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  1. Yah I've had the same thought. Even a k-wing with bomblet generator could be really good...
  2. Em emitter + tax jammer on a bumpmaster
  3. I thought that one didn't, but didn't remember for sure so didn't wanna make any claims
  4. But, but, internet debates can't be civilized! Need more insults!!!
  5. The problem is who do you use it on for empire that it's actually better than existing EPT options? I definitely agree imperials could use more faction-specific upgrades compared to the other factions, I just don't think intensity really woul dhav ehelped them that much as one of them. Palobtanni didn't really become a thing until manaroo was nerfed. Kanan Biggs has been a thing as long as the ghost has existed. Don't remember when old fennaroo came around, and have no idea what th egambit is. I didn't say every OP build comes about before release, but the truly OP ships usually see at least one really good build by then. Part of it might also depend on timing, the vassal league sees a lot fo play for spoiled ships before release, but is in the off-season atm. The two most common ghost builds right now are kanan biggs, which means they aren't shooting at the ghost and they're shoting less dice at biggs, and hera/ahsoka, which is arcdodging most shots. They don't live forever because they're naturally tanky (nevermind that 6 health is usually going to be better than 1 agility when comparing to the scurrg). The most common deci builds right now are using Kylo to throw blinded pilots at people, so it's ALSO avoiding fire. The scurrg for scum has neither of those options. The rebel version could pair with biggs still. I'll point again to the whisper nerf. How long again did it take whisper to show back up in the meta after the decloak change? And it was relatively short timer period between the faq and worlds to be coming up with entirely new squads for the top players that practice hundreds of games with lists before worlds. Way easier to jump to the known really good/OP faction and come back after the major tournament to look at options. If you set meta-wing so show only store championships and look romt he start of store champ season until now and look at ranks after the cut, imperials have 2 lists in the top 10 archetypes. Rebels have 1, scum have the rest (but we alreayd know they need a nerf). If you look at all tournament types (ranks after the cut), imps have the same 2 archetypes, but one jumps up to #5. If you like imperials the best, imperials. I love scum, but I've been flying imperials for months (partly because I'm contrary and everyone saying they can't compete makes me want to prove them wrong) and have done very well with them. Have a good weekend Edit: And just to reiterate, I absolutely think empire is behind scum overall, I just think the palp and x7 nerfs were absolutely needed, and the jumpmaster and mindlink STILL absolutely need nerfs, and I think empire will be fine once that happens. Sabine slammed bombs will still be a problem for the really low health aces, but other options will do well.
  6. I'm not saying fenn is worse than soontir. Mostly just saying that fenn alone is not the reason soontir isn't played anymore.
  7. Yup. It's the reason a lot of generics don't see play, because they make them too expensive to avoid potentially "overpowered" combos. Edit: I'm all for avoiding overpowered generics, but don't think any of the above would be OP right now if they were point cheaper
  8. They aren't the only reasons Fenn sees play and Soontir doesn't. The extra hull definitely makes a difference, but so does mind link. If soontir could get tokens even when blocked or stressed he might see more play too. The infinite prockets help as well, but fenn gets the boosted offense at the cost of worse defense. Fenn is easier to hit than soontir ever was. Soontir at range 2 can tank up and have a much better chance of avoiding damage. And he's better off at range 3 as well since he can actually evade. Even at range 1 (defensively), he can evade (as long as he wasn't blocked) and be just as well off in arc if he's taking single shot, and is better off against turrets. The reason soontir died isn't because fenn came out, it's because bombs kill him (one place the extra hull on fenn can help). As well as other auto damage sources that have shown up (like slicer tools).
  9. Not necessarily. That same crew gave us the scyk, star viper and kihraxz. And the quad jumper, which is probably better than the previous 3, but definitely worse than other ships they've gotten.
  10. I literally pointed those out in the last sentence of the first paragraph.
  11. Scum has action efficiency, but they aren't super efficient arc dodging aces like empire had. Fenn is actually LESS action efficient than soontir (since soontir gets 2 actions + a free focus, while fenn gets a free focus + his normal action. He MIGHT get an extra focus if you have manaroo in the list and at range 1, but that's less common nowadays), and he's a worse arc-dodger since he only gets 1 repositioning move with mind link instead of 2. Where he's better is that he has an extra health, he gets a focus even if he's blocked, and his ability/title at range 1. Same applies to old trench, who's ability can also be worse than carnor. Carnor's 1 PS higher and stops all tokens at range 1, either not getting to take it in the first place or not being able to spend it, while teroch only strips tokens from 1 ship, and only in arc, so it doesn't help against turrets if out of arc.
  12. I've been playing Quickdraw for months. If he's being shot at, it's absolutely better to avoid all damage than it is to take a shield and get a revenge shot. Because it means you're still taking your normal shot (and theoretically doing damage), while your opponent is "wasting" their shots doing no damage to you. It's part of the reason quickdraw took so long to take off as a real competitive pilot. When he was first spoiled/released, everyone was trying to put together janky self-damaging builds to be able to shoot in the activation phase, which is...not actually a good idea. You're far better off with a more defensive build and just taking his revenge shots when the come naturally from being shot.
