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  1. Deploy first if you're gonna grab a box and run. Deploy last if you wanna hit a flank. Take recon intel to pop people at range 3 from turn 1. Try to pick on little units that can't do more than a hit or two past cover. A full size line infantry squad is just gonna drop 6 hits on you and not care about your extra white die or two.
  2. Yes I plan to do one in April, but I have to figure out when I'll be able to take off from work. I normally work Saturdays, and Sunday is just not doable for most of the group. We also have open play Monday nights at 6PM, with all experience levels welcome. Maybe send me a PM a day or two before if you're going to drive down for that, though; attendance at that varies a lot and I would be able to get a headcount, first.
  3. Armada is cooler in my opinion but so much more niche.
  4. If the rps squad is in touching range, so can they, and they aren't always in cover 1. Furthermore one bad deployment and your rps squad is not gonna have a tank to shoot at. The bike can fix that easily on turn one and still take a shot. Points efficiency is meaningless on tank hunters if they can't reach the tank.
  5. The barc can reach out and touch things on turn one while the cumbersome rocket has to move upfield. However I wouldn't reccomend either in a list that already brought that sweet tank.
  6. Drop it another 20 points. With the new tanks the impact 3 is gonna come in handy more often. It just needs to be less of a handicap when you don't see armor across the table.
  7. If I shoot, use VCP during and then recover after, can I then use it again when I am attacked? I think so because it isn't an action of any kind.
  8. Bonus points if you get to range 1 and have someone toss a grenade to do it 3 times.
  9. Like 10 points tops. As good as it would be on ye olde 1.4, it would be kinda meh on an eweb.
  10. Tinfoil hat time!: Pathfinders (and rebels in general) would be much better if the surge was adjacent to the block on the white defense die instead of the opposite side. The die has basically 2 4-side axes to roll on. If it ends up rolling on the side with no paint, you're boned. If it was a normal 5+ roll on numeric dice, then no matter which way it rolls you'd have a chance. So basically get a dice tower to make your rolls really random, or throw them really hard into a tray, because just gently tossing white dice makes it likely it'll just roll on the 4 blank sides. Or use numeric dice in friendly play.
  11. A 1.4 FD being able to fire support would be really, really good. Maybe too good. I would give such an upgrade some table time just to see.
  12. So, if you can get one into range, fire support from a MKII medium blaster really helps those impact 1 Ion weapons out. It also helps the cannon ATRT by making it throw enough dice to slap things for full impact even through cover. Leia can help it get in range. Move the gun just outside R3 on a turn and play No Time For Sorrows the next turn. Give an order to the vets and they and the gun both get to creep up.
  13. The funny part is the important distances are marked already more or less. They line up with spots in the decorative grooves.
  14. I meant with guardian and soresu I meant that having bikes negates the need for those, because they're shooting at the bikes. Those bikes have cover 1 always and are 4 more wounds total to deal with. The only vehicle damage I even care about is the weapon one. Giving up an aim on the turn before they finish you off isn't a huge deal, and I wasn't gonna do a regular move anyway once the bike is in range. Also soresu only works if you set it up, which means you gotta activate Obi early, and guardian without soresu is a great way to save 13 point models by wounding a 180 point model.
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