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  1. I was planning on 3, but since the havoc is coming out in wave 11 my workload got lighter. Still need to finish my starviper/kihraxz aces
  2. Two across the entire ccl, but you can ask babaganoosh for dispensation to do a third
  3. Just pointing out that there's something between downvoting some and upcoming all. A no opinion is still less than an upvote. Pretty sure I voted no opinion on a couple that I didn't love enough to vote for, but did t dislike enough to vote agaainst
  4. Count me into the handshake and "Good Luck" camp as well.
  5. Because biggs is there to die. You bring biggs because you have other scarier aces that you want to keep alive for the end game. By forcing them to shoot biggs first, they aren't shooting the other aces, while you most likely can still shoot at their most important target. If you bring Wedge as your scariest ship and don't have biggs, now they can just blow up your scariest ship first, instead of being forced into shooting the least scariest. Also, biggs DOES tend to survive longer than luke or wedge because he frequently has the asntromech to cancel any hits beyond 2 that get through. Barring crits, that means it's a minimum of 3 shots to kill him. Luke or wedge typically have other droids, so a big alpha can wipe them out in a shot or (more likely) two.
  6. At least you don't add the "You're gonna need it!" at the end!
  7. Sorry. My comment was for non-turret attacks. Turrets get extra fun...
  8. Technically you could upvote some and 'no opinion' the rest without downvoting anyone
  9. The current FAQ doesn't describe it well, but I thought either the article with the original change for "in arc at range x" or the original FAQ specified that "in arc at range x" abilities use the range of the attack, which is why inquisitor changes it.
  10. Palp article from the raider came out before the raider even went onto the boat
  11. Personally I much prefer them with the 3/1/8/5 stats he used. The ORS was a mistake from the second wave of the game that has never been repeated. And ORS stats make them not worth flying.
  12. Limiting by pilot skill isn't th esame as a limitation to specific named pilots.
  13. The issue is they currently have nothing that limits upgrades to specific pilots. And IG2000 is the ship, not the pilot. Just like every other title.
  14. I'm still gonna disagree with you that it's not a problem when Boba Fett cant use his own title in scum. Andrasta doesn't make it "not a problem". You don't need to restrict it to only it's pilot if you make it scum only, because it'll already be limited to the ship it's intended for. And we aren't going to get the other bounty hunters for imperial for it to be an issue. We wouldn't even hvae the firespray in imperial if it hadn't released well before scum was a thing. And scum only doesn't require adding new rules (for limiting upgrades to pilots instead of ships).
  15. "ships only"? Whats that do? "IG-88 only" could do it. They currently don't have any pilot restricted cards, but not reason they couldn't do pilot restrictions in the same way as ship ones. Not something I imagine being commonly done (since mostly you can just use pilot abilities), but for somthing like IG-88 it could work