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  1. Good thing I hear wave 3 will be nothing but the Battle of Endor starter pack and collectors edition. The starter pack is an absolute steal at $29,000 WITH the Imperial Super Star Destroyer (cat's out of the bag now naysayers), and the collectors edition comes with it's own to scale inflatable Forest Moon of Endor! Rumor has it there may even be a tie-in with an Imperial Assault and X-Wing campaign... Edit: I have just been informed that shipping is only included for for North American Amazon Prime members. The rest of you had better start looking at what shipping containers cost to haul or for that matter purchase outright as a storage option.
  2. So my site is a page rather than a group, and has an average following of about 11 people so far. I'm hoping that increases over the next few days since I've started advertising the page at my FLGS. We're holding a launch event at said store next Saturday that from the sounds of it should have excellent turnout, mostly thanks to word of mouth rather than the page itself. We are planning on holding a mini tournament that day with a prize provided by the store and I'll be using the event to drive interest for the page.
  3. Sounds like a plan, I just love how this topic can drive 83 posts in less than 48 hours, and that's without counting all the "Tarkin Doctrined" threads in the rest of the forum. We need the game already so we can discuss tactics instead of SSDs
  4. That's an interesting idea. Who knows. I certainly wouldn't be against it. I've been re-watching The Clone Wars. I can't say that I'm really warming up to the CIS as a faction. I wouldn't be mortally opposed to some Republic ships as surplus ships available to Armada factions. While I don't embrace an ST:Attack Wing-style free-for-all, I'm sympathetic to the notion that rebels use what they can get their hands on. As such, the Nebulon B (originally an Imperial ship, according to EU sources) should also be available to the Empire. But, I'm confident that FFG is not going to go that route. So.... what faction might get those old CIS/Republic vessels? Rebels pick up some old abandoned CIS ships, the Republic ships get assimilated into the early Imperial navy. That one at least would be pretty easy to keep in the two faction system for tournaments.
  5. Ha ha ha, personally I would love to see themed waves with scum and villainy style starters for additional eras. For example have a $60-100 box with a few ships from the CIS vs Republic era, maybe an aces style starter box for Mandalor from the same period, that sort of thing. This would of course be down the road, but I would buy into that sort of setup.
  6. I am fairly certain that it does, because otherwise it would say OTHER SQUADRON S and he is. Onsidered at range 1 of himself (assuming x-wing ruling on the matter applys) Seconded for same reasoning.
  7. Thanks for getting our brains going on this Kinetic, I wouldn't have thought to even examine this card more closely otherwise and might have missed something.
  8. I like it Well I edited your listing to reflect the new information. Now I know who to look out for if I'm ever down in your end of the world.
  9. Good arguments gentlemen, Just my opinion, but to weigh in based on my reading of the rules I'm going to say this card makes no change to the engagement rules. I also feel as though it would be unlikely that FFG would release a card intended to make major changes to two separate rules without being much more clear about the intent to do so, and that the card would cost significantly more than it does for that to be the case. Breaking engagement rules in particular would disturb one of the most important balancing rules between ships and squadrons, placing your opponent at a severe disadvantage. Unless I receive further clarification I at least will play that this only effects a fighters range when he is otherwise able to choose a ship as a legal target.
  10. I would say the Lego SSD model if you could find one for less than $800... Was very dissapointed that it was discontinued in North America without any warning. To those of you not hit by this yet, it's coming for you too O.o
  11. You really just need to find the right rep. I reached a gall on the phone a few days ago who is not only honoring the preorder price but even checking on the status of the game and is going to call me back after it launches to see if I want anymore. I basically explained that I had got the discounted price, but that I had a few buddies who had wanted to get into the game as well but had missed the deal. Being an avid table-top gamer herself, she said to see how many they wanted and to order through her on my account and she would just increase the quantity and match the price. So again just saying, you really just need to reach the right rep, or have a good friend who is getting the price honored who can pick you up an extra.
