD itself. That will be pretty brutal, taking 14 expected value damage to one ship. Even with the brace, that's bad news of 10-11 damage. If you get a good accuracy, it will have a very good chance of killing an ISD this way, and easily anything less. I think it's worth some play testing, because if this doesn't make Ozzel useful, I don't know what will--Motti is just so much better in every other circumstance. Also, there's the points to just switch to Motti outright and come in at a cool 400 total. If the unpredictability of the speed changes isn't worth it, then Motti will help ensure they live to deal a few good rounds of damage each.
  15. What about Raiders that hit as hard as a naked ISD (same expected value for damage) and can zip around real fast? Points Quantity Total Expanded Ordnance III ISD-I 110 1 110 Relentless 3 1 3 Leading Shots 4 1 4 Wulff Yularen 7 1 7 Admiral Ozzel 20 1 20 Raider-I 44 4 176 Instigator 4 1 4 Impetuous 4 1 4 Expanded Launchers 13 4 52 Ordnance Experts 4 4 16 396
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