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  1. I'm going to say you're right, since anything not equal to the speed of light would satisfy what you are saying. In other words, I could go at the speed of light raised to whatever degree I wanted (theoretically) and certainly cross the galaxy much faster than wave one has traveled the Pacific ocean. Probably not the spirit of what you meant, but there you have it
  2. My thoughts are just square off the playing space and have the deployment area be the usual 3' by range 3 area in the middle of each side of the square. 4'x4' is the closest to normal playing space and should still fit on two standard folding tables next to each other.
  3. Howdy all, I've been pretty busy since Armada came out with changing jobs, but I did finally get the quick reference list for Armada groups updated. If you want your group added, just post something in the thread here.
  4. Alright, finally back on the scene. Just added everyone to the list, thanks for all the participation!
  5. Had some good fun with a similar round last Saturday, Ran 3 vanilla Vic-II's with Tarkin (no fighter screen, not enough points) against two tricked out CR-90 A & B's and an Escort Neb-B with Luke and a bunch of X-wings. That game ended on turn 4 with the complete annihilation of the Rebel fleet, and only a single damage to a single Vic-II from when I rammed one of the CR-90s to finish it off. It was a fairly complete slaughter of the Rebel scum, and all those blue dice helped tremendously. Since I forgot to mention, we were playing with the Minefield objective, which I placed in such a way to cut off the 1-1/2 feet of play space to either side of teh deployment ares, forcing the opposing fleet right into the waiting triple forward arcs of the massed Imperial navy.
  6. It is not just you, but I managed to avoid your fate by storing the manuals and cards in a separate binder. I'm working on a more ideal transportation solution, but of the several played with at my FLGS I know at least 2 people broke the top antenna, one when he was getting the ships out for the first time when he laid it on its side, not realizing that the weight would hit the antenna before the command tower.
  7. There is some space madness going on here, but my games seem to say that you are most certainly on to something. I agree that the change in reaction time is one of the largest benefits, particularly with engineering tokens on the larger ships.
  8. I certainly did. Even on a 6x3 playing space the SDs will have to start at a good angle to easily stay on the play space without navigate dials. If we're even going to continue talking about epic sized ships we may have to define an epic sized play space as 5x6 (Two average fold-out tables) or larger.
  9. Which having played a few rounds, I finally agree with.
  10. So we had a great turnout at the launch event. We had about 10 people come out and play 12 games over 8 hours if I remember the stats correctly. Mostly we had learn to play games to get everyone familiar with the mechanics, but also had 2 full on 180 point games that were pretty intense. 2 people who came were from in store advertising, but the rest were either personal invites or saw the event on the Facebook page. Two of our attendees (and you know who you are you awesome people you) were actually forum lurkers who without saying anything in advance saw the group listing, checked out the Facebook event, and just showed up out of the blue. We've decided we've got enough people to get a bit of a league going on Saturdays so we recorded the games that took place today and will apply them to whatever system we draw up on the soon to be created private group for those who attend regularly. Additionally the store owner was impressed with turnout and enthusiasm, so she will be giving league members an exclusive discount for Armada products, which is pretty awesome because she runs an incredible store but gives very few discounts. All in all I'd say the event was a complete success!
  11. Both added, if a little slower than usual.
  12. Ha ha, y'all nearly had me worried about interpretation of this rule. Nice to know we were reading it right the first time.
  13. I have kind of a funny way of deciding how many ships to get for now. Until further notice I am getting enough ships to run one of each named variant if I so choose, so 3 of everything from the core, and 2 of each non-duplicate from wave 1.
  14. I'm with you on this Eyeless. This "discussion" isn't really going anywhere. Perhaps we need to split into two threads. Those who are interested in discussing the SSDs possible inclusion from a game play and just for fun perspective, and then a thread for... to be nice about it, everyone else?
  15. Have you played a round with her yet? She allows ships to resolve this defense token against fighters, and makes it far more useful in mid-close range scenarios. I'm already getting the feeling that she will make a huge deference for rebel fleets, WHEN she finally gets here.
  16. Yes, the question of stacking is at the medium range band and whether you get to cancel a di and force an opponent to reroll one, Thus benefiting from the mon mothma rule and the default evade rules at medium range. Which I'm fairly certain we resolved. Almost no matter how you look at it, Mon Mothma is either replacing the rules for that ships or giving you an option which to pick (which would be detrimental to you to choose the default unless at long range), but certainly not allowing both.
  17. I'm just going to let the ridiculousness of that statement stand on its own. If you say so I'd say he's got a pretty valid opinion. Just because a single round of armada is going to take as long as your average MTG tournament doesn't mean it's a bad thing. This being a thinking mans game, personally I was worried time limits would be so short once they got to 300 point matches (and now 400 ) that we wouldn't be able to really "finish" the match before time was called. I Also feel like arguing over the times now will turn out to be pretty silly, as wave 1 isn't even out yet and I find it highly likely that the times and some other silly rules (like which game mat you can bring for example) will be revised based on play testing between now and the time any of us have to care anyway.
  18. Incidentally, I've been wondering about this, why did you choose the name 'Newt'? Don't answer him, it's a trap!
  19. Not certain without my core set, but this seems to go down the same path as most of our other "I'd prefer x to be y" ideas here from the forum. You are free to do whatever you want with your set, and you've already said that this is for casual games, but for those of us planning on attending tournaments it's just going to throw off our groove I think it is more important that you establish these sorts of standards among your playing group than us sometimes contentious forum goers. If you're looking for validation that sounds good, but I think I'll be sticking to either 180 point builds or 300 in preparation for tournament builds for at least the time being, will probably start mixing things up more by the time wave 2 comes, out likely by the end this year.
  20. I still don't think it seems that significant an advantage to be worth banning all other playmats because of it. I'm also figuring that most of my games will be home games rather than tournaments, so it probably won't directly affect me too much. But it still seems like a bit of a jerk move on FFG's part. Explanation of the issue as I see it aside, I overall have to agree you.
  21. It's not about distances for you, it's distances from a given position. You can pre-measure for your own movement, but the tournament rules specifically ban triangulating using two rulers. This is especially important with fighters if I want to land in just the right spot to say lock up two opponents fighters or to just barely avoid them and fire on an opposing ship. If I can't whip out a second ruler but I already know distanced between points on the map, there is a small chance I would have a massive advantage depending on where the battle was taking place on the mat.
  22. If this rule is enforced, I plan to buy them and get familiar with both so as not to be at a disadvantage actually.
  23. So we can use felt, and mark it out with tape or something, but if we want to use a proper play mat, it must be an FFG one? Its just crap. :/ Maybe we can provide enough feedback that FFG gets the idea and reascends the rule for future tournaments. The suggestion was made earlier that this rule was included for legal reasons which seems nearly plausible, but only applicable to events sponsored specifically by FFG.
  24. While not yet from personal experience, I have ordered two cores and some of the new information from the tournament rules has me feeling rather vindicated by that decision, so I would say 2 cores is a good idea if you plan to really get into the game.
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