  12. Love the idea, these will still be great for home brew games at least. Personally I'd like to see some custom squadrons with best of all worlds type stats. For example throw an A-wing, a B-Wing, and a Y-Wing all on on stem and give it 2 move (slowest of the three ships) 5 hull, 3 blue squadron attack, 2 black ship attack, bomber, remove heavy from the y-wing, and counter 1. Have it cost, say 12-14 points?
  13. As a heads up, the non-www version of the upcoming page just removed the estimated 3-27, and now just shows as in transit. Good sign or bad you think? Maybe different stores will be getting the core different days based on how far they are from headquarters?
  14. Just another food for thought post. I think this could easily be solved by adding more firing arcs. The ISD appears to have as many dice as are reasonable to have in one arc, so add more arcs. I'm torn on whether overlapping arcs would be reasonable, so perhaps just split each of the 4 existing arcs in half. As for it's size, in a standard playing space you could make it an objective piece for two players. In addition to blowing each other up, each of the 6-8 hull zones could have it's own hull value as well as shield value, and when a hull value reaches zero the player with the last hit could get an objective token with say 35 points at the end of the game. You could use the same sort of mechanic with a faction-less space station with a boarding objective later. In a larger playing space this could be considered epic play for Armada, but the more I think about it the less feasible I think it would be to use the same upgrades and fleet building rules used for the other ships. Another problem from keeping the same rules would be if it could still only fire out of two arcs, a large fleet of smaller ships should be able to pretty easily overwhelm it even if two ships are getting one-shot per turn. Again, all just food for thought.
  15. Which is actually about what we've been saying. Also the SSD is much narrower relative to it's length than the ISD, so I'm thinking more 20cm, or about the length of the ISD. You are also certainly correct that even at this ludicrously small scale, the playing space would need to be drastically enlarged.
  16. Easier to cook the Bothans with their apparent success rates recently... I appreciate all the information that's been dug up, but if we're loosing that many Bothans that quickly, has anyone considered espionage droids?
  17. Added to the list Let me know if you like your posting or don't want to be included.
  18. I think the ISD length of 8 to 9 inches is based on the typo'd version of the rules reference base size. The large base was originally listed at 192mm ~= 7.5 inches, plus overhang on each end gives you close to 9. The new, correct (as far as I know) large base length is 129mm ~= 5 inches, plus overhang on each end gives close to 6. The numbers that CobaltWraith and I have estimated range from 15-24", which would make the SSD model about 3-5x bigger than the ISD model. Remember that this is just length. The volume is going to be greater by a larger factor, and thus appear to the human mind to be larger in relation than the length numbers would lead you to think. So, I believe on the table an SSD that is 3-5x the length of an ISD is going to appear suitably massive. Uh oh, is that one typo on base sizes going to come back and bite me again? I think the post those numbers came from was using the 129mm measurement, and the math seemed sound. Feel free to double check me here. I agree that it will still seem suitably massive, but it looks like an 18" SSD will still only be 2-3 times larger than the ISD.
  19. Alright, that works perfectly. Applying the same scale ratio of 6:1 for the SSD to ISD, and going off our 9" measurement for the ISD, we get a model length of just under 18" to go on our base of 10". This really brings the argument full circle. Is it worth having the SSD exactly twice the size of the ISD in order to make it playable? The only reason I would say yes is that after hearing the same points made for the last few months, there are some refreshing and VERY well presented arguments on page 3 of this thread.
  20. So what do any of you use now for storing the cards? Are there card pages out there that match the dimensions of all three card types? If so what brands would anyone here recommend?
  21. I may have missed this, but could I get measurements as accurately as possible for the length of the ships you have? Measurements in mm is fine and even preferred.
  22. That's roughly in line with the Gladiator SD, which at 500m is also on a small base. Those two at least have a fairly similar scale, but seem a little out of whack compared to the Nebulon-B, Raider, and CR-90.
