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  1. Must be because of quantity ordered, when I got mine it showed delivery as April 28 - May 2. Edit: As a side note, it is now classified as a board game and has made it to the #1 seller catagory XD
  2. Mostly word of mouth advertising. I've shared my enthusiasm with friends, family, and gaming groups while trying to play off what they are already interested in that is similar. I've also been sharing any good deals I find with those who have expressed interest to see who I can help buy in before launch.
  3. Makes me wonder what things will still hold out and what weird twists we'll get. I just hop the Star Wars universe doesn't start getting a Marvel treatment where anyone gets to make their own timeline. While I do see some good things coming out of it, we now have two timelines to compare, which makes "well this was better that way" debates possible.
  4. I'm going to have to go rewatch the movie now. Can anyone say for certain if any additional SSDs are seen in the film? Since that will certainly be the final say on whether or not they show up in the game
  5. I'm actually with lancal02 and Extropia. I only got into X-wing about 10 months ago, but as someone who goes all the way when getting into things cost is significantly more prohibitive with collecting (or even finding until the reprints come off the boat) the sort of X-wing fleet I would like to see. If someone like myself were to start looking at the two games right now, I know that I at least would have held out completely for Armada rather that purchasing a single faction as I have in the last year. Since I've at least known about both for about half the time I've been playing, one of the things that excites me most about Armada (besides the capital ships of course) is that play speed relative to what is going on seems much more appropriate. X-wing is meant to be rapid paced skirmishes, and frankly I get bored during a lot of X-wing matches because the next few turned are already somewhat obvious, but still take time to play out. With the command system for the occasional surprise, slightly mixed up turn orders, and the fact that you are running a true fleet, even if turns are longer I feel like the pace of Armada will make it a much more attractive game for me personally.
  6. So I've been thinking... There's another thread in the forum discussing the fact that pitched battles as seen in Armada would actually be a rarity in the Star Wars universe depending on the time period, and maybe that by itself will solve this argument. Since the game seems to be objective driven I can't see where a SSD would be a great fit with gameplay, unless of course your sole objective was to kill it (I'd vote suicide run with A-wings myself). There may be players who figure out how to bring one into the game (although were kinda back to the play mat idea), but this is ALMOST as silly as asking for a playable Deathstar. Feel free to pull in the Lego model for your play space if you want a good sliding scale model though
  7. I'll pitch in to say I also pre-ordered two sets instead of one thanks to the price drop. I think $100 isn't unreasonable, but at $50 a pop that's not something I can pass up.
  8. I guess that settles that! I know the status page shows the Core Set as at the printer and the expansions as in development, but if you look at the descriptions for those statuses it explains how sets that are waiting for components can take much longer in the production stage than basic things like expansions. Maybe that makes up for the discrepancy? After all the core sets will be waiting for cards, dice, range rulers, models, etc. while the expansions will only need the model, cards, and packaging. By the time all that is done I would think they would all be on the same boat. Except mine that is, they should just Next Day Air mine since it's for me, right?
  9. So I keep hearing people say a set is at the printers or in development, is there a page us mere mortals (non-suppliers with no connections for inside info) can visit to check for updates as well?
  10. I stand corrected, thanks for verifying!
  11. I heard the same as cdlong. "At the same time" would at least imply to me that they will release the same day. The only time I've heard otherwise was a forum member talked to someone over at Miniature Market and was told they would release at separate times, but that's at least third-hand info at this point
  12. I'm going to add to that, when I went on Amazon to that item and then clicked on the distributor, everything else was books. From that view, this also seems to be a book? Anyway just seconding that this listing is weird and I have no intention of changing my preorder from miniature market. Edit: Yeah I just double checked. It also says "unknown binding". I wouldn't look at this either for buying a core set out as an even semi-reliable source for a real release date. Kinda curious what it really is now though... Could still be a weird mistake on their part.
  13. Not sure I can agree with that, the only reference I can find to Armada on Amazon is a book, albeit for $60. I've got mine coming to me from Miniature Market, I can get one of everything for $206.05 with shipping.
  14. Please let us know if you get any response. I've been trying to get stores near me excited about Armada, but it looks like I may have to do a decent amount of the initial legwork myself.
  15. That three VSD plan sounds like fun, but if I were playing rebels I would just focus fire on your flag ship until Tarkin was space dust, then I feel like things would go rather poorly for the Imperials after that...
  16. That! Still waiting for confirmation that the victory expansion will come with different upgrades than the starter set, but it sounds like that may get addressed as they go through wave 1 (See the end of the Assemble the Fleet announcement).
  17. Yeah, leaving him as is fits my experience. No matter how much you boost him he seldom seems to last more than one extra turn for it. All I can recommend is not leaving him behind, otherwise you may as well not have brought him I do love running him with a few b-wings though, give them just enough time to turn anything approaching into slag until he's gone.
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