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  1. Just want clarification Wired - So when I do both, attack and defend I get to reroll all my dice that come up focus without spending the focus? If it comes up focus again I then spend the token to change to evade/hit? Weapon guidance - when you spend a focus token to change a blank to hit, do you also change any focus dice to hits?
  2. I was thinking, fly into someone give them a 1pt of damage. Barrel roll into someone else and give them 1pt of damage? Possible pair Expert Handling with Experimental Interface. thoughts?
  3. Standard size map and 100pts. I think next time we will go with 50pts each, as the center of the map got really crowded fast. It was a lot of fun, trying to avoid the player coming in behind you, avoiding the other players ships to get to your target.
  4. Had a big day of X-Wing with family, brother-inlaws and dad. First fight was 100pt one vs one but all on the board at once, so it was hectic flying. I few 4 Tie Advanced. I never even got a chance to shoot my missile. I died quickly to 2 A-wing, Y-Wing and YT-2400. Then we all started to play the campaign game for X-Wing. I will admit if you have not played it yet, do so. It is awesome the way they set up everything. So it was all 4 of us on Rebel vs Empire. I am flying a standard X-Wing as that is one of the ships you can choose to start with. For those who do play campaign, you know you get XP for successful hit on the enemy, destroy the enemy and bonus points for objectives. If you die, you roll escape and see what happens, anywhere from nothing happening to losing your highest mod on your ship. Each round the other players would get 10-15pts of XP, me, maybe 2-3. Which means It will take forever to upgrade my ship, however that did not matter as I died every round. EVERY round, we even changed dice on who rolled against me, did not matter. Example: Tie bomber (2hull left) shooting main weapon which is 2 dice attack, vs my X-Wing with 2 evade and a focus token. I have no shields and 3 Hull, but should be good as he only has 2 dice. Rolls crit and hit I roll 2 blanks pickup crit card - Direct hit 2 damage = 3 hull damage and I am dead. I roll so horrible, every felt bad when they had to roll vs me. So I figure if I make loaded dice then I might have a chance to win a round, at worst I might just cancel out the loaded part and they roll normal PS. expanding on the first round, my brother-inlaw had a cool idea. Since we play 4 of us, we have done the free for all, team up. Well this time, we rolled dice and determined who sat where. Then you had to attack the person on your right and only that person. Whoever killed there person first, won with a secondary objective to kill whoever they where suppose to kill. It was a lot of fun ... for them
  5. lo742

    Defeat IG-2000

    Thanks for the great ideas, I'm thinking of trying out the following Whisper VI FCS ACD Agent Kallus Decimator Captain Oicunn Predator Gunner Ysanne Rebel captive Figure run into and get in way with Oicunn and stay behind with Whisper Thoughts
  6. lo742

    Defeat IG-2000

    I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas for Empire side to defeat IG-2000's in a 100pt game. Besides just ship's, any particular upgrades or talents? Thanks
  7. lo742

    Little help on list

    Not sure what I am facing this weekend, but figure it might be TLT and a scum group. (This is a casual game) I am thinking of the following Wampa LT Colzet + AC + Concussion Missile Zertik Strom + AC + Concussion Missile Commander Alozen + AC + Concussion Missle Or equip 2 with Assault Missile to help combat a scum swarm. thoughts, or should I scrap and go with something with Conner and Soontir. Have not really flew Advanced much so thought it might be fun.
  8. Lets say my opponent rolls and cancels my crit. I then invoke the ability, however he has an evade token. Can he use the evade token to cancel the ability?
  9. R4 droid - after spending a focus you can acquire a target lock. You still get the bonus of the focus changing "eyes" to hits and then you a target lock, can you immediately use the target lock? Weapon guidance - spend a focus to change a blank to a hit. I am assuming you do not get to change the regular "eyes" to hits also?
  10. I know it has been discussed previous but with new cards and changes I would like to get your opinion. In general when choosing a cannon, do you prefer the Mangler for the change a hit to a crit or the HLC for the extra die attack? also for an elite talent - what do you like to go with the cannon. I am thinking mangler + predator for the reroll and chance to crit since I suspect the ships will have low agility due to turrets. I am empire side so will probably be facing turrets a lot. thanks
  11. To OP How are you getting 3 crits a round?
  12. Here is a list, deciding between 2 different builds for the Tie/fo I know I will be facing turrets, not sure which Omega Squadron Expose Experimental interface -I am thinking of getting in close, focusing or target lock / Experimental interface to activate Expose for a 4 dice attack or Omega Squadron Outmaneuver engine upgrade weapon guidance - use boost to get behind enemy and hit them in range 1-2 and use weapon guidance if needed Tie Punisher Deathrain Sensor jammer - help keep him alive extra muntions cluster mines cluster missiles adv proton missiles assault missles autothrusters I think I have too much munitions, might drop adv proton missiles.
  13. Thankyou, that is what I was thinking but wanted to verify
  14. Question, when you drop a Cluster mine in front of or right onto someone, they do 2 dice damage? Its 3 mines, is it 2 dice per mine they hit? The reason why I am asking is if its only 2 dice, why would not you use Conner Net instead for the same price. 1 damage, 2 Ion and miss perform step. Seems like a lot better deal for 4pts.
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