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  1. Just givin ya a hard time
  2. Meet R2-D2
  3. balindamood's is titlted with tractor
  4. At least ion can still do damage. Ask @balindamood about his tractor outrider.
  5. Not difficult no. It's because FFG said so
  6. Not every new upgrade we get is massive power creep
  7. The K-wing has 2 torpedo slots, so it doesn't lose out on anything by taking a torpedo instead of a missile. The Scurrg would lose out on EM
  8. We have 2 ships that use torpedoes effectively. We have a helluva lot more with torpedo slots that never get used.
  9. And yet we ALSO have a 4 die homing missile with 1 extra effect instead of 3, and a potential 5 die cruise missile that came out only a short time before harpoon.
  10. No ship is “affected by” having a focus or evade token the way you’re interpreting. IMO you’re only “affected” by them when you spend the token to do something. It’s not like there’s a “focused” or “evaded” keyword used based on having those tokens. The closest would be Poe’s ability. I actually agree that they shouldn’t be able to use Esege’s focus, it it was rules that they can, so whatever.
  11. YOU are talking about a power creeped torpedo that’s even more OP than harpoon. All some of us are asking for is a torpedo that doesn’t spend its TL. OP just asked for a NEW torpedo, not even specifics. I’d be happy with a 4 die, range 2-3 that didn’t spend the TL and did nothing else
  12. Oh I agree we absolutely NEED the faq on Minefield mapper. Regardless how easily some of us think it fits into the rules, clearly plenty of other people disagree, so it should be in there regardless to settle the dispute. And FFG could easily say the intentions for it to work with EM tokens and to faq it that way, even if the current rules indicate the opposite. The issue is that we have to rule based on the rules, not the possible intent (outside Of edge cases where they’ve broken their own cards to not work without assuming some intent)
  13. It’s not that an upgrade card is a bomb and an em token is another bomb. Each car for token representa the ability to DROP a bomb. The bomb itself the tokens you drop, not the card/token. An airplane and a helicopter are both able to drop bombs, but that doesn’t make an airplane a helicopter.
  14. It’s a simple matter of “do what the card says, don’t do what it doesn’t say”. It says discard an upgrade card. You choose to discard your cluster mine upgrade card (or whatever bomb), EM kicks in and lets you discard the token instead and keep the card, then you’re done.
  15. Well after all. It’s rebellions that are built on hope. Not empires. Rebel gunboat confirmed?