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  1. Zeoinx

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    So for things that I haven't seen on Mel's page that I feel should really be added for Legion. I feel this would be far glorious as a nice piece to really make the Empire have a tank on the battlefield without having an actual TANK on the battlefield. By the same token then of course.... And if you (Mel) wanna really be cleaver, allow Kyle to be in such a pose that would allow you to release all the weapons as "interchangeable" accessories for him to be place with. Maybe even having the IM Mine's in force, to allow Kyle to create a mine field would be a interesting mechanic. While I am at it, maybe this can be also added as well... The classic giant electronic board containing the death star plans would be a cool piece to add to Kyle.
  2. Zeoinx

    The SSD?

    Oh good, someone did get the joke... I was afraid I was being to subtle.
  3. Zeoinx

    The SSD?

    If we base it on how often we get news articles, I think we are expecting it next year early Q1. Clearly the original date was a minor typo, and the writer has been fired, as well as the person who fired him because he hired him. The new news articles will now be written in a entirely new style then the previously aforementioned writers and hires at great expense and last minute.
  4. Zeoinx

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    We all know Biggs wasnt an actual ship, but a upgrade to the OTHER Ships. This isnt a real x-wing as a "ship". This is a "Shoot this so my real ships dont get shot" upgrade card
  5. Zeoinx

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Just send them to a bar for a few drinks mid fight, they will be fine, let them take a few drinks, meet someone and relax for a few hours.
  6. Zeoinx

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Maybe removing any form of Red Maneuvers from the basic Tie Fighter would help, but also by the same token, remove the Green ones as well outside of straight, this would make this a easy to fly vessel and basic ship that it is in the lore. You never really heard about pilots every redlining the Tie Fighter systems, unless it was damaged, which COULD also be a gameplay mechanic. Damaged ships below 50% Can have their dials adjusted to add more Red. Dont worry, Ill be here to wait for all the negativity surrounding this idea.
  7. Zeoinx

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Really? REALLY? Rebel Bias? 1.0 would LOVE to have a talk with you about the X-Wings.....
  8. Zeoinx

    Terrain for Armada?

    Thats what I typed >.> I have no idea why you would make it BOLD!
  9. Zeoinx

    Terrain for Armada?

    I even went so far in a different topic to suggest adding interesting maps to play on that would recreate cool features to have to navigate such as the deep canyons of Kyle II, or the Taloraan armed tibaana gas platforms and "Cloud City". (Why Taloraan over Bespin, because Taloraan actually had defenses set up outside of Cloud cars and tie fighters and was featured in a large scale battle) Edit: To get a example of what I mean by these areas, just youtube "Rogue Squadron" missions till you find the Kile II spaceport mission and battle of taloraan.
  10. Zeoinx

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    I would like to see both for Armada and X-Wing Planetary maps that, such as the deep cayons of Kyle II (See Rogue Squadron 3D as an example of the thought process) that force players to really pilot their ships with grace and strategy and new meta's, such as possible no Star Destroyers or Home Ones as they might be way to large. Other things I'd like to see is something other then ships to be added, such as the Taloraan Tibanna Gas Mining Storage platforms, turrets, and other stationary or even moving Objectives that are actual objectives. I'd like to see actual deplomatic vessesl, such as the Naboo Royal Starship in the game, it would offer some sort of targeting buff to nearby ships, (as it did have super high end sensors) but completely defenseless on its own, and would need a heavy screen to keep alive. Other interesting objectives would create new unique game play possibilities that would make something new happening outside of "place ships on field, and go pew pew each other"
  11. Zeoinx

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    I'd like to think the Venator, Super Star Destoryer, Arc-Hammer Factory Star Destroyer (Especially with the fact that the HWK is in both Armada and X-Wing) , Lancer Corvette instead of Raider or Gozanti or Arquitens. Rogue Squadron might have been deployed outside of the campaign as its own expansion, along with a SSD Lusanyka
  12. Zeoinx

    N1 Announced, Can this be Next?

    And because someone mentioned this in a different topic, and while we are discussing other Nabooing ships. N-X Police Cruiser My only real question is where the peaceful naboo keep prisioners they capture in this thing.
  13. Zeoinx

    N1 Announced, Can this be Next?

    I didnt mean bigger then the RNS, I ment bigger then the First movies representation of the ship.
  14. Zeoinx

    N1 Announced, Can this be Next?

    I think ESB Hoth Hanger scene made it look larger