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  1. Without Finn and Rose in the movie all of the resistance transports would have survived since the FO would never have known they were there.
  2. It COULD have wide reaching consequences. More likely is we never see anything else like it ever again.k Probably because we've never seen leia use the force or any hint of her having had any training. If luke did the same thing I doubt people would complain.
  3. Anakin literally never looked like that
  4. Or the original anakin force ghost that wasn’t young but wasn’t maimed Vader
  5. You mean the mother who says there was no father?
  6. Except anakin wasn't just a slave from tatooine whose parnets don't matter. he's literally born from immaculate conception (or created by plagueis, same difference basically). That WAY different from just 2 different nobodies. And I REALLY hope rey doesn't end up having come about the same way (made by the force by snoke or anyone, as I've seen theories of). I don't want her to be the "chosen one". He also thought it'd be Luke, and thought Kylo was getting ready to kill Rey, so....not the most reliable source?
  7. Depends. If you can block your opponent from getting into range of the shuttle for instance, you can deny them the VP (while youg et them yourself) and at the same time, deny some of their shots at the blocker
  8. Can't wait to try it out!
  9. Decided to go ahead and open source the project (been thinking about it for a while, but been too lazy to actually do it). Feel free to check out the code or contribute if desired.
  10. Which would be great if it was a legends ship instead of a new ship, from a new movie that we didn't know any pilot names for and FFG is probablyr ather strict about assigning random names to stuff from the new movies...
  11. Make half-mov apply to all ships, full stop. If you make it only 8 or greater, you'll see people make point fortresses work with 6 or 7 health ships (regen poe can be a pretty good point fortress for instance, and he's only at 6). Or super arc-dogers like kylo has hte potential to be, and soontir was int he past, where soontir was only 3 health but he was nigh-unkillable for a lot of lists. Primaqry only could help for miranda, or make it primary arc only. You wanna regen? Gotta charge at me, cna't just run away anymore.
  12. Instead we just have small base point fortresses instead of large base ones. Miranda/poe/corran/whatever are just as bad as fat han.
  13. I have not, but it's certainly something I could check out. The tools I use to build it should make it (relatively) easy to port to windows (I think)
  14. Yah, you can't compare a 50 point IG to an almost 50 point kylo and say they ahve the same attack power when a 50 point IG almost always has HLC. And the title isn't that big a point in kylo's favor when IG usually has FCS to reroll as many dice as you want. And gunner from IG-B.
  15. I have debated trying to make a web version but haven't done anything to actually start the process