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  1. Shame then that wasn't stated on the 1st player cards, as there would always be potential for this to happen. After my first game, we just assumed if you were caught out on a bluff then the penalty was to shuffle the bluff into the pool, to maybe be found later. The idea of placing it nearby to grab next turn did cross our minds, but we came to the conclusion the pool was a random pool. Now that might be harsh and against the idea of the bluff token, but the rules don't help as concise as they attempt to be, and with FFG letting cards do the job of a rulebook. Hopefully an FAQ will pop up.
  2. As a new learning player, I was confused about the "start turn" rule on drawing cards when you have NO encounter cards. Initially it says on page 7 of rules book that you would in this situation, "reveal any cards remaining in hand, discard them, then draw a new hand of eight". Then later under drawing new cards on page 15 it states, "the offense must play (if possible) or discard any non-encounter cards, and draw eight new cards and continue". So clarification would be nice for a new player on this in the FAQ, as these are 2 different rulings for the same situation and in the latter ruling I wonder if the description should read. "The offense MAY play (if possible) or MUST discard ALL non-encounter cards..." as that seems to be the general consensus on the rule (see BGG) and yet it isn't entirely clear, to me at least, that this is the case. Anyways, that's my couple of cents worth.
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