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  1. One twist I was thinking about is letting one of the players start with some of the bigger ships that are still squadrons instead of playing a capitol ship. Yt-1300 etc. they wouldn’t have any special rules to start, and instead would get a scatter and a brace token.
  2. What rules are you using to run this? I would love to do something similar.
  3. Armada just isn’t a good tournament game. I still think the way the game is sold is a major reason why Armada isn’t as popular as xwing. We have several CC campaigns going on at our LGS, but haven’t been able to get a single new person into the game because of the price of the starter set. If they did faction starter sets (where you only have to buy one faction) I think it would be much easier to sell the game to new players. Every week we have someone new see the game and ask about it, but when they ask how much it costs to start, that’s always when the conversation ends :/
  4. To people playing competitive it is... it wouldn't be vital if FFG were good at balance...
  5. So is the way FFG treats their customers with sales tactics like palpatine...
  6. Not really, they've now killed a game that could have actually taken off....
  7. Believe what you want, no skin off my back. Just repeating what I heard from someone in the industry. With FFG it'll probably be 3 months to 2 years late anyways.
  8. Take this with a huge grain of salt, but the rumor I hard from someone I trust (and who had been right in the past) said that FFG was trying to get it out by April.
  9. For me A, but I haven't even. Even playing the campaign... been waiting for the app. I hope it comes out in April like the rumor I heard...
  10. I've found now that acrylate is available, it's a much better materiel for these types of prints. There is a bit of cleanup, but it just feels stronger. I'm not worried about spoken breaking it simply from an accidental bump, or dropping it.
  11. Terrible way to try and "fix" things. They should just release new cards, but instead lets complicate and bloat things more by adding more cards...
  12. It's not a matter of when they're announced though, it's when FFG can get them into people's hands. I'm quite sure we will see a new faction this year, either very soon after release or around chrsitmas would make sense. And the starter has undead, what more do you need If they try and wait a year for another faction, good night.
  13. I disagree. FFG is being fairly smart by testing the waters with limited factions, rather than releasing a ton of material to overwhelm people or just shelf-warm. GW started small, so this makes sense. Can you name me an actual TT miniatures game that was successful with a launch of just two factions? There aren't a ton of successful TT games in the first place. A few recent that I can think of are warmachine (4 factions, and bimonthly releases after the starters) guild ball, infinity, malifaux, all of which had at least 4 factions at launch, and I can't think of any GW games that launched with just two factions. I can think of a whole lot of games that tried to do just two factions at launch, it's hard enough to be successful without the additional hurdle. I mean, there isn't even anything else previewed in the pipes and this game is a month from launch? Even Armada had expansions after a couple months, and the player base was freaking out over the lack of content, if they wait 3 or 4 months for additional content the game will already be dead before it's off the boat. I won't continue the clog up the thread with my opinion, but I think some people might need to take off the rose colored glasses. Like I said before, I knew my opinion wouldn't be popular, but if you really think lack of content early is a good strategy then I'd really have to question your knowledge of the style of game.
  14. It's not a matter of when they're announced though, it's when FFG can get them into people's hands.
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