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  1. How good seevor is entirely depends on how often he actually gets to use his ability. I played a 3 round tournament tonight with him in my list and I think I used it a single time across all 3 games. Flying a 6 ship swarm and ended up blocking pretty much anyone who mattered for Seevor's ability so they never ended up having tokens in the first place. I tihnk I jammed off one TL from backdraft the last game, but he was on a rock so he couldn't shoot at the time anyway. Made him re-lock later at least.
  2. I took it to a tournament for one of the Krayt bounties. I even won the tournament with it. As defkhan1 it's just for the fun of it. I'd never take it to a serious tournament, but it was entertaining (for me at least flying it)
  3. I actually put jostero in a list with 4 deadman switch/baffle Z95s and drea. Z95 blows up, it damages stuff, jostero gets a free shot at em. Only got 1 free shot I think the one game Ive played it so far, but I think I only lost 1 Z95 that game too, so...
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/3/evil-resurgent/
  5. That was what I thought. That's why I commented to clarify
  6. Doesn't seem to limit to stuff in my collection for me. It just limits to wave 1 releases.
  7. Extended edition is everything. Second edition is stuff from wave 1
  8. That's where I've been leaning lately. Collision detector also has the advantage of letting you use your linked actions if needed/wanted.
  9. I have yet to fly her with more than just a system slot and an EPT. Havne't felt the need to load her down with a ton of points in other upgrades. System I've done advanced sensors and collision detector. AS is great for pre-maneuver repositioning to arc-dodge, while collision detector means you can barrel roll onto rocks to avoid (and/or line up) shots. EPTs have varied by game, mostly outmaneuver, couple games with predator when i didn't have the extra points. Iv'e put lone wolf on her in a couple lists I've built, but haven't tried it yet. And want to try debris gambit as well.
  10. I haven't actually been a fan of zuckuss on 4lom so far. I've flown him with zuckuss crew several games now and I"m not sure I've actually triggered zuckuss at all. If I have, it wasn't more than once or twice. I spend too much time stressed where you can't trigger him.
  11. I'm at least able to save a list now after trying to save with no name, seeing the error, then adding a name and trying again.
  12. Now just waiting for the iOS update to drop to see if it fixes saving lists for people having issues... Edit: Nevermind, it's live now. Wasn't ther elast time I checked.
  13. An escape craft will indeed probably die (My list actually has outer rim pioneer instead of l3. couple more points, but you can park on a rock by him and still shoot), but any time they spend chasing and shooting the escape craft is time they aren't shooting guri or boba. If they wanna shoot my coordinate ship first while han and guri are laying into whoever I want dead first, that's fine with me.
  14. VanderLegion

    Scariff Mat?

    it's basically the same as an official FFG mat. The neoprene mousepad-like material. It's a tad thinner, and has actual squared off corners instead of rounded ones like FFGs (I have a starkiller base one I ordered from the same place)
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