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  1. Agreed with both Beatty and Gibarian. The tourney rules also say that mats don't have to be used, and that they suggest using play mats, felt, or a similar material. Honestly I feel like the official mat thing was an add in later, and will not be strictly enforced at the lower levels.
  2. I've been doing some work on this and the honest truth of it is that there is not only no formula (yet) for even averages, but also no two models I'm aware of that have the exact same scale. The base size is the important thing so far as long as the model doesn't look too ridiculous in comparison.
  3. My thoughts are that since there is more estimating in this game and tournament rules outlaw using two rulers for triangulation, they've accounted for something I was already thinking of. If I bring my mat that I've played on, I may have already figured out how large certain images are of the distance between landmarks such as stars, so if we played on my mat I would have a serious advantage if ships/squadrons ended up in positions where I don't have to estimate triangulations because I already know exactly where to park my units to be in/out of range depending on my preference.
  4. Going to have to agree that I am hugely excited for the new list potential with 400 points. We'll have a lot of rethinking to do, but there's also going to be this awkward few months between the waves where we're playing with 300 points but craving 400 instead One of the clarifications I found is that each person will need their own damage deck, so that's finally cleared up. Other than that nothing too unusual, although I'm surprised that estimating is still good enough when it comes to moving ships and there are squadrons or ships in the way. Any thoughts on if this is intended to allow ships to move "through" other ships without penalty? I understand there are consequences for ending a move overlapping a ships, but after rereading the rules I can't find anything about a move being obstructed for moving through a ship, only if the ships would stop their movement and still overlap.
  5. A model of that size and weight though, the fate of the wall might be in question unless you hit a support in it instead of just drywall.
  6. Heads up, Tournament rules just hit the news feed: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/3/26/let-the-battles-begin/ Edit: Details of interest: -The game officially releases tomorrow. -Tournaments are 180 points until wave 1, 300 after wave 1, 400 after wave 2. -Seem like there will still be official spring events judging by the last line.
  7. Same, I've called twice but haven't been given any of the helpful information that others seem to have.
  8. I'm not really sure what you're responding to here, but the rules are clear that you may only resolve one critical effect per attack; additional crits rolled on that attack add damage, but do not trigger additional effects. Here is the problem with that (will prob need an faq clarification) Page 13 states "Critical: For EACH critical rolled, if the attacker and defender are both ships, the defender suffers one damage and the first damage card dealt is dealt face up." Each crit rolled. I'm not doubting if you guys are right, it just seems conflicting as well as it kinda makes criticals a bit weak, especially if you get an amazing hit with all crits. You are mostly correct in your reading, because each critical deals one damage. In addition to that one damage per critical, the effect resolves of drawing the first damage card face up out of any damage cards that are actually dealt to that ship on this attack. If we want to get technical, the first card is still the first card, no matter how many cards are drawn. Once we get past the learn to play rules we get additional clarification on how crits work, in that each crit between ships is still one damage, and any attack which contains a crit has the option to activate a critical effect. The default effect that every ship is implied to have is that the first card out of any damage cards dealt is dealt face up, but upgrades allow some ships to choose a different effect instead of the default if they would like to.
  9. Where and how did you get that information?
  10. To differentiate ourselves from our brethren across the pond, this thread is so that those of us who ordered from Amazon directly while that was still a thing three months ago in the USA can keep each other up to date on progress. Does anyone here in our fine country have anything more finite then "We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate, we'll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date"?
  11. Man do I feel you on this one. None of the stores out here will have it until Friday, even if my will does break and I go get one at full price to tide me over until I get some word of my two copies coming from Amazon. I think the half year or so I've been anticipating this game has gotten to me...
  12. With what seems like so many stores getting the game in stock and getting into the game, do we have any more suggestions for locations with strong Armada communities to add to the list?
  13. I'm trying to be happy for everyone who got their game today, but my Amazon order shows nothing and none of the many game stores in my area will have anything before Friday, so I'm super jealous right now
  14. Not at all. I just figure you should let people in your life know where they stand in your schedule for the next few days
  15. I might advise working on communication My wife is pretty chill as long as there is cash in the account, but having to be sneaky about something is usually a sign that I should look at my priorities.
