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  1. Oh. Another tournament: escalation tournament. Started with soontir and a doomshuttle (back before palp). Added another interceptor ace each round. 2 games in a row, I tried to k-turn a stressed soontir. First game he flew off the board as a result. Second game they couldn't do that, so parked him at range 1 in front of an imperial math (on a rock too I think). Fortunately dice bailed me out of the second. And Carnor pulled out a win for me on the first anyway
  2. Top 4 match at our regional this year. Set up a perfect range 2 torpedo shot on a blocked fenn (still had focus from mindlink of course)...with the jump master that had no torpedoes left.
  3. Guess this means I should finish my kihraxz/starviper aces pack...
  4. It's not nonsense. Sure, the meta chanes, but I can't think of any meta list right now that isn't hurt by the opponent getting to change one of their dials. And almost guaranteed to be hurt more than they gained from seeing where an opponent had their ship dialed in to go. For one thing, if dials are already set, the most you can do to take advantage of that knowledge is some repositioning. It's not like you get to see their dial then set all of your own dials to take perfect advantage of that knowledge. So you MIGHT be able to block (if they don't fly your blocker somewhere else), but then they might just fly your heavy hitter off into the horizon where it doesn't have a shot. Look at the example of a tie swarm vs a 74 point ghost. Take the Hera/Ahsoka list as an example. What are you gonna do with your "free" dial look? I can already tell you what hera's doing. She's flying away from your swarm. So you aren't going to block her. You MIGHt be able to reposition to have marginally better arcs or range on where she's going. Then she moves, and gets her boost to reposition after YOU reposition. You have 4 b-wings? Great, so you might get to barrel roll if it'l help you. Then a quarter of your list is k-turning to face the wrong direction. Or doing a 4s if a k-turn is what you need. Or maybe a red hard turn. Or whatever else hurts it most. Or maybe you're runing a list with no repositioners. Great, now the best you can get out o fhte knowledge is knowing whether you might be able to get away with a target lock instead of a focus or evade if you aren't getting shot. As someone who has flown a lot of intel agent, knowing where the opponent is going on a ship *every round* is fantastic. You might be able to block ,or line up shots better, or wahtever. But doing it one time isn't nearly the same thing as being able to do it every turn if you're in range. And you guys still haven't shown that this is a widespread issue needing such a harsh penalty in the first place.
  5. If you're running 8 ties or 4 bwings you don't care that much about winning the tournament anyway. How about some actual meta list examples?
  6. Still waiting on evidence that the reason people didn't do it is because they assumed there'd be a severe penalty. Just because YOU thought it would result in a game loss doesn't mean other people made the same assumption.
  7. For the last one, even taking an extra second before picking up your dial you can get the wrong one in the middle of a furball
  8. Tier 1 in anchorage Alaska is June 17
  9. What "actual" problem are you talking about in this case?
  10. Its not fat ham anymore, but you can easily have similar situations. 1 health Asajj vs 7 health asajj for instance, A 1 health x7 Ryad vs a 4-6 health x7 ryad, etc. 1 health scout vs a higher health scout (neither with torps remaining)
  11. I basically run him as an imperial Biggs in my list. A lot of people want to shoot h first to get rid of the 4 die attack. That leaves me with backdraft and QuickDraw throwing fully modified attacks (expertise + fcs after the first shot) instead
  12. Yes, because MURDER is completely the same thing as seeing someone's dial in X-Wing... and even murder has different consequences depending on the situation. For instance, the *intent* makes a difference.
  13. Except it has nothing to do with why a ship should win. It's not like one side is attacking and the other defending, and one player gets "reinforcements" at time. Most likely, if they both have boost, one is going to be able to keep the other in range about as well as if neither have boost. It's not like they're restricted to primary arc to need to keep range AND arc
  14. And in none of those games is the penalty an automatic game loss. It usually doesn't even result in the player being ejected from the game (at least the first time). you say you and turbo are both open to lesser penalties, but so far incthe thread I haven't seen either of you even consider anything BUT a game loss to my recollection
  15. I'm with MJ on this one. If one player is at 1 health and the other is at 8 with almost identical ships, the one health ship is NOT the one that deserves the win just because it cost a point more. And the argument about holding out for reinforcements or some such at time is meaningless. It doesn't matter. If that was the case, then theoretically BOTH players would be getting reinforcements and the one that was more likely to win if you didnt go to time (throne with way more health) would still have the advantage. as for the lower health player ranging away with engine, presumably BOTH had engine so MJ could be boosting closer anyway to negate any attempts to range away.