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  1. I am very much looking for any Mon Mothma Promo cards, as it is literally the only promo card I do not have in my collection. I have duplicates of almost any other card (including promos), ship, and component, and even have a set of Space Rocks obstacles from before they got shut down (just search for images) which I am willing to trade for this card.
  2. That is my hope as well. There was a post on Twitter not too long ago (a week or two?) from FFG about how there was a MASSIVE shipment of new things already on it's way to them, and this is the first status update since the first of December for the game. While this doesn't mean that updating the status was for sure delayed, I see it as being at least a strong possibility .
  3. At last! As of my check first thing this morning, Star Wars Rebellion has joined the massive number of things that are now on their way to market!
  4. But how many posts do they read? I would say my odds would be pretty decent, but if they only gently peruse the forum they're likely closer to 3,720 to 1...
  5. Has anyone else noticed a serious dearth of new information on wave 2? Maybe I've just missed it, but I'm not aware that any new info has been posted since the initial announcement. Have we gotten any other info anywhere else besides the usual spoiler pictures? If you are from FFG reading this, another article would be fantastic
  6. As much as I hate to say it, we don't even know if wave 2 is at the printer yet. Notorious as the upcoming page is, it still lists wave 2 as in development.
  7. To further confuse issues, I got the following response to an email on the matter: "Any adjustments to the tournament structure will we reflected in the latest tournament release. If wave 2 is in stores with enough time, it will be legal. But I do not know the production schedule for the exact release date." I appreciate the prompt and friendly response, but that seems rather... vague... What constitutes "enough time"? I'm not even sure if he was referring to Worlds or just tournaments in general.
  8. Amen to the above, and to add my two bits it wouldn't allow FFG to keep a fair and competitive tournament scene if there were collectors ships you could only have by getting into the game three years ago sort of scenarios. Thankfully pay to win is not their style.
  9. I hear you there, but I think a large part of that is having a few people who really put themselves out there for a game and a community focused on keeping things awesome. The SLC area has a freaking FANTASTIC group of players right now, some of whom we see often and some not so often, but all very friendly. I'd say we have about 5 players into the game enough to set up their own events with stores, 5 stores we like who have set up events with us, 3 of whom the owner is totally on-board, and 3 other stores that are making some token effort but who we don't all feel the need to support. Tournaments may not be everything but active players in stores sure do draw in new players when your active group is friendly and open about it.
  10. Qualifications are either winning regionals or previous Worlds or buying a ticket on a first come first served basis. I think it depends more on interest level. I've got two guys here locally who want to go and we've got costs down to $300 per person with food, transportation, hotel, and $60 entry included by turning it into a good'ole college style road trip from Salt Lake City to FFG Headquarters, Minnesota.
  11. So I think Armada has "made it" past tense at this point. Both X-wing and Armada sold out for Worlds in less than 2 hours, and personally I'd love to know which one sold out first and how quickly.
  12. Yeah, I haven't taken that card since I figured out how the card actually worked (and that your opponent is still going to get free use of defence tokens for that shot). I normally play Imperials also and find Intel officer to be much more punishing.
  13. I like it! Are you certain you should give away the composition of the Rebel fleet in that bottom picture though? After all any true Imperial knows it's not half that size anymore ;P
  14. that's wierd. . . I did put the link into it. . . Huh... Yeah I've got nothing when I try to click on it.
  15. If you are going to make your sig advertise for the site you should put a link in it. The site itself is much more readable, but that blue is just too dark on that background, even though I do like the color itself...
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