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  1. Even as an operative, I think I still like Bossk more. I’m not saying she’s bad, but playing her on my Krennic list in Bossk’s place, and I think I prefer the bounty hubter.
  2. Which rewards players for playing weaker opponents... it’s typical FFG thinking they’re more clever than they are. SoS wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than this terribleness.
  3. I’m not going to read your couple of novels, but regardless of what the forgers are charging for, people wouldn’t be playing for them if not for the IP, period. Some other artists developed these ideas, and they’re using that to make money. Trying to justify it is like the people who say “people wouldn’t have paid to watch the movie in theaters anyways, so it’s ok to pirate it”.
  4. That’s not true at all... if you think they’re the same thing you’re crazy. The reason GW lost PART of that case was that Cadians looked too much like modern real word soldiers (which can’t be copyrighted), or it was just generic looking vehicles (jet bikes). If you think that same thing would happen with the bad batch then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Chapter house still had to pay GW $25,000 because they lose on a lot of those claims. But to me it’s more about the principal. No one would want those products if they were some generic models, or an idea skullforge etc came up with. The only reason people want to pay them money for those models is because of the IP (something that isn’t their idea). This to me is worse than those who post movies for download. Those people aren’t even charging for it, skullforge is.
  5. It’s still not an IP that skullforge owns. And there’s a good chance they do become part of legion at some point.
  6. The forum here is weird when it comes to files, so I can’t post the other. 😕
  7. They almost have to have tactical or target.
  8. Gideon on shores seems crazy good (even if you lose the t21). It creates a 4 for 1 order. You could even run HQ uplink in his unit for 4 for 0.
  9. Doesn’t seem great compared to Gideon, but maybe Ursa will be killer. Tristan just doesn’t feel like he’s going to fit into a unit that will almost certain be range 2 and probably wants to get into melee. Any multi wound model is going to be really powerful though. So just keeping one of the mandos alive for an extra hit might be worth it. The fact that the inferno dudes can go in cores though makes them a lot more flexible, in addition to being really good.
  10. They might do like ARCs and get a black and a white.
  11. And it does look like they maybe come with another heavy weapon? (The rifle?) Unless he’s just there for a bit of variety.
  12. Maybe it’s because it’s blurry, but that didn’t look like a weapon upgrade like the rebel card. And it doesn’t look like the driver is holding a rocket launcher. But maybe I’m wrong.
  13. It’s stuck with the 1b 2w range 3 gun. Not good, even if it is 10 points cheaper than the rebels.
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