  16. This is true, and how effective it will be against fighters compared to its cost is yet to be seen. True this, which leads to: Which is one of the things I think I'm going to love about Armada. It looks so far to be very well balanced, which combined with the objectives is going to make it a thinking mans game.
  17. sure, but as an opposing player I can use my own squadron command and have my own fighters move into engagement range, which will lock out your bombers. Even without a squadron command, I can move and not get a shot, but still freeze the bombers from hitting my capital ships. If I'm seeing a mass of four tie bomber squadrons (or more) with Rhymer, I'm certainly going to keep my fighter screens out in front of my capital ships enough that you won't be able to pull that off. I'd set the screen up to ensure any move to get into range would engage at least one squadron, and then my other squadrons can come help and tie you up further. The more bomber squadrons you have, the more I can dedicate to screening them. If you start putting points into accompanying them with Howl and Vader, I'll have to be more careful, but the bombers won't be as effective or in as great of a number. Being force to engage fighters means my fighters will always block your bombers if I keep them at the right distance from my ships while being between yours and mine. At most, you'll get two uncontested shots before my fighters engage and you have to counter them (and future tie bombers will move on a later activation into an engagement zone, thus not getting Rhymer's benefit). I think the fighter screen game is by far the most interesting and maybe tactical portion of the game, going to be really fun. Can't wait for you to try that post-release of the Raider, mwahaha. I use squadron commands to close and fire, you engage, I move in with two raiders next turn and clean up your fighters while my ISD keeps your caps off their backs, by turn three-four my bombers are free to make a mess again
  18. Need I remind you that an SSD is 19,000m long? I guess this would all depend on the scale of said SSD though.
  19. Fair enough, although if anything I would expect the PDFs to be more accurate since they wont have had the chance to correct the version in the box since it was printed, and I kinda expect that the version that was originally posted with the size typo (maybe) was the one they used for printing.
  20. Pointed out the word either in my post earlier, haven't seen that come back up yet. Sure there's no "must" in there, but either seems to imply that there is no third option.
  21. True, but wouldn't that one resolution cover the entire attack? Playing devils advocate at this point I think, but neither way seems set in stone to me yet.
  22. Nice!!! Good to have that figured out, but I'm super jealous now. Well done sir!
  23. I had to read this twice to see anything more than you got shipment confirmation for both the core and wave one. A few moments later: "wait a second", followed by a more careful reading where I noticed the rest of what you said
  24. Interesting, I noticed the language you mentioned in the rules but didn't think anything more of it. In "Squadron Phase" however on page 12 the last portion of the first paragraph: "Players continue taking turns in the manner until all squadrons have been activated." So every squadron will be activated each round before the rounds ends, barring any future rule changes like ion effects for fighters or something. That being said since "A squadron can either move or attack when activated during this phase", is it possible to just wait out the turn after being activated? It's that "either" in that line that makes me think it must do one or the other each turn, and that makes counter and escort effects that much more useful tactically. I think if fighters were allowed to pass a round it could make some fighter engagements take longer than they were intended to.
  25. So while doing a careful reread of the rules of attacking for this post, I had my oppinion changed regarding resolving the concentrate fire command against squadrons. Towards the end of step 6 in Attack: "Each enemy squadron can be targeted only once per attack." If I were to define "attack" based on these reading in any sort of logical way, this would mean to me that the entire series of rolls aimed at squadrons within a single firing arc constitutes a single attack, which also makes sense since each ship gets two attacks per round. Now drop down to page 4 where we see that the Concentrate Fire command has the following rule text: "Resolve during the 'Resolve Attack Effects' step of an attack." Going back up to the attack steps, step 3 includes the following: "Modify Dice: The attacker can resolve any of its effects that modify its dice. This includes card effects and the [Concentrate Fire] command." Now I have two rules that I am trying to work out in my mind. Under Command Dials we learn that the dials/tokens are "spent" at the appropriate time, so in this case during step three of an attack. If that attack is against say three squadrons of fighters however, I may spend the dial/token during step 3 of against the first declared fighter, but that is only one step in a single attack. I'm really not trying to twist the rules here, but I think that language might be just intentionally vague enough to also intentionally allow a concentrate fire command to resolve against multiple squadrons in a single attack. Thoughts?
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