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  1. It's not uncommon for the ghost to have evade tokens.
  2. and this is my problem with the new title. Even in epic where the ghost with a docked phantom isn't taking up more than half your list, you're still better off with the old title.
  3. I'm not trying to say he'll absolutely hard counter aces, I just think it'll not be quite as hard to get them in your bullseye arc as other people are trying to say. Not that there's many classic aces around right now anyway, VI hard counters em easier than the bullseye anyway.
  4. My problem is if all you want is the coordinate, you could take Ahsoka with VI and captured tie and get the same effect with her ability (albeit limited to range 1) for 19 points. Or take the new Fenn Rau with VI for 20 points nad just use the coordinate action at PS11. If I'm spending 58+ points on a ship, I'd rather have the extra attack every round.
  5. That's...pretty much exactly what FFG is giving us
  6. I did the same thing, everyone once in a while going back to see if any servers had JTL implemented yet. None of the pre-CU servers have it to my knowledge, but several of the NGE servers do. If all you're worried about is space, not the ground stuff, then it doesn't really make a difference. I found the Legends server myself a few months back when I went looking again. I loaded it up and have worked my way partway up the freelance chain again. Haven't played in a while since I got distracted by other games.
  7. You still boost or barrel roll after the ace does. Unless they're always behind you, odds are decent they won't be able to always evade your arc. And even if you reposition and don't get to modify your shot, natural reds average higher than natural greens, so you're still likely coming out ahead in the long run.
  8. Forum better!
  9. Depends on the starting positions, and the Kimo's dial. Even just with basic banks, straights, and a turn you can have your bullseye arc probably aiming almost anywhere you want in almost a 180 arc. Especially if you ALSO take engine (which may or may not be the case). It's got barrel roll, and it's likely moving last (if you have the PS8 with VI). Shouldn't be THAT hard to be able to get people in the bullseye arc if you're aiming for it.
  10. Yah I love the look of the ship, which is the main reason I want it for x-wing. Would probably be a large base (bit longer than the IG-2000). High health, low agility
  11. I want the Rihkxyrk next. Ixiyen we'll see if we get. It looks quite similar to the kihraxz visually
  12. Unelss he has a target lock from firing the last round with a focus token and r4 agromech. Or, ya know, didn't end up having to BR because he moved after and the enemy ended up in arc anyway.
  13. Because Maul isn't imperial in the sources they're pulling him from (Namely Rebels)
  14. I played SWG for a long time and absolutely loved JTL as a freelance pilot, so I love seeing ships I flew in that showing up in the game.
  15. The top Pilot is a PS8, which means they'll be running VI and moving at PS10, which means they move after the soontirs and fenns. Vader runs VI often enough to actually be ablet o dodge arc.