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  1. Painful to view -- it's like being stuck on Hoth, at high noon, with no glare goggles.
  2. Thanks Darksidenet! The Leia tutorial is live - I hope you all enjoy it Love your highlights and blends.
  3. Apologies: i kind of skimmed through: are you pinning the separate pieces at all? Pinning helps a lot. I also use the same cyanoacrylate that is intended to glue model race car tires on. I believe it has rubber or latex (?) added to the formula. It makes it less brittle, but also seems to slightly alter how it "sticks."
  4. Where do purple and yellow ones come from? The colors of Jedi sabers initially were due to three different roles: Guardians got blue, Consulars got green, and Sentinels got yellow. It never seemed that the movies adhered to this much at all.... If I am not mistaken, yellow/gold sabers have been ret-conned away. Please correct me if this is incorrect. Mace's was purple due his style dancing hazardously close to Sith influences -- that's from the novelizations of the prequels, which still appear to be canon. The Sith influence adding a little red to the blue.
  5. Thank you -- but I have to credit the sculptor here. As I was painting the face, I was amazed at how well they had captured his likeness.
  6. Couldn't figure out how to add the images to a Reply -- so Editted the original post. I am not entirely satisfied with how the eyes turned out -- so I may revisit those in the future. For now, he gets a seal coat and is ready for the table.
  7. Not quite done -- need to find my magnifier so I can finish the face and do the eyes EDIT : Couldn't get the final images to upload to an updated post, so I am adding them to the original post.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204323773493606&set=gm.606911116126735&type=3&theater Thank you very much. The Ghost is a monster
  9. Can anyone snap side by side pics pls?
  10. Supplements which add new Objective Cards really need to happen. Even Campaigns with campaign only Objective Cards would be a nice addition.
  11. This guy isn't even the real Thrawn! Just some impersonator... ;-)
  12. so it has no part in the game play at all if its so far away? and why is it needed on the table at all if it has not effect in game play? just asking. except it could look nice. I like the idea of using a whole side of a table as a planet. I'm making the whole thing with painted felt. and I have planed a big 6 player game to stop the Emps from bombarding a city on the planet. It's effect on the game is the part I am still pondering. Yeah, there needs to be one. Else it's just window dressing. I haven't even begun to attempt to fit a planet into the SWA scale. I believe it's a form of Log scale, but I won't swear to that. If I am correct, a planet would be a serious problem for the scale: in terms of my suspension of disbelief... What the heck. Forget the scale, planets are fun! Even if it's only "That's what you are fighting over."
  13. An asteroid would be cool. But very little has the visual impact of a planet on board. Aren't we forgetting that the table-top is just a poor gamer's convention, meant to represent 3 dimensional space? How about this : the planet is in the distance -- literally thousands of miles away. So a planetary counter on the game mat is really far away. At scale, the planet would need to be thousands of miles away, straight down. That's not an unreasonable distance for defenders to engage the aggressors during an attack on a planet.
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