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  1. Mexico representatives are interested on this issue.
  2. Hi. Im planning to attend to Coruscant Invitational Tournament (still waiting for my email confirmation thought). Im going solo. is someone interested in sharing a hotel room? please send me a DM. Thanks
  3. Thanks Wazat. I just love the frustration this list gives to your opponent and that once you stress them you can have Ezra following a ship for the kill.
  4. If you flight it please do tell how does it goes with you. Im still learning to fly it since it has a lot of decision making in order to cripple and kill one by one all their ships. I do miss Fenn however Ezra lives more and plays a better bait role while harassing with his potential double stress. I guess this list needs to survive first alpha strike and then just stress harpon a ship and just follow it until its dead. Happy Hunting
  5. Woa, 4 ships. Thats heavy. Im using a lot the barrel roll from VT, but I use a heavy stress list. Give me your opinions please... Lowhhrick — Expertise, Tactician, C-3PO, Vectored Thrusters Wullffwarro — Expertise, Tactician, Intelligence Agent, Vectored Thrusters Ezra Bridger (Sheathipede) — Veteran Instincts, Tactician, R3-A2
  6. Hi, I just read the full 10 pages of this thread. Maybe we get to 11. Im a fan of the wookies and have been trying them and wanted to share with you my list. In regards of what I have seen on previous posts Im flying 4 stress sources on this list and doing repositioning with Vectored Thrusters and the Shuttle coordinate. I do love the possibility that this ships can be arc dodgers, reposition to put the extra stress or get to R1. I need more games to test it. But i think it has a lot of tricks to exploit on this control meta. Lowhhrick — 28 Expertise 4 Tactician 2 C-3PO 3 Vectored Thrusters 2 Ship Total: 39 Wullffwarro — 30 Expertise 4 Tactician 2 Intelligence Agent 1 Vectored Thrusters 2 Ship Total: 39 Ezra Bridger (Sheathipede) — 17 Veteran Instincts 1 Tactician 2 R3-A2 2 Ship Total: 22
  7. Hi Estarriol, It appears Im the one copying you. Now Im using the same build you have. It appears any extra hit and evade are really needed by this list, more than a late Homing Missile. Congrats on your Tournament Win.
  8. Well let me put it this way, I hit a wall. Nand Torfs (2nd place) Gerry Russel (Top 4) a Rematch from day one. Last game I was not really on the mood.
  9. Hi Nicomedes! Im Julian Rincon Alcantara from Worlds and went 5-0 then 5-4. You made a great video. Thanks for the great Battle Report video. I see you fly them well, they are kind of a glass cannon. Alkemist this is the list I flew https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v4!s!116:188,-1,-1,173,17,-1:1:25:U.126;117:220,23,-1,178,-1,-1:-1:-1:&sn=Inglorious Firesprays&obs=coreasteroid0,core2asteroid0,core2asteroid2
  10. He almost made the cut. For a new list with barely 20 games preparation he did great. Im sure there is some maturing to it. I'll go to GenCon with them. Lets see.
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/firstearth
  12. Great news to Report. There is a new pilot with dual Firesprays pilot at European Championship he is already at 4-0. Look for Phil Gresham Cooke
  13. Goldsquadron videos are up.
  14. Nice, I used to have glitterstim also. Its great when you get close at range 1. I took it out to improve late game and avoid predictability. No one ignores an equipped Boba or expect a K-turn followed by a Homing Missile for the kill (Do you remember that HM does not require you to spend the TL?). Just a recommendation, don't expect easy games. The main advantage you hold is surprise but I have a feeling is wearing off. This is a glass cannon, thats kind of difficult to fly after the initial rounds of fire. I'll go and look for your battle report. May be we could exchange msg privately. Happy Hunting
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