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  1. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I was not the ghost fenn. I did fly against it though. And then against a ghost/lowhrikk (that one was really annoying, since I was paired against a new old han/poe, then they discovered scores were written down for one match and repaired everyone and I got another ghost). Was the worst I've ever done in a tournamnet and I ended up dropping after the second ghost to go home to a sick kid who was asking for me.
  2. Aurora Squad Builder: News and Updates

    Version 1.3.3 released yesterday on the iOS App Store. Android version will hopefully be out soon as well. Crash Fixes!- Don't crash when attempting to edit upgrades on the first pilot in a list after adding multiple pilots- Fix crash when searching for upgrades- Fix crash when searching for pilotSave lists more often so that if more crashes crop up the whole list won't be lost.Squadrons list should remain filtered when returning to that view from viewing a specific list.Sheathipede should show the auxiliary arc symbol.Typo in Targeting SynchronizerBehind-the-scenes code changes for stability
  3. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    The last time I played against Kanan/Fenn the way to beat it was for fenn to roll 0 evades and die in 2 shots the first round of combat
  4. Aurora Squad Builder: News and Updates

    There is currently no way to share custom upgrades, you'd each have to add them separately. No web or windows version yet either, though I WOULD like to build a website for it at some point...
  5. FFG Needs an Official X-Wing App

    As the developer of one of the existing squadbuilders, I'm still all for an official FFG one. It doesn't even necessarily kill off other builders if there's things an official one doesn't support or do that people want, third party builders could still fill holes in an official one. Yah, I don't htink anyone is asking for an app version of the actual game (would be fun, but not quite the same), and that's definitely covered by EAs license. An official builder should be fine though, as evidenced by things like the IA app. Lets you add custom cards too
  6. Tragedy Stimulation: a Cautionary Tale

    Doesn't even need to be more expensive. If you want it to be a delayed explosion, just...makeit a delayed explosion. Don't make it do full damage with a 4 die attack AND another damage (and splash) later. Cancelt he original results, maybe do a damage or something. Or make it hit and cancel dice, then when yout rigger it you roll red dice to determine damage, or something (could possibly get extra damage thorugh against a higher agility ship that would evade most of the original attack)
  7. Aurora Squad Builder: News and Updates

    Yah, I've figured out a couple ways tog et the app to crash reliably. Unforitunately I haven't been able to figure out WHY yet or how to fix it . Still working on it though.
  8. Tragedy Stimulation: a Cautionary Tale

    Clearly it's time to start! If they wanna fly list-builders to worlds, add in the iOS author while you're at it! Might be the only way I manage to ever get there... . On the other hand, I doubt they've freeloaded off my work much like with things like listjuggler or mathwing (unless an official mobile builder comes out in the future that looks suspiciously like Aurora now that it's open sourced...) The slicer range ruler is a good call though. Maybe I need to go talk to curled paw about some custom work... The great thing (when FFG gets around to doing something official) is that for FFG it doesn't matter if it makes sense or works RAW. They can just change what's written "on the cards" (so to speak) in the FAQ to make it not work.
  9. Genius + TS Doesn't Work Together Anymore. Maybe.

    My first regional season we didn’t even HAVE a regional. I’d have taken a regional full of NPE power lists over nothing
  10. Trajectory/Genius ruling: if this is true...

    Rules in writing (such as an faq) sounds like the perfect place to draw the line. As someone pointed out on Facebook, we knew about the advanced slam nerf months before it came down. People agreed it was OP and needed a nerf. Kind of like how people see genius/TS. But all of the nations between the timeframe we found out about it and the faq going live and effective still used the prenerf rules. So far the only people who MIGHT have heard anything to my knowledge are kyle and Iain. And the only evidence I’ve seen of Iain hearing anything from frank is a screenshot of a comment from another person. Hearsay is not a good basis for rulings
  11. Genius + TS Doesn't Work Together Anymore. Maybe.

    Agreed. I'm all for nym/miranda being changed. But I don't feel like it should be ruled against in official FFG events like regionals until it's been officially ruled on (in an FAQ, **** I'd even take a frank email ruling). At krayt cup, or store kit tournamnets, or any other non-official format, do whatever you want. Tournaments after the big nerf FAQ was revealed last november still used the pre-nerf versions until the effective date of the FAQ as i recall. Don't see why this should be any different (or rather, it is, but only in that we don't even have official word a change is coming like we did then)
  12. Yah I found it after I posted
  13. Bad Sozin! You didn't even LIST the alaska regional! (Feb 17th, Tier 1 Cards and Games, Anchorage, AK, not banning the genius/TS combo at this time) Edit: Nevermind found it, it's jut not all in order by date. Only most of it.
  14. Genius + TS Doesn't Work Together Anymore. Maybe.

    Which seems like another bad call (I've seen no good reasoning from him for WHY it ignores initiative). And if you're going to change TS/Genius combo, why not just rule that TLT (and ismilar weapons) don't trigger harpooned at all? I'm guessing the original intent behind "uncancelled crit" was that they shouldnt and the card was just worded poorly so they failed to make it not work by the rules. At a store kit, sure. At a regional...not so much.