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  1. I am very much looking for any Mon Mothma Promo cards, as it is literally the only promo card I do not have in my collection. I have duplicates of almost any other card (including promos), ship, and component, and even have a set of Space Rocks obstacles from before they got shut down (just search for images) which I am willing to trade for this card.

  2. I really hope they just updated it after its been on the boat for a while, but I guess we will end up seeing the game sometime during mid to late March.


    That is my hope as well. There was a post on Twitter not too long ago (a week or two?) from FFG about how there was a MASSIVE shipment of new things already on it's way to them, and this is the first status update since the first of December for the game. While this doesn't mean that updating the status was for sure delayed, I see it as being at least a strong possibility .

  3. To further confuse issues, I got the following response to an email on the matter:

    "Any adjustments to the tournament structure will we reflected in the latest tournament release. If wave 2 is in stores with enough time, it will be legal. But I do not know the production schedule for the exact release date."

    I appreciate the prompt and friendly response, but that seems rather... vague... What constitutes "enough time"?  I'm not even sure if he was referring to Worlds or just tournaments in general.

  4. I hear you there, but I think a large part of that is having a few people who really put themselves out there for a game and a community focused on keeping things awesome. The SLC area has a freaking FANTASTIC group of players right now, some of whom we see often and some not so often, but all very friendly. I'd say we have about 5 players into the game enough to set up their own events with stores, 5 stores we like who have set up events with us, 3 of whom the owner is totally on-board, and 3 other stores that are making some token effort but who we don't all feel the need to support. Tournaments may not be everything but active players in stores sure do draw in new players when your active group is friendly and open about it.

  5. Qualifications are either winning regionals or previous Worlds or buying a ticket on a first come first served basis. I think it depends more on interest level. I've got two guys here locally who want to go and we've got costs down to $300 per person with food, transportation, hotel, and $60 entry included by turning it into a good'ole college style road trip from Salt Lake City to FFG Headquarters, Minnesota.

  6. Title says it all I think. I jumped on at 12:00PM CST sharp and got my ticket and registered for Armada. This is actually my first time getting involved at anything more than a local level for this sort of competition so I'm rather excited. Anyone else here planning on attending FFG Worlds for Armada this year?


    Edit: And Worlds are sold out in less than two hours without so much as a "hey these tickets are on sale now". Good heck that was popular, maybe they'll increase the venue size due to overwhelming response :)

  7. The place I have fallen in love with the veteran captain is on the command 3 ships.  The most useful part of him, is being able to generate a maneuver token at any point.  Being able to change speed any time is huge. 


    On my local meta, turn one, you Always take a maneuver token.  The veteran captain, for 3 points, lets you get another one, late game, when you need it.  It can be huge.  


    Imagine a VSD that has been reduced to speed zero because of a crit, being able to move back to speed 1 next turn, rather than 3 turns later is game changing.



    Still seems fairly niche to me.... One of the cool things I've found (although I may be wrong on this) is that if the card is used and so actually discarded it doesn't count as part of the point total you opponent receives for destroying the ship.

  8. Depends on the build. I've been running pretty all or nothing builds but with a fairly low cost, and I've found having initiative to be the single most important factor in whether I win or not. This is terrible of me to admit since I've been such a fan of the objective system, but most of my builds actually ignore objectives and usually even fighters and aim to table my opponent as quickly as possible, usually round 4.

  9. Edit: I also find it amusing that I could watch the entire OT in less time than it takes to play in a single Armada tournament.


    Nice. Anyway having played in and organized a few tournaments now yes I'd say that will be typical. My suggestion is create your own casual play at an LFGS. It would help to have a contact with any local group first, but just let it be know that you'll be at a certain place at a certain time to play, go drop by, and see what happens. That's worked all but once for me thus far since launch.




    As a member of the Rebel alliance, it is your duty to use the ships assigned to your command. While they may not all perform to the exact metrics of the Imperial navy, under your command their fighting spirit will more than make up for any deficiencies / differences between ships.

    May the force be with you!


    Sounds like a death order

    In a stern Imperial voice: You signed your own death order the moment you joined the Rebellion.



    I ought to be Force choked..... My sister keeps on killing my 2 VSD while my GSD and fighter screens does better than both VSD



    I ought to be force chocked... Well this is a first, it would appear we have a volunteer!

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