  23. Well this is embarrassing... I guess I was late to the party in that the new actual base size for the large models is 129mm, not 192 as was in the version I got. Reworking the math now, we have some new scales. Small: Still range 2,000:1 - 8,000:1 Medium: Still 6,500:1 - 8,500:1 Large: Now 10,000:1 - 12,500:1 This now make the scale of the scales of the ISD to the CR-90 6:1, per my previous argument in post #58. If we kept this same scaling up our SSD would now be a much less respectable 253mm, or just under 10 inches. That's smaller than the CR-90 was in X-wing! Lame... If we go by either linear or exponential best fit equations for the data even worse things start to happen, like the SSD being smaller than a fighter squadron. The only good news from this being that the sliding scale as a reason for not including the SSD is no longer even an argument, Edit: New plan. The ships we have so far loosely follow these rules as far as their scales relate to each other. Small:Medium = 1:3 Medium:Large = 1:2 Small:Medium:Large = 1:3:6 If we say the next "step" in size is the SSD, and use a scale of 1:3:6:36 (Large:SSD = 1:6, leaving room for a Large:? = 1:3 ratio for something in between like in X-Wing), then we get a 10" base for the SSD, and a model of 18-24", similar to the base:model ratio on the ISD?. At this point I'm starting to feel like I'm trying to force the numbers to say what I want them too... But hey, that's what math and science are all about, right? Anyway I'm getting tired of running numbers, and that typo in the rules for the size of the Large base has gummed up and frustrated me and my numbers to no end.
  24. Alright so I don't have a scale yet for actual ship lengths to model lengths, but we do have exact measurements for the bases of each ship so I used those to get as reasonable a comparison as I could. I realize there are inaccuracies using this method That being said, actual ships lengths compared to bases gives us a great comparison for their playability in game, since the base size is what matters for each ships hit box and firing range. The small based ships have a scale that is all over the place compared to their bases, anywhere from 2,000:1 - 8,000:1. Medium and Large bases are more consistent, staying within about 6,500:1 - 8,500:1. They also more consistently match their bases sizes however, so that makes sense. I'll refine this later, but since we're looking at arguments for or against the SSD here are my thoughts. I liked NewTroski's argument the best so far, as it addresses both what we really do and don't know about the SSD, as well as what that means on our play space. Since any real angst seems to come from size comparisons to known iconic ships, lets looks at this for a second. We seem all but in unanimous agreement that the Imperial SD is beyond awesome and set at the correct scale, both in what we know so far of it's abilities and its size. Since one of the most Iconic scenes with this ship compared to another is an Imperial SD chasing down and swallowing a CR-90, but we're not upset with that yet, that seem to mean we can accept a difference of 4:1 on "real" scale (~8,400:1 for Imperial SD, ~2,100:1 for CR-90) if it everything looks good and is playable. Since we're comparing the SSD to the ISD most often, lets apply that same scale of scale to the possible size of the SSD. If we jump out to ~33,600:1 scale (4:1 for SSD:ISD scale), we get a 22 inch long base for the ISD. Now my two cents, not only did I enjoy getting to this point, the math actually works out perfect! Sure this is a 16:1 scale difference compared to a CR-90, but after seeing all the arguments for and against the SSD I'm actually leaning towards this being rather feasible. This is helped by the fact that the SSD is considerably more narrow compared to it's length than the ISD is, so 22' long doesn't mean say 12" wide. Let's hope that FFG pulls this off well enough that we all feel as awesome about it's possible/imminent(?) release as we do currently about the news and scale of the ISD. Something I'd like done there is the previously mentioned idea of the SSD being 18-24" long and simply put on a taller base. I'd also really like it to keep the same rules used so far in Armada rather than requiring it's own game, which is kinda what the CR-90 seems to have done in X-Wing.
  25. Well said NewTroski. Working on the formula for said scale as well if I can get some exact lengths for current models.
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