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  1. Sorry for the late response but yeah they did get back to me. Thanks.
  2. I recently did my first preorder through FFG and I have a question I have been trying to ask them and I've sent two emails and called them twice and I haven't gotten a response yet and I was wondering if anyone else has been having similar problems. Thanks!
  3. Today is a glorious day for the Empire. LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!
  4. I REALLY hope we get something today since it is the perfect time to announce SOMETHING BIG (GET THE HINT FFG) but I honestly won't be surprised if they don't
  5. I personally like the inquisitors from rebels, even though a lot of people I know don't like them, I find them especially interesting and I only wish there backstories were explored more since we truly know only a little bit about there pasts (except for the grand inquisitor of course who has a interesting backstory in my opinion)
  6. I really hope that this is the case and the anticipation for news is killing me. I just wish they would give us something and they definitely need better communication between the consumer and themselves.
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