  13. Turr Phennir also saw play for a while
  14. Quickdraw doesn't WANT to get hit. He just gets to punish people when he does. He absolutely is better off evading all damage if possible as opposed to taking a shield and getting a free shot. The interceptor update wasn't enough? Soontir was a monster for a LONG time until auto-damage (mostly sabine + advanced slam, assaj didn't help) killed him off. The interceptor fix was fine, the game has just moved on to where the interceptors aren't as good right now. The TIE Advanced fix was also great (for vader at least) for all of like a week. If they hadn't released TLT right after it probably would have been fine. Sadly, they did...
  15. Standard 32 point fenn. And sure, a 39 point ship should beat a 32 point ship (in general), except I was ALSO facing off with dengar, it's not like it was a straight 1v1. Either way, bomblets that drop after he moves and accuracy corrector + autoblaster make protectorates sad (I also beat up on old fennaroo with the list). And for nym, I think the 39 point build is probably about optimum. To go cheaper you're losing the system (or going for a cheaper one, which is less useful), the turret, or both. I agree imperials could use more imperial-only upgrades. On the other hand, that probably does nothing to make them more powerful in the current meta unless those upgrades brnig them up to jumpmaster powerlevels, which is back to being a problem. As for making intensity imperial only, they're probably the faction with the worst options for actually using the card. There was no massive drive to FIND paratanni or dengaroo right away because triple scouts were already dominating things as an OP squad. I'm well aware that really good squads can come up later, but they're frequently found before release on vassal unless there's ANOTHER OP squad found first (like deadeye scouts). And there's not always a ton of players on vassal at once, but I don't think I've ever logged on to vassal when there was NO ONE online. I haven't tried that build yet. Partly because I'm busy smashing people with Nym. And personally I'm not sure I think the generic build is going to be the optimal one. I'll be testing out a cad bane scout at 39 points probbaly in my next game (alongside the same 39 point nym). Mostly debating whether to keep chips or go for burnout slam + adv slam or EI... It's 1 agility without the defensive boosts you get with ships like miranda (built in regen), norra (access to r2d2 droid, plus her ability), etc. Rebel nym can get c3po or r2d2 crew if you want. Scum scurrgs dont' even get that. If you shoot them, they WILL take damage. Becasue as I've repeatedly pointed out, the system opens were basically right after the nerf (2 of them were literally that weekend), worlds was a couple months later, but it took imperials a long time to get back on their feet and figure out how to actualy fly something different that palp + 2 ships. And there was a lot of people that just dropped imperials completely and switched to the OP scum stuff instead of even trying to find imperial options that worked. Similar to how whisper dispapeared from the meta overnight with the decloak nerf, despite the fact that she's *still really good*. It took her like a year or more to start showing back up. Even still, imperials made the cut at 2 of the 3 opens and at worlds. Not with a lot of lists, and definitely behind the others, but they were there. And again, there were quite a few imperials at day 2 of worlds as well. And once again, they've been doing well in store championships since then. part of my problem with the major tournaments is that there haven't been any MORE of them since worlds. So we could pretend store champs dont exist and just go by worlds and the system opens (that are months old at this point), or we could actually look at how the meta is evolving since then. Once we hit gencon and other big tournaments, then we can start discussing if imperials are STILL suffering. As for the best ship in one fation being in the 6h position, it's PILOTS not ships. Quickdraw is the number 6 pilot, the TIE/Sf isn't the number 6 ship. The top 5 pilots are fenn, dengar, scout, asajj and tel. Nerf the jumpmaster, and quickdraw has the potential to jump to number 3. And the first rebel pilot is miranda at #8, so if you went by that alone, rebels are worse off than empire. As far as actual ships, the TIE/SF is in the #4 spot, behindt he 3 scum ones. K-wing is #5. TIE Defender is #7, and TIE Fighter is #10, so they hardly have "1 ship in the top 10". They have 3, which is almost the definition of balanced (One third of 10 is 3 1/3, so 3-4 in the top 10 is as close as you can get). Rebels also have 3, though one is the attack shuttle, which is sort of a special case most of hte time it's not doing anything on it's own. Some of us actually LIKE scum. The StarViper is my favorite ship int he game (so I'm quite glad it's getting a buff finally), and I played Star Wars galaxies as a freelancer pilot for years, which is where we got other ships from (scyk and kihraxz), so I enjoy getting to put those on the table as well (yay for those gettnig fixes too...). On the other hand, I've never flown paratanni, deadeye scouts, or dengar tel. Just because YOU don't care about scum doesn't mean other people don't like them or want to fly them. As for seeing the same builds over and over again, how is that different from the other factions? How long was the imperial faction nothing but palp aces? Then commonwealth defenders or triple defenders? How long has dash/miranda been a thing? I've been running Sol Sixxa with cad bane, autoblaster, VI and bombs (specific bomb loadout has varied. I've done double cluster, cluster/proxy, double proxy, next game will be proxy + thermal det with extra munitions). And long range scanners because why not. Then a cartel marauder with tracers, chips, and varying other upgrades (slicer tools/munitions failure, sometimes PRS, one or two games with feedback array/prs. depends on sol's build for how many ponits I have).